What a Leading Gold Expert Has to Say

Lately, there have been confusing signals when it comes to the gold market. Some say it’s a good buy, especially since it trades at almost 40% discount to 2011 high. Gold is also recognized as a storage of value and an investment to hold during times of crisis and uncertainty. On the other hand, others feel that gold should be shorted. Which side is right?

It depends on the investment horizon. During a radio broadcast, an industry expert, Philip Diehl, stated that gold is good for long-term investing. On the other hand, in the short-term, gold can fluctuate.

Philip Diehl thinks that over the next decade the demand for gold will increase. Even now, the central banks around the world are increasing their gold reserves, a sign that gold is what it used to be for hundreds of years- a store of value and a viable alternative to paper money.

What’s more, populations of India and China are growing, all while getting richer. Much of the current demand comes from these countries, and that’s likely to continue into the future. Meanwhile, there’s another financial crisis on the horizon- due mostly to unresolved debt issues. All these factors are good news for gold and other precious metals such as platinum and silver.

Philip Diehl also recommended buying government-issued bullion coins such as the American Eagles. These carry guarantees from the United States as to their purity. No such guarantee is made when buying precious metals bars.

In the past, Mr. Diehl worked at U.S. Treasury Department and was a Director of U.S. Mint- an official mint of the American government. Presently, he runs U.S. Money Reserve, a recognized distributor of precious metal bullion coins. U.S. Money Reserve also offers IRA Accounts to the American residents with which it is possible to diversify retirement savings by acquisition of gold coins.

Services Offered By United States Money Reserve In The Trade Of Precious Metals

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the most trusted dealers of gold coins and precious metals in the United States. The reserve is regulated by the federal finance units of America. U.S. Money Reserve owns the most open distribution channels in the capital industry. This money reserve is headquartered in River Place, which is in Boulevard, Austin.

This Company deals with various products ranging from silver coins, platinum coins, the certified graded coins to gold coins. U.S. Money Reserve also acts as a consultancy firm of investors. The Company offers tips and guidelines to look for while trading with precious metals. U.S. Money Reserve is rated AAA by the organization of Business Consumer Alliance. The Incorporation makes sales of the gold coins and other precious metals at an affordable price.
The U.S. Money Reserve was established by the gold market traders who recognized the need for the combination of flexible and efficient consumer service and an enhanced knowledge of the precious metals market. The veterans also established the firm to offer guidance services that are a necessary prerequisite to having when dealing in the market for gold and silver coins.
The Incorporation serves as one of the largest and trustworthy top-notch distributors of platinum, silver, and gold coins in the United States. U.S. Money Reserve Company has established offices in most of the biggest towns in America. The Company has employed a large number of employees who are skilled and experienced in dealing with precious coins. The working staffs who are employed by this Company offer services in a friendly manner holding a close relation with clients.
The Company uses technological advancements to provide the most reliable and exceptional products of Silver, platinum, and gold coins in the capital market.
Providing the precious metal services for more than thirty years, many clients have invested highly in the business venture and earned their trust to the reserve. U.S Money Reserve helps their esteemed customers to choose efficiently precious coins that make higher return values. The scenario helps their clients to be in a good position to survive stiff competition in the market. The clients’ who follows the advice given by the Reserve enjoys enormous returns and profits in future. To get a detailed information on U.S. Money Reserve, visit manta.com.

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The Great Company That is US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is by far one of the leaders in the trade of gold and different types of precious metals. Everybody who owns precious metals or have otherwise been involved in the precious metal know how much it means for someone to get pure precious metals that are delivered on time, especially for a lower cost than it would take to be arranged by another financial institution or intermediary.

US Money Reserve gets their precious metals directly from the producer, rather than from any other middlemen. This makes the price of the gold and the fees that are associated with the services that US Money Reserve provides to their customers very low relative to competitors. Even though the price is so low for the transaction fees, US Money Reserve is one of the most important companies of its kind in the United States.

If one decides that they want to purchase gold coins, one is able to take them into their own possession. Many gold distributors do not sell actual gold, but they sell the right to gold that can be redeemed at a future point in time. This makes it much safer for the clients because they do not have to worry about the precious metals getting stolen or being misplaced or lost. These places allow the customer to take physical possession of their gold after paying another fee to have the precious metals transferred from the warehouse where it is safely stored all the way to a certified financial institution where one is able to pick up the precious metal.

US Money Reserve will always give its customers a refund because they believe that customer services is a very important aspect of business. A strong customer service policy means that customers will be more likely to purchase again from a company if they are not fully satisfied with their order. Companies that do not expend much effort towards customer service usually do not perform very well.

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Metal That Is Not Waste

Money To Stay
Over the years we have seen the decline of the dollar in front of our eyes.Why is this happening well this is due to a number of things but today we will be reading about what you can do to survive the storm that is about to come.What I am talking about is buying coin.

You see the television play those cheesy coin commercials all the time wondering why.Well they are being played because the Feds are selling their reserves of coins and want you the average human being to buy them from one of their dealers.So with this in play is there any real value of buying one of these coins?Even to my surprise yes there is actual value of these coins just not their promotion.

Few Good Dealers
There will be many dealers that will lie through their teeth to get you a coin less then worth the price just to get payed.So one of these dealers that you can be more then sure are worth the time and effort are no other then US Money Reserve.
What allow these guys to say that they know what they are doing is very simple when you really look at the fine details.For starts they have the best experts in the world making sure that the coins that they sell have the value that most should but don’t.Second will be modern service that is provided by the tech and human resources that works around the clock.These two major components will make sure that you will never be out of touch with your order and when you ask questions you will be answered with facts that help you cope instead of garbage to shut you up.

Value And Wrap
To get a quick recap of this wonderful service lets take note.Coins of real value in case if you want to resell.Team of experts that know what coin you want and how to get it.Costumer service with the best tech to answer your questions plus keep you in the loop about the location and history of your coin.So with so many reasons to buy from these guys why not take the chance?They have the skill with proof and unlike the other guys getting in touch will never be a task you can not complete.So with all said please make the right choice with US Money Reserve.

U.S. Money Reserve Serves Precious Metals Clients

Precious metals are sought after a great deal these days by people wishing to expand their investment portfolio. Some wish to protect against instability in the global economy. Others simple want to diversify. And then there are those hoping to see significant returns on investments. The three precious metals people seek to purchase are gold, silver, and platinum. Buying them in the form of coins is one way to acquire the assets. Where they are bought from should be though about deliberately. Customers should buy from an established seller such as U.S. Money Reserve.

Based out of Austin, TX, U.S. Money Reserve has helped hundreds of thousands of clients purchase precious metal coins. The company does offer certified and graded gold coins, which is definitely going to prove appealing to those interested in the highest quality coins. A team of skilled researchers work in-house to perform recommendations about making the best acquisition of coins. Customer service and sales specialists work with clients to help assist them in buying the most appropriate coins for their needs and budget.

The company was founded by people with significant experience in the gold market. This has helped the company craft a solid approach to customer service designed to help clients at all stages of purchasing.

Currently, U.S. Money Reserve is run by Philip N. Diehl. Before becoming president of U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl acted as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint. Such unique and important experience is brought to his job as the top manager of the company. Customers do feel the positive influence Diehl has on business operations.

Purchasing is made very easy and, once a selection has been paid for, the shipment will be delivered without any unnecessary delays. The vault and shipping staff works very efficiently and will not cause any inconvenience to buyers. The company takes shipping order on time very seriously.

Those who have any questions regarding whether to buy gold, silver, or platinum coins should call the general customer and sales number. Someone at U.S. Money Reserve will be happy to discuss investment and purchasing options in great and thoughtful detail.

Your Future Is In Gold Unless You Plan On Working Through Retirement

One of America’s largest distributors of government issued Gold, Silver and Platinum coins. The business was built on customer service, their trustworthiness, and knowledge of the market. Precious metals are an ever-rising commodity.

U.S. Money Reserve is monolithic in their efforts in providing customer service. They, of course, stay on top of gold reports, moment by moment, so they can best advise their hundreds of thousands of customers which gold investment would be best. Questions of whether an investment in coins or bullion or a mix of the two would best suit your portfolio.

It is well known that the U.S. dollar and gold move in opposing directions. Since 2011, gold has moved in the upward direction to a high of $1,900 per ounce due to the economy reaching major lows in America. The stock market is on a constant roller coaster ride with volatility affected by recent poor economics. During this period is where we have seen gold moving in a steady upward pulse.

The trend over the past few years as the economic downward swing has continued to lower interest rates, and the economy is just beginning to level out, interest rates may start to increase. The Federal Reserve has pumped trillions of dollars into the monetary system to attempt to buffer the decline in the dollar. Only time will tell if this move proves accurate. During this unsteady financial fluctuation, gold has been the place where many people chose to invest their funds for their future.

Banking institutions in the U.S. have experienced their worst period since the Depression of the 1930’s. The low-interest rates have almost put savings account holders of the average depositor at a minimum return on their investment. Interest rates are at an all-time low and people are choosing to withdraw their funds and move their money into gold.

The volatility of money around the world has removed many options for people to invest outside the U.S., and with high unemployment and the nation’s debt at an all-time high due to overspending; fear of the future is at a high. Most people are asking themselves where they should turn to ensure their future retirement would be there when they need their funds. Gold is the answer and who better to trust than U.S. Money Reserve. They are the experts, have been in the gold business for decades, and will be there throughout all monetary ups and downs.

Protecting Yourself With The US Money Reserve

The interesting thing about stuff like casinos, exercise, or fishing is that people love to talk about it, but you never hear them talk about it unless they’ve had enormous success. No one will ever come out and tell you about how poorly the situation went for them, and so a myth is born that you can’t go wrong doing it. The same can be true about the stock market simply because of the stigma associated with it.

The last thing you need to think is that the stock market isn’t a good investment because historically it has absolutely proven to be one. More and more people have been able to create more and more wealth than in any other way. However the one thing that people never seem to talk about (or at least they just forget about it), is that the stock market is not guaranteed; in fact, it’s far from it. If you invest a significant amount of wealth into the long term performance of a company then that’s fine because you have time to wait until the performance comes back. That being said, if you don’t have time to waste then you could be making one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

Think about what happened just a few years ago. People were throwing good money after bad on tech stocks, internet stocks, and housing market related stocks because it was supposed to be a good buy. However, out of nowhere the whole thing blew up and it’s taken more than a decade to get back to those prior levels. Think about the people who were planning on retiring by now, and how many years they lost as a result of it. Then think about how it could happen again.

What you need to do is find a safer way of investing. With the US Money Reserve you can put your money into gold and that way you can be in one of the investments that has been historically one of the safest things to buy into since the inception of wealth. It is literally the gold standard that you are talking about when you invest in gold. Rather than risking it all on some future that might not be there when you are ready to retire, why not invest in something simple and safe. See what the US Money Reserve can do for you and your long term wealth today.

All About U.S Money Reserve.

The economy keeps making downturns now and then making the dollar value decline, inflation and bank failures gets people unsure of where to turn to in terms of assets ownership. Precious metals come in to give you security for your invested money as it is clear to see how they are performing compared to stock. Another reason is their increased demand and decreased supplied leading to increased prices. Precious metals safeguard value of your money.

U.S Money Reserve is the largest distributor of US government issued high quality certified platinum, silver and gold coins. The firm was founded to combine customer service, expert market knowledge and guidance in the purchase of precious metal. The idea was carefully thought about by gold market veterans. Their topmost priority is client satisfaction that has made them become the most trustworthy precious metal dealer. It has been rated AAA by the Business Consumer Alliance. The firm has donated to many non-profit organizations as their community social responsibility.
What makes them outstanding? Services speak volume about any business and the services rendered by U.S Money Reserve employees makes them lead. The employees are highly knowledgeable and competent professionals with decades of experience in precious metal markets. Since its foundation, it has helped clients purchase coins with an opportunity to increase in value. It has delivered coins that are worth over half a billion dollars in retail value.

Their products are tangible assets that are legal tender platinum, silver and gold coins produced with a face value denomination. The Gold one ounce Bullion coins varieties on offer include; Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle, Australian Philharmonic and the South African Krugerrand. There are also gold bullion bars in different denominations. The second product is the Silver Bullion, which includes; American Eagle coin, 100 ounces Johnson Matthey bar, 500 coin monster box and a 90% Silver bag. Gold Numismatic is another product with varieties of different denominations such as American Eagle proof gold coins, First Spouse gold coins, Pre-1933 US gold coins and Modern Congressional gold coins. Ultra-high Relief Double Eagle gold coins, American Buffalo gold coins and “W” Mintmark American Eagle gold coins also feature in the Gold Numismatic. Under Platinum Numismatic coins product, there are the American Eagle platinum proof coins.

U.S Money Reserve will ensure you make beneficial purchases when you make an order and also offer a portfolio when you need to sell the coins. With their excellent customer service and individual attention, you can never go wrong with them.

Preparing For The Next Big Gold Price Surge?

Is gold dead? Have we gone too far over the financial brink? Have economies got to the point where gold is considered an also-ran commodity? This is the line of reasoning that some financial experts would have individuals to believe. More than a few naysayers in the financial markets have proclaimed the demise of gold as a viable investment option.

Of course none of it is true. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that the world still operates with gold in mind it comes to finance. And if you have any doubt of that statement, just take a look at the various superpower countries around the world who are quickly investing in all the gold that they possibly can. These countries understand that no matter what happens in the financial markets, no matter what kinds of up and downs may occur, gold is still king when it comes to financial stability.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that gold is completely without problems. Like any commodity, gold has been known to go up and down in value, and people have been known to invest in gold without understanding that it can serve as a hedge as well as an investment. But, over the past five or six months, certain indicators have been pointing toward a major increase in the price of gold in the near future. And most of these experts see these indicators converging in the next 6 to 9 months. Because of this, many smart investors are slowly but quietly buying gold on the side.

There are two factors that will facilitate this sudden rise in gold prices. The first will be a rally bear market that will probably take place somewhere in the next three months. That, combined with a sudden slowdown in the purchasing of gold will combine to shoot gold to new and higher prices. Experts speculate that gold could raise 10% to 30% in overall value over that six month period. This would put the price of gold somewhere between $1100 and $1300 within the next nine months.

The individuals that will profit most from this gold spike are the ones that understand the various nuances of how the markets work and how they affect gold prices. Becoming closely associated with a company or individuals that have specific knowledge regarding gold and gold markets would be a advantageous playing for an individual in the market.

One of the more prolific gold coin investment houses, US Money Reserve has been helping its large customer base for years in gold coin investing. They have a staff of over 100 people in a variety of different investment consulting roles, including individuals with specific knowledge in gold coins, investment opportunities, and more. They have a wide selection of different gold coins to offer investors from mints around the world, including specific coins that are authorized by the United States Congress. Whatever your investing knowledge is, US Money Reserve can help you with gold coin purchases and give you sound advice toward investing in the future.

Contrary to popular belief by so-called financial gurus, gold is not dead. In fact it is very much alive, and waiting quietly for a huge resurgence. The experts at US Money Reserve can help you position yourself for greater profits when the bear rally starts.

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