Dr. Kamil Idris: Global Copyright Management

Dr. Kamil Idris is part of the World Intellectual Property Organization, an organization that is based in Geneva. Dr. Kamil Idris is an expert on intellectual property rights and the manners in which companies can protect their intellectual properties.

Dr. Kamil Idris has recently given an interview on the way that globalization has influenced how companies do business across borders. Globalization has increased the rate at which companies outsource contract manufacturing on their products and the management of their supply chains. He believes that intellectual property is an important tool that is relevant to all countries. Intellectual property has a strong relation to the overall economic context in which knowledge and ideas are an important power behind economic growth for nations.

The national objectives of a country can differ and depending on the public policies that the nation has implemented it can change the manner in which intellectual property is managed. Whenever a nation displays a commitment to intellectual property development and intellectual property rights, it generally encourages innovation and creativity within the nation.

Globalization has caused some issues with intellectual properties primarily in the form of piracy and counterfeiting. This has caused an increased need to devote resources and time to the training on intellectual property and the capacity for intellectual property management. The increased level of communication around the world had significantly escalated the rate of piracy. Due to the increased connectivity in many cases, intellectual properties can be distributed very easily with or without the authorization of the copyright holder.

The recent WIPO Copyright Treaty As Well as the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty have been one of the most significant steps forward in creating an international framework for the management of copyrights. What these have aimed to do is provide protection for the copyright holders at a minimum level internationally in the new digital era. The Advisory Committee on Enforcement of the WIPO will be one of the more important pieces of this new enforcement policy. Not only does it provide legislative advice but it also provides enforcement issues training as well as seminars for individuals to learn about international copyright protection.


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Sam Boraie & Boraie Development: Moving Forward


A visionary can bring a town from obscurity to the center stage, and that is the type of person who is behind Boraie Development. This company has been in the forefront of change in New Jersey. One place where the company’s ability to see into the future was evident was in the New Brunswick community. The urban development in this community reached beyond what was expected with the help of Boraie Development and its visionary, Sam Boraie.


Who is Sam Boraie?


Most people know Sam Boraie as the Vice President of Boraie Development. The truth is that he is much more than just the VP of the company. He has acted as the guiding light, or the middle man, who helps ensure that the vision becomes a reality.


One thing that Boraie is known for is his ability to acquire land contracts, properties, and permits. These aspects of the business are vital to ensure that the company’s developments are completed as planned. The man also understands the importance heritage. He knows that the Boraie Development company is part of his family’s legacy, which is why he is very protective of it.


The Approach to Developments


Boraie is clearly a talented business man who has overseen some of the company’s more successful developments. The latest endeavor that has gotten some attention is the one that Shaq O’Neal got involved in. Mr. O’Neal is an equity partner with Boraie and company. The endeavor is taking place in Newark, New Jersey.


The project involves a retail complex center, housing tower, and a movie theater. Mr. O’Neal spoke about his childhood and the symbolic importance of a movie theater. He said his mother always told him to go to a nearby multiplex after school. He listened, and overtime the theater became a sanctuary where he could hide from some of the troublemakers that lived in his neighborhood. His mother felt a lot better knowing that her son was in a safe place, away from questionable elements within the city. This is one reason why the project attracted Mr. O’Neal, but it definitely was not the only thing, as Boraie used his communicate skills to persuade O’Neal into the lucrative partnership.


Boraie has also concentrated on making sure that the company took on another important responsibility that he did not want to trust to others. It seems that he is quite adamant about making sure that the disposal of debris or waste is done safely. This means that he wants to make sure the clean-up is always professional, efficient, and environmentally-friendly. Boraie understands that being environmentally-friendly is not only important for the earth; this step also encourages the community to support the company.


Boraie has a lot to live up to, as Omar Boraie the patriarch of the company is observing how the company is ran. Sam Boraie just wants to do right by everyone, including the many people benefiting from this development company who are bent on reshaping the cities in New Jersey.