Eric Lefkofsky Does It Again With Tempus

Tempus, a technology company founded by Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofsky in 2015, recently became part of a three-way agreement to analyze the intimate clinical information of cancer patients owned by CancerLinQ, with help from Precision HealthAI.

Although CancerLinQ has control over one million patients’ worth of information, all of which recently had or still have at least one type of cancer, the company failed at analyzing the data and making sense of it. As such, the company realized it needed to branch out and solicit the services of one or more companies experienced in analyzing data and creating information technology infrastructure to better sort it in an organized fashion, and make meaningful inferences of it when the time came.

Eric Lefkofsky Has Known About The Potential Deal For Some Months

In a semi-recent interview, Eric Lefkofsky was asked about any potential deals Tempus had coming up in the near future. Mr. Lefkofsky brought up the fact that healthcare and technology conglomerate ASCO created CancerLinQ several years ago, with the intention of building up massive stores of patient information, with a plan to source such information directly from healthcare providers.

Even though ASCO’s own CancerLinQ was successful in that respect, the company has since failed to properly analyze the one million cancer patients’ accounts it maintains control over.

It was shortly after CancerLinQ compiled information from healthcare facilities that its executives realized CancerLinQ couldn’t analyze such data on its own, and felt forced to request help from companies experienced in the trade.

Some of the many benefits from CancerLinQ’s recent partnership include generating meaningful insights from cancer patients’ previously unresearched clinical files, more optimally designing clinical trials of various treatments, medications, and procedures in the future, and helping biotechnology companies get more from drug research, deelopment, and testing.

Although, at this point, it’s not clear how soon the benefits of such a corporate collaboration will come, executives across all three companies believe such benefits are inevitable.

About Tempus

Tempus was created by Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell in 2015 in The Windy City – Chicago, Illinois. Today, Tempus is still operated out of Chicago, and deals in the collection and analysis of huge amounts of clinical and molecular data sourced from licensed healthcare professionals and their establishments.

Mr. Lefkofsky created Tempus with the goal of furthering the research of cancer, as he was unimpressed with the current state of cancer treatment after dealing with a loved one’s treatment for cancer just months before creating Tempus.

The company’s central competitive damage comes in its proprietary data analysis tools, which gather, touch up, and analyze data at the largest levels seen in today’s world of technology.

Eric Lefkofsky’s General Background

Eric Lefkofsky initially attended the University of Michigan for both a bachelor’s and juris doctorate degree. After he graduated from the University of Michigan, Mr. Lefkofsky started a business for the first time with former fellow students Brad Keywell, Brandon Apparel.

From there on, Eric Lefkofsky – Brad Keywell, too, to a lesser extent – rose to success. The pair created an Internet startup named Starbelly, sold it, then moved on to InnerWorkings, a mid-sized print perocurement service provider.

The pair made their first big break in 2005, when Echo Global Logistics was created. Echo rose to high levels of success, eventually becoming a member of the NASDAQ public stock exchange.

Mr. Eric Lefkofsky is arguably best known for Groupon, a company formerly knon as, which he helped secure funding for early on in its lifetime. Groupon is currently one of the world’s most successful mobile applications.