From Humble Beginnings : Graeme Holm and The Infinity Group

The Infinity Group is a financial services institution with offices in Australia. This entity was created by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, life and business partners that were frustrated with the raw deal that Australians were getting out of other financial institutions. The couple spent six months perfecting a business model and then moved to Port Macquarie and within thirty days had their first thirty clients.


Graeme Holm had nearly two decades of experience in financial services with the majority of that time being spent in a Big Four Bank. Rebecca Walker brought enthusiasm and passion to the partnership, but had no formal experience with finances. They met when Graeme Holm was in need of a personal trainer. It took quite a bit of persistence on his part, but Rebecca finally acquiesced and their life partnership as well as business partnership was born.


Clients of The Infinity Group have their own personal banker. They also receive performance reports, comprehensive reviews, as well any assistance they may require to keep themselves within their financial goals. This approach has proven successful. One hundred percent of their clients reach their goals within the first three months with The Infinity Group.


This results in an average of $41,000 worth of debt eliminated for their clientele. The business model that The Infinity Group has allows their customers a peace of mind they don’t get elsewhere. Customers report that the competent and friendly staff of The Infinity Group allows them to be less stressed, spend more time with their families, and obtain the financial goals they set before themselves.


Graeme contributes the success of his business with the idea of collaboration. He encourages his employees to speak their minds, share ideas and collaborate with other professionals in their industry. He continues to strive for customer service excellence and is involved in the communities they serve.


Graeme Holm treats his life outside of finances in much the same way he treats his business. Keeping himself and his mind active, executing schedules and committing himself to transformational actions after each business meeting. His advice to other entrepreneurs is to stay true to what they want and strive for. He says keeping these things in mind, and not allowing other distractions will bring the things that are needed to the forefront.


The Infinity Group hopes to change the lives of the families around them for many years to come.

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