How Greg Secker Achieved Success In Foreign Exchange Markets

As an entrepreneur and international speaker, Greg Secker has inspired people around the world to achieve success. He is an expert in foreign exchange trading and how to take advantage of currency markets. He has also written several financial books and founded a number of companies in the financial industry. He was born in Norfolk, England, and continues to live in the UK.

It was at Thomas Cook Financial Services that Greg Secker developed his knowledge of foreign exchange trading in the 1990’s. His innovative and successful trading system earned him an award in innovation presented by the British Telecom. He has also been an executive at Mellon Financial Corporation where he was a Vice President.

Two of the books that Greg Secker has written are Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success as well as Trading Your Way to Success: The Business Builders. Among the companies he has founded are Capital Index, FX Capital, and Learn To Trade. These companies teach other people to trade the same way he does, allowing them to achieve financial goals such as retirement.

It was in 2008 that Greg Secker became an inspirational speaker on financial issues and Forex trading at conferences and seminars around the globe. He had built his success trading Forex’s and decided to teach others how they could create similar results. His speaking tour is called Knowledge to Action. Some of the biggest seminars he has spoken at include the National Achievers Congress and the Global Success Summit which is held in South Africa.

Additionally, George Secker is a philanthropist. He founded his own foundation, the Greg Secker Foundation, through which he seeks to make a positive impact on people all over the world. He has partnered with and provided funding to youth programs who seek to improve education and leadership skills in students. He also joined in the effort to rebuild the Philippines after the country was hit by Typhoon Yolanda. His efforts led to 100 homes being built in the city of Lemery which led to him earning a position of the Board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy.