Milan Farms – Produce The Old Fashion Way

The Story Behind Milan Farms

CEO and Founder, Milan Kordestani, of Milan Farms believes that the old-fashioned ways of growing and producing foods and spices is the best organic way to go. Milan Farms produces herbs and poultry, using the traditional route; nothing added just the basic organic and simple ways of cultivating and growing livestock. The company prides itself on giving choices to consumers, when it comes to eating healthy and holistically. By offering their products, Milan Farms, hopes to create an honest, open, and long-lasting relationship with their consumers.

Using an agricultural system that does not include anything harmful to plants are livestock, the company has tapped into the rising organic and chemical free lifestyle of consumers. In addition, the company boasts that their livestock and plants are raised and grown with organic materials only. The company gives their consumers information regarding how things are done prior to presenting goods to consumers. This approach, again is their honesty platform. This open and honesty concept is a central part of the culture at the company’s locations. The company treats its community like a part of the family and expresses upon the community and consumers that all animals are raised organically and humanely.

About the Founder and CEO

Besides being the CEO and Founder of Milan Farms, Milan Kordestani, this amazing entrepreneur has intrigued the world with his company. Under the age of twenty, he has established a name for himself not only for Milan Farms; but also for his written submissions to Huffington Post and his equestrian notoriety. Kordestani’s philosophy is based on honesty and openness, and giving consumers a healthier choices when selecting foods. Currently living and attending school in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kordestani began his entrepreneurial campaign by opening Milan Farms in 2015. By the next year the company and its brand was trademarked and

Consumers on the west coast have the pleasure of buying his produce and poultry. Milan Farms’ top producer is “saffron.’ The company ships its organically grown saffron across the west coast, Colorado, and globally. Although, Kordestani believes in the old-fashion way of growing, but he is still a young innovator. Kordestani is currently funding research to find better agricultural technology to assist with the growing process and not hinder the organic system that is currently in place.