Proof That you Can be Caring, Kind, and Still Make Money

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia made news a while back for helping to feed the homeless. They provide meals for those who have no money to pay for the food themselves. The story of this business was spread around the Internet, which helped increase business, which in turn lets them feel more people. Not only that, but the increase in business meant that Rosa’s needed more help. So in the true spirit of helping, the pizzeria turned to agencies that help find jobs for the homeless.

Customers can also get in on the act. Rosa’s accepts handy¬†1.00 donations to buy a slice of pizza for a hungry person who can’t afford food. The response has been phenomenal. Customers are happily chipping in to do what they can, thanks to this pay it forward program.

Shirts and other items featuring artwork by homeless artists are being printed on t-shirts and other items are also being sold through Rosa’s, with a portion of the profits going directly to programs to help homeless people get back on their feet.

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza is proof that you can be kind, and caring, and still be successful in business.

“Contract Or No Contract?”

The Dallas Cowboys have one more day to get Dez Bryant a handy long term contract. The Cowboys agreed to give Bryant a one year contract. With this contract, Bryant would make almost 15 million dollars for the entire year.

Though this may sound good, to Bryant, This does not sound good at all. He wants a contract for at least five years. This way he knows he will be able to play in the future. He also loves the Cowboys and does not want to play for any other team.

Dez Bryant recently sent out posts on social media. These posts stated that he is going to sit out from training camp and maybe even the season if he does not get his desired contract. Bryant was contacted by many of his teammates, who strongly urged him to come to practice. Bryant told these individuals that he appreciated their concern, but he could not go into camp with only a one year contract. He believes he deserves more of a guarantee than just one year. Bryant also told the press that he is used to seeing rookies get a one year contract. He is by far not a rookie, so he wants more than a one year contract. If Bryant does not get his contract by tomorrow, he will have to wait until next summer to get a longterm contract. He hopes this will not be the case.