SahmAdrangi Successfully Exploits the Short Sale

SahmAdrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009 after honing his analytical skills at Deutsche Bank and Longacre Management. One of Adrangi’s talents is researching short position opportunities. He first gained attention by shorting a number of fraudulent Chinese companies.

Adrangi is now poised to capitalize on his reputation as someone who can recognize short selling opportunities. Through his hedge fund, Kerrisdale Capital Management, Andrangi is in the process of creating a unique “co-investment” fund.

Although hedge funds will sometimes raise money to focus on a specific investment niche, it is believed that this is the first time a fund has been created specifically to invest in shorting the stock of a specific public company. Adrangi is seeking to raise $100 Million dollars in a short period of time. His concept seems to have piqued the interest of investors as the fund has raised a significant piece of that capital.

Although to targeted company remained unnamed as of this writing, it is said to be worth over $10 Billion. Adrangi and his analysts are focused on creating a presentation designed to convince investors that the fund’s insights with respect to the target company are correct. In order to establish its position, the fund has already started buying stock in that target company.

Adrangi is actively involved in managing all aspects of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Although small by New York standards, they manage about $500 million dollars. This current play is consistent with their penchant for finding companies that they can make money betting against.

Kerrisdale does not make all of its money shorting stocks, its main fund, Globalstar, does short as well as more traditional investing. The fund has returned an average of approximately 28% annually over the last five years. Known as one of the most aggressive investors on wall street, Adrangi has come a long way since he graduated from Yale University with his Bachelor of Arts in Economics.


Equities First Holding Reveals the Benefits of Moving its Melbourne Office

Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) has moved the Melbourne office of the prestigious Australia-based Equities First Holdings Pty Ltd. EFH is a renowned company that specializes in lending services and offering alternative financing solutions. EFH’s new office resides at the heart of Melbourne and aims to be more accessible to business people and customers. The distinguished managing director of EFH’s new office, Mitchell Hopwood, said that the company’s Australian business was prospering well. He added that the relocation gave the company an opportunity to expand its operation for the current staff and customers.

In Australia, Equities First Holdings occupies three business locations including Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. Besides the Australian-based offices, EFH has offices in London, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, and Switzerland. The company focuses on providing customers with stock-based loans for either strategic investments or business expansion. Since these loans are unrestricted, business people and traders can use the capital for any purpose.

A Closer Focus on Equities First Holdings

EFH is a renowned company that provides lending services for those seeking non-purpose capital including investors, businesses, and high net worth individuals. Since its establishment in 2002, the company has completed over 700 transactions. Moreover, EFH is currently worth over $1.4 billion and continues to provide its clients with loans at lower fixed interest rates.

The Lending Service of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings specializes in two leading types of loans including stock-based loans and margin loans. Stock-based loans benefit clients by providing them with a hedge when the market experiences instabilities, hence lowering the borrower’s risk. On the other hand, margin loans restrict the borrower to use the loan for the agreed purpose. However, EFH concentrates on providing stock-based loans because it has a fixed interest rate and boasts the clients’ confidence throughout the loan transaction process.


Equities First – The Significance of Business Financing

A business without a supporting source will flounder under the weight of its own commitments. Financing helps in spearheading the daily operations of every business. A business can take particular approaches to get financing, and more than one decision can be used. The picked financing strategy will depend on the business’ longing to clear with debtors, the solvent status of business visionaries at the time the business is built up and the aggregate money a business will require while keeping up its operations functions through various means. With the disappointing hardships of today’s financial circumstances, stock based loans are becoming a superior alternative at Equities First; a trusted and pioneer in loaning services.

Seed Funds

Equipment, materials, business cards, office supplies and website all need cash and should originate from a particular source such as an investor’s fund, proprietor’s funds or conventional loans. Nevertheless, acquiring bank loans in today’s unforgiving monetary circumstances becomes a mountain especially for some new businesses organizations. Click Here for more News.


A business visionary will require constant paying of salaries to survive. In case the business has employees, they ought to be paid. The organization utilities, protection and other clothing rundown of costly items should be purchased utilizing organization’s cash if the business needs to survive. At the season of propelling the business, there may be small profits thus funding of business is needed to allow the income to meet the costs until the time the business will turn out to be financially self-free. In launching stages, numerous startup firms have profited from Equities First which is a global leader in providing stock-based and margin loans.


Exactly when a business surpasses its present zone or there is the need to acquire new stock or services, development of business becomes a major priority. Taking your business operations to different regions, purchasing items or new services, doing promoting research and hiring of new staff members require financing. Utilizing the services of a trust & commendable pioneer and moneylender; Equities First Holdings, guarantees the organization to run its operations easily and still continue developing. for more .