Paul Mampilly, Wall Street To Retirement

In 1991 Paul Mampilly started his Wall Street Career at Bankers Trust. His first wall street job was as an assistant portfolio manager. Paul advanced very quickly in his career and quickly became employed with Deutsche Bank and ING.

Paul Mampilly was put in charge of managing multimillion dollar accounts with these two popular Wall Street companies. In 2006 Paul Mampilly was recruited as a hedge fund manager for Kinetics Asset Management. Kinetics is an investment firm that is worth over six billion dollars. Paul furthered the firms worth to over twenty five billion dollars under his leadership. His advanced knowledge in the banking industry and strong management leadership earned Kinetics Asset Management the title of “World’s Best” in the hedge fund landscape.

During the 2008 to 2009 financial decline, Paul Mampilly was invited to take part of a prestigious investment competition. He was given a fifty million dollar starting investment to work with. By the end of the year he had grown that investment to eighty eight million dollars. It was extremely impressive that he was able to turn such a profit during a time of financial decline. Over time Mr. Paul Mampilly because tired of the fast paced Wall Street environment and only making profits for the upper one percent of the investors. He retired, though he could not fully quit doing what he was passionate about. While his retirement allows him to spend more time with his family, he still considers himself an investor. He has refocused his abilities towards helping regular people with their investments. Helping blue collar workers to secure comfortable futures and retirements for themselves has become his priority. Paul Mampilly has began writing newsletters and he founded a popular one, Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. He also recently created True Momentum. True Momentum is a research service that will be introduced in 2017.

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The Career Path of Vincent Parascandola

AXA Advisors is a company that supplies financial security to various companies as well as delivering to their clients. This is a French International Organization. Over the year it has always maintained its loyalty and availability to customers. The year 1859 is when it all began. The firm has always achieved the fact that clients are pleased with each and every service. The services that AXA Advisors provide are worldwide insurance and investment management.


Due to its success it was able to join the top 3 global financial brands in 2016. Some of the places that the organization has its services are; Western Europe, North America, the Middle East and The Asia Pacific region. Before it was AXA Advisors it was known as Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie. ASA Advisors attained Winterthur group with a total of €9 billion, the group is popular for being the best insurance company in Switzerland.


ASA Advisors is located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. They do not only deliver services to people and firms but also spare their time in working with charitable organizations. The source of AXA Research Fund is one of the philanthropy works that they have done. The research has been able to prevent the hazards that are linked to humanity, environment and the society.


Vincent Parascandola is the senior vice president of this organization. He has a bachelor’s degree in science from Pace University. As the senior vice president, Parascandola handles employment, sales, efficiency, new financial experts and growth of the organization. His first job was as an agent in a firm called Prudential. Vincent’s business career sums up to an experience of 25 years. After a while, he was with MOY Life Insurance Company. Vincent has always had good skills when it comes to management and this pushed him to his next destination at AXA Advisors.


First of all he was positioned as the president of AXA Equitable unit then later became the senior vice president. Furthermore, he also served as a co-administrator of AXA Advisors firm’s branch which was in New York. Some of the awards he has attained are GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards.

Vinny Parascandola’s Meteoric Rise To The Top Of The Insurance Sector

Vinny Parascandola is the current senior executive vice president of AXA Advisors LLC, a French insurance firm established in the 19th century with its headquarters in the capital, Paris. AXA is indisputably one of the best insurance companies in the world and also has an extensive presence in the world with services in various continents such as Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. The group works primarily with corporations and high net worth individuals and is significantly committed to ensuring the stability of their customers by offering solid insurance plans. Vinny Parascandola is in charge of the group’s New York office. Before joining AXA, Vinny also worked with MONY Life Insurance Company for over ten years in which he held various leadership positions.


Holding the position of senior executive Vice President at AXA, Vinny serves as one of the most senior members of the company’s leadership tasked with a responsibility of ensuring customer satisfaction and building staff integration to optimize productivity and efficiency. His position traverses a variety of roles including sales and recruiting qualified personnel for the group.


Vinny Parascandola has unrivaled expertise in the insurance industry having served for over twenty-five years. It is the nature of the insurance industry to start out as an agent before progressing to the top if you prove invaluable in your team. It was no different for Vinny, and he initially joined the sector as an agent. Vinny demonstrated his abilities to lead with dedication and zeal to his work while still being result oriented. These attributes have drawn him recognition in the form of accolades and other honors. He was the winner of the prestigious insurance agent rookie of the year while working with Prudential. Vinny has also won several other management awards including GAMA’s Career Development Awards and Master Agency Awards.


Apart from being a successful executive, Vinny is an acclaimed career mentor and has offered numerous talks in conferences and other meetings including GAMA’s national Lamp Meeting. Vinny Parascandola studied at the Pace University where he received a degree in Bachelor of Science. Besides business, Vinny also engages in a myriad of philanthropic causes, which is one of AXA’s core values.