Why Purina PetCare Is More Than Just A Dog Food Company

Based on the Purina news out there, this brand is well-known reputation as a manufacturer of quality animal foods for more than a hundred years, and rightfully so. But just as animal products and pets themselves have evolved over the last century, so has Purina.

It got its start in 1894 when its founder, William Danforth, started a company that manufactured food for both livestock and domestic pets. Inspired by a family he knew in his childhood that dressed only in checkerboard cloth, Danforth selected the same pattern as his company’s logo. He later developed a personal philosophy in which he claimed that the checkerboard pattern stood for four aspects of human development that should never be out of balance. “Purina” implied the pureness of the food he was selling, which was identified by the word “chow”. These animal foods, ranging from pig to monkey chow, quickly became popular. In 1902, Danforth teamed up with college professor, life-style guru, and breakfast cereal entrepreneur Webster Edgerly. Their joint products were produced under the brand name Ralston-Purina until the company was sold in 1986. The company retained its name as it was sold several more times over the next decade, finally being sold to Nestlé’s Friskies Petcare Company in 2001. Under it new name and owner, the company has flourished. Today, Purina Pet Care is the largest manufacturer of animal feed in the United States, and the second largest in the world. It continues to manufacture livestock feed in addition to both dry and wet food for small domestic animals.

Some of Purina’s most popular brands are dog food, such as Beneful and Purina One. But in addition to these dog foods, the company has also begun doing more public relations work, emphasizing the beneficial relationships between pets and owners, and how each can enhance the other’s life. To that end, the company has produced an app that answers pet questions, and produced a video that helps dog owners and their pets stay in shape together. In a related promotion, the company’s Beneful brand hosts an annual “Great Dog Parks” contest in which contestants submit designs and win money to construct them. Purina PetCare also manufactures the popular Friskies cat food, and recently appointed a videographer to travel the country, chronicling stories of cat owners and their pets for airing. The company’s most recent project is a series of videos showing the benefits of bringing pets to the workplace.

TLC Cancels 19 Kids and Couting

After 10 handy seasons on the air, TLC has decided to cancel 19 Kids and Counting. The reality tv show focused on the lives of the Duggar family. TLC reports that they have spent the past month and half debating what the best course of action to take was.

This news comes just weeks after the revelation of sexual misconduct by one of the show’s stars. TLC also announced that they would be working with two prominent child protection programs, and together promoting a massive campaign about child sexual abuse. TLC told the AP that they would be producing a commercial free documentary about the issue. The network has stated that the film will feature Jill and Jessa Duggar; two survivors of sexual abuse.

19 Kids and Counting premiered in 2008, and was the network’s most watched show since then. It averaged 3.2 million viewers per episode. The show chronicled the life of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their numerous children. The show abruptly ended its 10th series after news of the scandal broke. In a statement the family stated that they are committed to working with Darkness to Light and RAINN (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network) to spread awareness about the issue.

Dog and Friend Saves Baby Dolphin

Undiscovered, the little baby dolphin would have died stranded on the rocks, under the heat of the sun. But with the help of Leia and her friend James Dondero,  the poor dolphin was rescued and sent off back to the sea.

Leia and her friend were walking on the beach, the friend busy taking photos and videos of the scenery while Leia was wandering off looking around for anything interesting.

All of a sudden Leia’s friend heard her barking out desperately for the friend to come and see what she has found.

Thinking the dog might be hurt or in danger, the friend rushed to Leia’s side. There, he found the baby dolphin laying stranded on the rocks, unable to go back to the ocean. Leia sensed that there was something wrong with the dolphin, that’s why she barked at her friend to catch his attention.

The friend took the video as he tried to rescue the trapped dolphin by pushing it onto the beach away from the rocks. Due to the incoming waves, the baby dolphin was pushed back into the rocks for several times. Finally, it was able to swim away before one of the big waves rolled in. Leia’s friend caught this all on his video.

He reported the incident to the coast guard who told him that the baby dolphin was lucky that it was found because the beach was deserted except for Leia and her friend. The baby dolphin wouldn’t have survived in a few hours.

Thanks to Leia’s sharp senses, she was able to quickly perceive something in distress.


Hip Hip Hooray

With so many people needing assistance in order to feed their families, the need also arises for the need of healthier options when when using the SNAP program. With this program, people in need of assistance to purchase food previously were only permitted to use the benefits in a supermarket. Unfortunately, many people were not making good choices when it came to buying food. Thankfully, farmer’s markets began to accept food stamps and there has been a dramatic increase in revenue to such places; approximately $18.8 million in the 2014 fiscal year. There has also been an increase in the number of farmer’s market that accept food stamps, which has increased from 753 to an astonishing 6,400 since 2008.

With this positive change, people at CipherCloud and other work places are now able to make better choices when it comes to feeding their families. This not only promotes healthy dining options, but also aids in decreasing obesity in America. With a significant amount of single-parent families, being able to prepare home cooked meals can be difficult, which led to buying precooked and overly processed foods for fast preparation. With more and more farmer’s markets accepting the SNAP program, children children are children are able children are able to grab a piece of fruit or fresh vegetables for a snack after school instead of a frozen pizza or potato chips.

Realtors Rejoice! Netflix Now Offers HGTV Design & Real Estate Shows

So if you’re a realtor like me, you love to watch reality TV about the profession. Whether for good ideas that you can take home and employ with your business. Or just to see the hilarious drama that’s blown way out of proportion.

Well there was cool news today, as Netflix announced they are bringing some of HGTV’s more high profile shows to the streaming service.

Including some of my and Sam Tabar’s absolute favorites to watch like: Buying and Selling, Cousins on Call, Flea Market Flip, Property Brothers and Selling New York.

But I’m just excited to have a chance to catch up on my real estate realty shows. Can’t live without them!