Academy of Art University Creates Tomorrow’s Fashion Designers

New York Fashion Week serves as the platform where new names and talents in the industry emerge. New faces can find the limelight. For 21 straight years, the Academy of Art School of Fashion has given its talented students a platform to showcase their work. The academy held their 2017 fashion show at the Skylight Clarkson Square. Women’s and men’s clothing were the items placed on display.

The show’s designers all came from diverse backgrounds, including as far away as mainland China and other areas of the United States. The show’s audience was impressed with the diversity of craftsmanship and design techniques on display. Fifteen minutes on the runway is the result of hours and hours of workshops, internships, and sweat put into career development. The designers in this show are likely the ones that will become the next generation of creative fashion designers.

The Academy of Art University formed in 1929. Ever since its creation, it has always been at the forefront of creativity and innovation. The school’s mission is to prepare aspiring professionals in the disciplines of communication, design, and art. As such, the school offers an assortment of undergraduate, certificate, and graduate degrees. The school also helps students to develop their portfolios for future employment.

Teachers encourage students to develop their own creative styles and technical skills. The Academy of Art University also hires instructors who are professionals in their own field. They can teach students from their own experiences. They also offer hands-on instruction that allow students to learn by doing.

The environment is both supportive and challenging, and it inspires creative thinking. The industry has a long history of sustained growth for those willing to commit. Styles will always change with each season, and the industry is always on the lookout for a whole new crop of designs and designers that can create new designs or copy current ones.

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Fabletics: Fashion with a Following

More and more, consumers are making purchases based on product reviews and referrals from other users rather than traditional marketing and commercial advertising. The best marketing strategies are adapting to this growing trend by embracing customer feedback, and responding with empathy and innovation. A recent Huffington Post article by digital marketing expert Diana Wertz details how brands like Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line are conquering the retail and e-tail marketplace by harnessing the “power of the crowd” to drive search ratings, sales revenue, and fierce customer loyalty.


By “the crowd,” Wertz is referring to the crowd-sourced reviews found on services like Yelp and TrustPilot, one of the world’s largest review sites where Fabletics boasts 30,000 reviews and a Trust Score of 8.2. ”Fabletics is obsessed with its customers,” reports Wertz, actively collecting and responding to thousands of reviews from its members in order to refine its marketing and products. According to Shawn Gold, CMO of Fabletics’ parent company, learning to value consumer input helped Fabletics “overcome initial issues upon launch,” and ultimately deliver a better service, resulting in 200% growth in five years and a projected revenue of $250 million for 2017.


Much of that growth can be attributed to Kate Hudson herself. According to an article last June in Forbes, it was her hands-on approach and quick-fire problem solving that helped Fabletics overcome a 6-month production delay, inventory shortfalls, and concerns about its membership structure by spearheading a customer service and analytics upgrade. This data-driven business model, which monitors the brand’s social media presence as well as sales and customer reviews to predict trends and production quantities, spurred the company to “a retail growth of 644% last year” in an industry that has many retailers closing shop.


Hudson continues to be heavily involved and says in Forbes, “I’m really proud of the things that I’m doing in business, which we’ll continue and expand.” According to Fabletics president Gregg Throgmartin, the clothing line and its business model reflects Hudson’s approachability and authenticity, as well as her own active lifestyle. She maintains an eye on sales numbers and helps design fresh styles for the athleisure brand that collaborator Demi Lovato says is all about “inspiring women and empowering them…to be strong, and it doesn’t matter what shape, or size, or age.” To provide inclusivity and personalization, a quiz on the Fabletics website helps to match members with outfits that best suit their needs and lifestyle.


In the Post, Wertz reports that “a business’ reputation is one of the most impactful customer considerations,” valued even above price point and budget when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. A transparent and customer-focused marketing strategy pays off big by cultivating repeat customers and referral-driven sales. By listening – and responding – to its 1.2 million members, Fabletics shows it genuinely cares about the quality of its products and whether or not they improve customers’ lives, boosting the brand’s satisfaction and trust ratings, and ultimately its bottom line.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, Revolutionizing Fashion through the Techstyle Fashion Group

Techstyle Fashion Group is a product of the dream of two ambitious me, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, who had the least of experience, let alone knowledge of the fashion world. The company has many subsidiaries functioning under its roof, examples being beauty and accessory companies and membership-based clothing. Don and Adam, through their strong will to succeed and give quality end product, have produced exactly what the consumers desire.

Adam Goldenberg has been in the business world for quite some time now. He started his company at a tender age of 15. Games Alliance was his first company, which was involved with the designing and advertising gaming websites. Later on, in 1999, he sold the company to Intermix Media and became their associate as the Vice President of Strategic Planning. By the time he was 20 years old, he was already in the Chief Operating Officer position.

Don Ressler also joined the Intermix Media in quite a similar format. He had created his own website, Fitness Heaven, which he later sold to Intermix in 2011. By then, he was aware of the growing fashion world and delved in checking out different online companies. This gave him the oomph to kick-start his venture into the fashion business which he has pursued to date.

It is at Intermix Media that Don Ressler and Goldenberg built their friendship which has proven worthwhile over time. In 2006, they joined hands and created Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce company. Thanks to their skills and personality compatibility, they were able to grasp ideas from different companies quickly and merged them to come up with their unique brand. With the experience gotten over time, they considered creating an alternative method of online shopping.

Don and Goldenberg were aware of the trendy fashion world and what was most sought out in the market. With these in mind, JustFab was born. JustFab gave their members the opportunity of getting personalized sportswear and accessories on a monthly basis. The company incorporated the technique of mixing and matching fashion pieces to ease the load of finding a suitable product by their consumers. By 2016, JustFab was rebranded to Techstyle the name, being inspired by the intended fashion and technological blending.

Techstyle has not only sought out to prosper financially but also to ensure social satisfaction. They have produced clothing that boosts confidence on the way their customers look when doing the specific intended activities. Confident people are at a better chance of building a better society through whole-hearted contribution. Techstyle has not been left behind in taking care of the society by taking part in charity contributions.

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Fabletics Takes Women’s Athletic Wear to the Next Level

In the world of women’s athletic wear, consumers have long been obligated to choose between fashion and affordability. In 2010, with the consumption of women’s activewear climbing to new heights, Don Ressler, along with co-founder, Adam Goldenberg, began actively following the trends. He realized that this flourishing industry was here to stay, and decided to found Fabletics. Fabletics would be created with a vision to provide fashionable, comfortable, and affordable activewear to consumers with ready availability.

Working in close proximity with Mr. Goldenberg, Mr. Ressler was able to develop a revolutionary idea for women’s activewear by focusing less on the trends of the time, and more on the things that women seeking new activewear desired in an avant-garde product. After a myriad of consumer tests and focus groups, Mr. Ressler and Mr. Goldenberg came to the conclusion that many of the problems that women highlighted during these conferences were very similar in nature throughout. In many cases, the clothing available on the market at the time were ill-fitting and often expensive.

After a series of progressive moves, Mr. Ressler decided to seek the services of Kate Hudson to be the face of the brand. This move proved to be one of the most productive. While the women’s activewear industry has long been plagued by its inability to connect on an intimate level with its consumers, Mr. Ressler’s decision to partner with Kate Hudson allowed them to connect consistently with their target audience. Kate Hudson, along with her spokesperson, would soon allow the brand to connect with the masses, due to her friendly attitude, and confident, appealing look and demeanor. Since joining the Fabletics team, Kate Hudson has constantly been a part of growing the brand.

Initially, Fabletics underwent a few hiccups, including funding issues, but through the perseverance of Don Ressler, the company was able to succeed in penetrating the notorious complex market. Mr. Ressler had to contend with manufacturing issues, as creating a product of such high quality in a cost-efficient manner, proved to be difficult when attempting to make it readily available for mass consumption. One of the latest editions contributing to the continued success of Fabletics is the ability for consumers to pay a flat monthly fee in order to receive discounted items. Today, Fabletics continues to shine amongst its competition, as its strong online approach and grassroots appeal, due to Kate Hudson’s strong media presence, continue to push the brand to the next level.

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Fabletics: A great Shopping Experience

Fabletics is an online American retailer that sells accessories and women’s sportswear, which is commonly referred to as Athleisure. It has twenty-two brick-and-mortar stores although it is best known for its e-commerce. It was founded in 2013 by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson who spotted a niche in the active wear marketplace. Most of the sportswear in the market at the time according to them was not stylish and high-quality at an affordable price.

I think the brand has been set apart from competitors as top in its field by the following tips given by Kate Hudson herself. Firstly she identified marketing opportunities, which in this case were there were a lot of expensive activewear, and there were not any to cater for all shapes and sizes. Secondly, Kate Hudson says. She stays hands on her business by looking at numbers every week which a lot of people do not do. Thirdly she relies on big data to make better decisions. This she does by interviewing new members of her brand to determine things like the prices and getting models for her brand. Fourthly she says you need to stay inspired to be successful. She draws her inspiration from her kids. Lastly, she says you believe in yourself and take risks. These are what I think have made Fabletics stay on top of its field.

Fabletics is leveraging the power of the crowd by using reviews and getting a lot of positive reviews. Consumer reviews increase loyalty, customer retention for brands and increase sales. This is because consumers trust reviews a lot. If a product initially used by a lot of consumers gets a negative review, many of the consumers stop using the product. Fabletics has used this to its advantage because it gets a lot of positive reviews.

Kate’s take on the winning athleisure brand is that although she is proud of the things she is doing in business, her heart is still in being an artist. She said she is not about to quit her acting soon. When Kate was approached by the other two founders, she was heavily involved since day one.

Kate also faced negative press who called her business a scam among other complaints like their most popular items were sold out. She did not give up still, and later on, she got a positive review. Through her efforts, Fabletics upgraded their customer service.

Lastly, I would like to encourage readers to take the Lifestyle quiz to find out which Fabletics gear is most suitable for them.

Susan McGalla Builds Brands

Susan McGalla is one of the women that I draw inspiration from. I think she has done an excellent job as a CEO and a independent consultant over the years. She has managed to show her skills in the area of marketing and this has made her a successful business woman that others can look up to.


There are not a lot of women in the a business industry that manage to crack the glass ceiling to accomplish a position as prestigious as CEO. Susan is one of these people that has done it twice. She has shown her strength in marketing and building brands at American Eagle and Wet Seal.


Currently she works as the creative director for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Much of the work she does has a lot to do with building a brand. In order for her to get started with this she brgan with perspective of fans. She tapped into revamping the Pittsburgh Steelers fan gear.


I believe that she has the experience in marketing to help any company build a brand. She knows what it takes two get customers out in stores to buy. She knows what will not work when it comes to trying to satisfy the needs of a mainstream audience. I believe that Susan could thrive in a high-level manager position in any organization because she understands the fundamental building of brands. She knows that customer loyalty has to be developed.


I also know that it is important to have a price scale that actually fits the business model for the people that you are marketing to. That is where I think a lot of companies fail because the prices for products may not particularly meet the prices consumers are expecting to pay. American Eagle brought millennials clothing they could afford.


The All-New “Scandal” That’s Causing A Scandal

The Cosmetology Industry is one of the biggest, most profitable, and popular industries in current times. Some of the biggest names line the shelves of your favorite stores such as L’Oréal, Max Factor, Cover Girl, and many more. These brands have stood at the top of the mountain for nearly a century, but there is a new king of the throne and it goes by the name of Lime Crime. This eclectic brand has brought some much needed life back into what has become a rather bland industry. Founder Doe Deere built this make-up line as a reflection of self and it is full of self expression. Lime Crime’s “Scandal” is literally causing a scandal in-a-sense. The lipstick fits in very well with the rest of the “Velvetine” collection, but Scandal has a bit more sex appeal thanks to it’s deep purple hue. This product screams “look at me” and that’s exactly what people will be doing once you enter a room.


This lipstick was designed to cause a stir and once Lime Crime’s huge fan base gets word of it’s arrival, drama will ensue. For a great way to make the color stand out would be to combine it with a dark/black, bold liner. Like all of the Velvetine lipsticks, Scandal will go on smooth and wipe off with ease. Here’s a great rule of thumb to follow. Apply a bit of lip balm and let it sit on your lips for about 15 minutes. Next you should use some tissue to wipe away any excess material/oils. That’s it! Being of a liquid matte source, Scandal’s deep intense hue will dry into a bullet-proof finish.


Benefits, benefits, and more benefits. Of course Lime Crime is going to bring the benefits. Scandal is truly paraben-free, 100% vegan, as well as animal cruelty-free. If you want to add a little spice to your life then this is the product of choice.

Lime Crime Cosmetics: A Tool For Creative Self-Expression

Lime Crime cosmetics is a make-up line created by Russian-born entrepreneur Doe Deere. The makeup in the line is known for its incredibly bright colors. People also like that it is easy to use, is smudge-proof and can remain in place all day and all night too. The makeup is primarily sold via the internet. This has enabled its use to spread far and wide. It is now possible to find fans of the unique line of makeup on all the continents and everywhere from big cities to small towns. What has been surprising is that people of all ages are drawn to the line’s neon bright colored products.


Doe Deere created the Lime Crime line to help her get noticed while she was performing with her rock & roll band. And that’s exactly what attracts people to the brand today. It is considered statement make-up. The type people of all ages can wear to make a loud fashion statement without having to say a word. For many people the brand has allowed them to freely express themselves and display their unique fashion sense and creativity for the first time in their lives. That’s part of the reason the brand has spread so far and wide so fast. Many people worldwide have long wanted a simple form of creative self-expression and this make-up line offers just that.


Another reason people love the Lime Crime brand is because it is a socially conscious product. All the products in the make-up line are created using vegan ingredients and they are never tested on animals. That means they allow people to look good and feel good doing it. Plus Doe Deere made the products herself by hand. That adds to its unique quality. The company’s internet marketing strategy and direct delivery to its customers eliminates the middle man and thereby reduces its price. The result is a unique brand that people of all ages, social status and cultural background can embrace.


People all over the world that dare to expose their colorful but caring inner being have made the brand a big hit.