Waiakea Water – The Safest Bottled Water for the Environment

Ryan Emmons was visiting family in Hawaii when he had the idea for Waiakea Water. He made notice of the natural volcanic rock structures that littered the island and its shores and came up with the idea to use it as a resource for bottled water. He took water from natural springs that were running over and through these structures to offer a new brand of bottled spring water.

Since 2012, the company have expanded at near unimaginable levels. Emmons has lead the company to becoming a brand known all throughout the United States. It only took three years for them to go from a brand new company to moving over 100,000 cases of their water annually.

Due to the filtration process used by Waiakea, the PH value of Waiakea Water is about a point higher than normal water. Calcium, magnesium and potassium are some of the healthy minerals that can be found in the volcanic rock structures, some of those minerals are passed on to the water. This makes Waiakea a natural mineral water. The Waiakea Water PH value is only a side-effect of the healthy volcanic water benefits.

Waiakea owes its success to Ryan Emmons’ innovative ideas. Emmons was able to find the perfect location to extract his water from – a spring just outside of Hilo, Hawaii. As well as his unique filtering process, the product also comes in a bottle that puts the environment first.

Most plastic bottles take multiple generations to decompose to nothing – sometimes taking over 1000 years. Waiakea’s innovative bottle will degrade in under 20 years. This makes Waiakea one of the most environmental friendly bottled water producers in the entire industry. Waiakea was one of the first suppliers of premium bottled water to be certified CarbonNeutral, due to its degradable polyethylene terephthalate bottle. The packaging is excludes the dangerous and controversial chemical BPA.


The Global Influence of OrganoGold

OrganoGold began as a simple concept and idea that was eventually transformed into a global business by Bernardo Chua, the founder and CEO. OrganoGold was developed with a single vision and mission, which is to bring the knowledge of Ganoderma to a global scale and to make it available for everybody. Ganoderma is an ancient chinese herb or mushroom to be exact with amazing health benefits. OrganoGold’s business is infusing this ancient herb into a myriad of products such as personal care products, beverages and more.

OranoGold is interested in the possible therapeutic benefits of consuming this product. They have developed an international team of distributors from all around the world to help promote and represent this product. To be exact, Shane Morand, OrganoGold’s Global Master Distributor as well as co-founder, has been able to spread OrganoGold to 6 continents in the world. It is through his efforts that the vision of OrganoGold reaching a global market has become true. The company is now operating over 35 countries around the world.

This company came from humble beginnings in Richmond, B.C., Canada. It began as a simple and small shop that only had three employees working. However, due to the team’s drive and ambition, within two years, OrganoGold grew to become one of the largest Network Marketing companies. The whole idea and concept behind OrganoGold has remained the same despite the tremendous growth and success that has been met. From the beginning the mission has been to bring a better sense of heath and wellness into people’s lives and it has remained so.

Bernardo Chua is the CEO and Founder of OrganoGold, and is a popular member of the Twitter community. Before establishing OrganoGold, Bernardo Chua was still a successful in the business world. Chua, who is originally from the Philippines had a very successful career in multi-level marketing. In addition, Chua had a successful travel agency, which was inspired by his deep love for travel.

Bernardo Chua is a happily married man of 32 years who enjoys spending time with his family as much as possible. Chua admits that his favorite part of work is meeting OrganoGold distributors from around the world. He loves to hear stories about how joining OG has affected their lives positively. Chua is also a car enthusiast who loves to take a ride whenever he gets the chance. There is more to Bernardo Chua than simply a successful business man. Personally, Chua begins each morning with two cups of OrganoGold Organic Green Tea, helping prove the health value of this drink.