How Louis Chenevert Improved United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert had a long and distinguished career in the manufacturing and aerospace industries. He was born in 1958 in Canada and earned his college education at Université de Montréal. After graduating in 1979 he joined General Motors. He was a production manager at this firm for 14 years. He left in 1993 after getting a job at Pratt & Whitney, the global engine manufacturer.

In April 1999, Louis Chenevert was promoted to president of Pratt & Whitney. He held this position up through March 2006 when he joined its parent company, United Technologies Corporation, as a top executive. In April 2008 he was elected president and chief executive officer of UTC. In January 2010 he tacked on chairman of the board as one of his positions at UTC. He served in these roles up through November 24, 2014, which is when he decided to resign from UTC. Today he serves as a Goldman Sachs’ advisor to high net worth individuals who want to invest in the aerospace and manufacturing industries.

Louis Chenevert was considered a pioneer in the aerospace industry. Soon after joining Pratt & Whitney he started work on a revolutionary engine that was quieter and much more efficient than any airplane engine had ever been before. It was the successful launch of this engine that led to him being named as the president of Pratt & Whitney. He made Pratt & Whitney lean and efficient which got the attention of the top executives at United Technology Corporation.

When Louis Chenevert started leading UTC it was a tough time in the industry. During this time the global recession tanked the economy and sales of planes and their parts plummeted. Chenevert was able to limit the damage at UTC and his company didn’t see anywhere near the profit losses that other companies in the industry experienced.

One area that Louis Chenevert bucked the trend on was outsourcing. Most companies in the manufacturing and aerospace industries started outsourcing much of their work to Asia, Brazil, and other companies with cheaper labor. Chenevert did the opposite and moved production to the United States which proved to be the right move as UTC profits increased.

The anti-Semitic curtain unveiled by Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an individual who has seen the world through many perspectives. Along with his success as a property investor and philanthropist, Adam Milstein does his due diligence by discussing and writing about topics that are relevant to the social, religious, and politic turmoil that plagues the Middle East. These articles can be read on the Jewish News Syndicate website, or JNS for short. He recently published an article speaking of a growing sentiment of anti-Semitic around the world.

The sentiment of anti-Semitism still holds strong today in the modern world. It is a common thread shared among radical right groups, and radical Muslim movements. Recently, anti-Semitic feelings are now being harbored by some radical left groups as well. Adam Milstein finds a common thread among these groups to include the restriction of freedom of speech, an almost non-existent stance on tolerance of lifestyles, and ill feelings on Western political philosophies permeating throughout the world.

Adam Milstein goes into detail about the anti-Semitism sentiments in West with examples including some radical groups campaigning in marches and movements that share the opposite message or ideology. He cites about how two marches in Chicago, the Chicago Dyke March and The Slutwalk Chicago, the organizers of the march reviled Zionist who were in support of the march’s message of lifestyle equality, and even promoted a speaker who is considered a Palestinian terrorist.

Adam’s concerns expressed in his article seem to gain further merit with providing instances from prestigious Western Universities such as Tufts and NYU providing literature that paints Israel as a state that oppresses people. They liken Israel to a “white supremacist” regime that parallels it to the likes of a right alt group. Adam connects the roots of this concern to a prominent leader in Linda Sarsour, who is avid supporter of archaic misogynistic laws. He also notes others view her as a feminist leader, despite this very fact.

Adam Milstein’s concerns are not just a single voice in the scope of this concerns. The only way for him to get his message out to others is to write these articles that put a spotlight on issues disguised as movements.

Shervin Pishevar Warns Against Hungry Unicorns

Shervin Pishevar is renowned for his accurate predictions on the economy and technology aspects of the United States of America. Basing on history of his predictions, Pishevar has the ability to identify opportunities and make appropriate decisions long before realization of its effect to the public. The growth of his career in the investment industry transcends all other personalities in the industry. Pishevar is the founder of An investing firm. He has also invested in multi-billion tech companies including Airbnb and Uber. Besides, he is popular for his controversial tweets on diverse topics on status and trends of the United States.

In one of his 50 tweets that he sent over a 24 hour period, Shervin Pishevar criticized the Unicorns for their recent moves in acquiring startup competitors. According to Pishevar, old forests should burn out to make room for the new. He mentions Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, and Alphabet as the big five unicorns in the United States that may lead to a downfall of the country’s economy. Basing on his extensive experience in the business world, Shervin Pishevar warns against buying of the small companies by the unicorns stating that this would cripple the national system.

In the tweet, Shervin Pishevar demonstrates how startup companies are gradually getting absorbed by the unicorns. He blames the corporate world for the collective blind eye to impending effects of the trend. Pishevar emphasizes on negative impacts of the power and influence of these unicorns to the nation. He considers the five companies as monopolies in the technology industry. Pishevar remains adamant on his negative perspective of economic giants built on monopoly frameworks. He clearly demonstrates his worry on future of the economy if the unicorns continue to dominate and buy out the small competitors.

Although none of his predictions can be guaranteed, it is suicidal to assume the 50 tweets. Any business owner and investor should take into consideration the warnings and make individual assumptions. Shervin Pishevar’s track record on identifying trends and making timely investment decisions is admirable. Most of his past predictions and follow-up decisions have been right. Hence, more reason to look into the tweets other than brushing them off.

An International Career Is Possible With OSI Group

Many people truly love to travel. Travel can help open the mind and make it possible to meet new people from all over the world. Travel also enables people to see the world in new ways. One way to explore the world and travel more is by working with an international company. Such is the case for those who are considering work at OSI Group. This company has branches in many parts of the United States and the world. Those who wish to apply to this Aurora, IL based international company can apply for many jobs here. They can also use the company as a springboard from which to explore other possibilities in other parts of the world. The company owns and operates plants in many parts of the world including both Europe and India. This allows them to maximize their ability to tap into a global pool of talent.

Applying Here

It’s easier than ever to apply to the OSI Group. They take applications both online and in person. People can apply to their company in places locations such as the United States and United Kingdom. They can also apply from places such India where the company has chosen to locate several manufacturing plants. For those who want to explore the possibility of international travel, it’s easier than even to locate a job in this company that lets them consider the possibility of working overseas. Many people may realize they will have the possibility of travel once they decide to seek out a position here. An employee may be asked to spend time in the United States or go overseas and directly engage in hands on management that allows them to help further the company’s goals of domestic and international expansion.

A Culture of Excellence

The OSI Group is run by David. G. McDonald. Under his direction, the company has been able to expand from a locally based manufacturing center to one that is increasingly tapping into a much larger global market. Company focus remains as it always has been on the core products they offer. They provide customers with access to high quality meet and produce products that have been lovingly cooked carefully. Products such as high quality soups are much adored by their clients. Those who wish to find a job here can be part of an international effort to bring such products to other clients.

For details:

Sheldon Lavin Success in the Food Processing Industry

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of OSI Group. He also serves as president of OSI International Foods Ltd with over 70 facilities in 17 countries. Mr. Lavin is the general trustee of Rush University Medical Center and served as the director of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Sheldon is a finance professional with a great career as an investor in the banking industry and has operated a successful finance consulting firm before joining Otto & Sons. His consulting firm secured funding for expansion by working closely with food processing companies.

He has an unparalleled track record in the meat and food processing industry. His extensive knowledge in the industry started in 1970 where he participated in Otto &Sons financing, eventually growing to OSI Group.

Lavin is a visionary entrepreneur he has grown OSI Group from a domestic food processing company to an international industry leader. He aims at developing the business to a world-class food processing industry.

Sheldon Lavin Achievements

Mr. Lavin managed to propel the company from family owned business to a global enterprise, creating job opportunities for over twenty thousand individuals in facilities based in17 countries. Through his efforts, OSI Group is among the 50 top private organizations, with revenue of more than $6 billion. He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement in 2015 by RSM US LLP for his commitment to service.

Sheldon outstanding accomplishment in positioning OSI Group onto the international platform won him the Global Visionary Award on 20th February 2016 awarded by India’s Vision World Academy at a ceremony held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India. Global Vision Award is recognition for having transformed his visions to reality.

Since Lavin took over as the CEO, OSI Group has extended its operation around the globe, landing it on a long list of awards. Some of which are, Globe of Honor by British Safety Council, awarded in 2016 to OSI Food Solutions for its risk management strategies. OSI Group was too honored by an environmental award on 25 November 2016.


Sheldon wishes that OSI Group will continue to climb the ladder of success even in the hands of the next generation of corporate leaders. He is committed to mentoring the future leaders dedicated to the growth of their companies with a vision that embraces an expansion of global market and opportunities for their employees. OSI Group success lies among the loyal, talented people who have worked together despite their profession and corporate level.

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Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne Introduces a New Interactive App

PodcastOne is rated as the biggest advertiser-based podcast network. As of today, the podcast has over 200 shows, some of which are the most sought over the internet. Additionally, the podcast records over 2,000 minutes of audio every year. The podcast boasts of millions of impressions given that they have in the past recorded over 1.5 billion annual records. This makes the podcast the real deal for both listeners and advertisers.



The rapid growth of PodcastOne can partly be attributed to the podcast’s ability to produce numerous shows. In addition, the podcast excels because of the excellent customer service. This year, the podcast introduced a new mobile software that would enhance their listeners’ enjoyment. This new app can be found on PodcastOne’s website, Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Here are some of the features of the new app. Learn more:



High Quality Virtual Reality Videos


To make their videos more compelling, PodcastOne has partnered with Mandt VR. The new partnership has helped them to produce an excess of 1,000 videos that are 360 degrees, virtual reality and high quality. PodcastOne’s host Adam Corolla became the first ever to use this new technology.



Mandt VR is a California based firm that was established in the year 2015 and concentrates in video production. It has modern technology equipment installed in each of the PodcastOne studios. Also, if the hosts are to record when on travel, they are allocated mobile equipment to help record virtual reality videos.





With the new app, viewers can now watch a wide range of shows. This makes it convenient for people who are not yet decided what they want to watch. In addition, listeners can access high quality images and articles that can be found elsewhere over the internet.





The new app allows listeners to accumulate points. With each video watched, redeemable points are collected. These points can be used to get new feature or service. Also, the points can be used to access exclusive videos and access discounted products. Learn more:





This app is highly interactive. Listeners can now ask the host questions. Also, they can interact with other listeners and share opinions about the show.



With this new technology, POdcastOne listeners can watch studio casts. Additionally, they can experience live events as they happen. And, the best thing about these new videos is that anyone can view them from anywhere, so long as they have internet connection.


Jason Hope has Hope for the Future

Every generation or so, something comes along that is so big that there is no denying its influence over mankind and the future. Things like indoor plumbing, anesthesia, the light bulb, automobiles, commercial airplanes, television and cellular phones are just a few example of these advances. Without a doubt, the next big thing is here. Jason Hope wants to be a part of anything and everything that has to do with this phenomenon.


As a matter of fact, the next wave of change sweeping worldwide is referred to as The Internet of Things. This evolution in technology is all about connectivity. To fully grasp the implications of this concept, imagine every appliance and device in your home exchanging information with one another while at the same improving their functions.


These are the next-wave advances that Jason Hope strives to bring about. He does not just do this for the sake of providing conveniences to the daily routine of the average American lifestyle. He has a vision for the future where technology and The Internet of Things saves lives and more information click here.


The Internet of Things is all about reaching the apex of function and feature. What if your cell phone could change the channel on you television? What if you could tell the oven to preheat, from your handheld device, for an easier take and bake pizza night at home? What if your PC (Personal Computer) and handheld device alerted you to their locations, based on proximity filters. These are just few simple examples of home-body implications. The Internet of Things has endless possibilities and learn more about Jason.


This concept is already in use in some government services and institutions such as public transportation and healthcare management. Of course, when it comes to security and crime fighting The Internet of Things helps law enforcement professionals do their jobs. For many professionals, this concept and progression of society makes the ultimate American dream of working from home a reality and his Facebook.


And, the limitless possibilities are really the best part of it all. By reaching new heights in integrative technologies, models for other systems, such as in the medical field, present themselves. This is where Jason Hope’s true interests can be found. He uses the business drive of The Internet of Things to fuel his philanthropic endeavors.

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The New treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Evidence has been provided by clinical trial results showing that use of immunosuppressive therapy of a high dose followed with the transplantation of stem cells from an individual’s own blood can cause constant reduction of relapsing remitting MS (multiple Sclerosis). Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune condition whereby the central nervous system of an individual is attacked by the immune system. 69% of the trial participants survived with no new brain lesions, MS symptoms relapse or disability progression five years following the treatment of HDIT/HCT (autologous hematopoietic cell plant) and high-dose immunosuppressive therapy. After receiving the HDIT/HCT, the participants did not use Multiple Sclerosis medications.You can also follow him on Twitter : Click here.

According to research, the MS drugs that are currently available have a decreased success rate. The trial which was known as HALT-MS was sponsored NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), which is part of National Institutes of Health. It was conducted by ITN (Immune Tolerance Network) which is funded by NIAID. The 3-year results were started on December 2014. Anthony S. Fauci who is the Director at NIAID said that these trial results suggested that one-time treatment using the HDIT/HCT may be more effective compared to the continuous treatment using the best available MS medications. The Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis vary from patient to patient and include speech and motor difficulties, chronic pain, fatigue and weakness. Relapsing-remitting MS is the most popular form of Multiple Sclerosis.

Based in Voorhees, New Jersey, Doctor Shiva Vasishta is a practicing neurologist. He is affiliated with the Kennedy University Hospital. He is among the 34 doctors working at Kennedy University Hospital who are specialized in Neurology. Dr. Shiva studied at the Government Medical College Nagpur where he acquired his Medical Degree. He has served in the medical field for over 20 years and has been able to acquire massive knowledge and skills. Dr. Shiva Vasishta has a reputation as a reliable and most efficient neurologist.


Tech Fashion Trends to Expect in The Future

In an article published in the, Christopher Burch can only predict the best in the world of fashion going forward. By looking at the past He bases his prediction by taking a glimpse of the past and the present. Technology and fashion have a similarity, they all advance over time.


He gives an example of the 70s boom box which was by then the Americas, biggest thing. Those days, people could carry them around and listen to their favorite tunes and stations. They had two sides of cassettes, enabling one to play music on one side and record the same on the. That was incredible. Over time advancement in technology has changed all these and steriograms are now less bulky, easily portable and contains advanced key functions.


Concurrently, fashion designers use technology to create what they believe will deliver. According to a Dutch fashion designer, AnoukWipprecht, describes technology as a playground or a place of experiment. The more you dive deeper is the more you are rewarded with endless possibilities. AnoukWipprecht has designed a dress that literally makes drinks, a self-painting dress, and the DareDroid and Pseudomorphs.


The future is bright

Bike protection is not a new thing. However, nobody would have imagined of the existence of airbags for cyclists, but this is just what Anna Haupt and TereseAlstin created. It is a neck outfit that pops up to protect your head during an impact. AshwinRajan and Kevin Cannon came up with the Frontline Gloves for firefighters. Soon you will have shoes, for cell phone chargers. Soledad Martin is working on it.


About Christopher Burch

J Christopher Burch was born on March 28, 1953, in a middle-class family and raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania by his parents. He was one in ten siblings that were brought up in a middle-class family. Christopher’s father was a distributor of mining equipment.

Christopher Burch is the CEO of a New York-based Burch Creative Capital. The firm manages venture investments as well as developing brands. He is also the co-founder of Tory Burch LLC. It was in 2012 that Chris was featured in the Forbes as a billionaire.

John Goullet’s Life and Career Achievements

In 1994, John Goullet founded Info Technologies as one of the information technology companies to work for success in the United States. Before founding the company, he worked as an information technology consultant. For more than three years, he worked and switched to work as an Information Technology staffing officer. John Goullet has a broad information technology background. The Info Technologies Company is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. According to the Forbes Magazine, the company is among the Fortune 500 Companies based in the United States. While he worked at his business, he also laid close focus on the corporate staffing industry together with the specific needs associated with the industry.


John Goullet also worked to match his leadership skills, personal drive, and strong commitment towards the development of services and solutions to meet the specific customer needs in society. During his rule in the company, the firm attained exceptional success to become part of the world-class companies serving the world through innovation and success at every corner of their turn. The company was also featured as the fastest-goring firm in the United States in the Forbes magazine on two occasions. For the most promising startups in the country, the company was ranked number eight among all.


Diversant Company is one of the leading African-American companies based in the United States. It is also one of the prestigious companies willing to develop solutions for their clients in the most proficient ways. The company also represents professionalism, commitment, and personal drive to achieve success to their clients at every turn. While it represents the information technology staffing industry, it has also developed an excellent solution towards its circumstance structure. He also embarked on the development of solutions to the industry as the Diversant principal. He has new mechanisms through which he lays focus on the solutions worked through determination and course measures. He is also working as the only entrepreneur who has achieved a series of success through his solutions in the company. When he pays attention to the labour markets, he always gets business ideas. This is why he formed the IT Staffing Company.