Ryan Seacrest: Jack Of All Trades

Ryan Seacrest is known all across the world as the 15-season host of the most popular singing show on TV, American Idol. He spent so much time being the host of the famous show that he quickly became known as “That guy from American Idol”. This didn’t affect Ryan Seacrest, though. He has reportedly admitted that he loves the show and would do it for the rest of his life if he could. Ryan is most definitely extremely grateful for the opportunity that he had to host the show that launched him into his own personal stardom.

After leaving the American Idol show, Ryan took a few stabs at other gigs. Most of them failed and he eventually took the advice of many others who have been in a similar situation before. The situation was having to leave his beloved show and losing a part of himself because of it. The advice was to not rush into things and to let them play out. The advice was a bit harsh but comforting at the same time. He was a bit leery to pursue anything outside of Los Angeles. However, that is what gave him his career back along with another great opportunity.

In an article from the New York Times, the opportunity came from his longtime friend Kelly Ripa. The two worked together when Ryan decided to visit New York to try things out on the “Live” show with Kelly and Ryan. After a few successful episodes, Ryan decided that it was time to move on from the Los Angeles scene and pursue his new career in New York with his “big sister”. Kelly has described their relationship as co-hosts to be that of siblings with her being the big sister. To get to New York, Ryan had to first let down the mental walls that he had set up in his mind that kept telling him to not leave Los Angeles. But once he did, he found success again.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) has since then continued riding the success train. He has his own non-profit company called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He also has his own fashion line named “Distinction”.

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Ryan Seacrest’s Position as a Prolific TV Personality

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most prolific TV personalities of the current generation. He has influenced an entire generation of viewers. His career covers a wide of areas starting with being host of American Idol, morning host on Live with Kelly and Ryan, and a radio show named On Air with Ryan. There are fashion and body products called Ryan Seacrest Distinction & Polish, in additional to giving back to the community through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The website GQ recently conducted an interview with Ryan Seacrest to discuss how he become such a prolific figure.

When it comes to the day-to-day appearances, Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) is careful about how he plans out each part. He gets up at the crack of dawn at 5am, grabs coffee, sometimes goes to the gym, then its off to his first appearance of the day. Luckily for him, most of the programs are around the same area. He juggles about 10 programs right now. Overall, Ryan Seacrest tries to remain timely in responding to emails and staying on track.

Naturally, the big break out role for Ryan Seacrest was American Idol. At the height of its popularity, American Idol was the #1 show on American TV for many years. The secret to handling everything is his nature of being impatient. Ryan Seacrest believes the quicker he gets things done the better. As he reflects on other aspects of his career, Ryan Seacrest likes how Keeping Up With the Kardashians turned out. The popularity and footage they’ve been able to capture is what makes the show so special.

The television industry is no doubt in a transitional period with the advent of online streaming platforms. However, it is hosts like Ryan Seacrest who make it worth watching live programming. His friendly personality and fun approach to his career is entertaining for all ages. At the end of the day, Ryan Seacrest hopes his legacy will be how viewers considered him a friend. His career will inspire young people for generations. See more here for Ryan’s exercising activities.

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The Chainsmokers, Lyrical Valor

The Chainsmokers is made up of the singers and songwriters Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart who go all out in their musical prowess and exciting adventures belonging to the tours that they are able to pull off year round. They are remarkable in the pursuits of electronic music because that is what their main background is creatively and in their personal lives. For them it is just second nature and having fun, which is where the most genius work comes out of because work turns to play and that will ultimately enable them to grind longer and harder on what it is that they do, which makes the results of their efforts measurably better and it also makes them smarter at what it is they love to do in the realm of music. It was always with them and the musicality will never leave the hearts of The Chainsmokers. They have collaborated extensively while both sharing a wonderous passion for what they like and dislike in the music sector. Many works abound with them and the fruits of their labor have only enriched itself with the intensification of their toil and mental and emotional labor. Products which arose from the hands of these two original men have eroded the very fabric that limited the music industry in its ideas and concepts of what music should even sound like, but their song Sick Boy has done ten fold what was expected out of the band simply because they were honest with themselves. The purity of their poetic justice surpassed the conventional norms of regarding the indie section of peoples favorite albums. They took the information that was lodged deep within them to then convert the music into Sick Boy. Yes, the art form did take a darker turn because that is the nature of the context they were addressing. Narccissm is a dark topic indeed and the state of the social polital world alongside the struggles Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall faced while seeing their own faces on social media allowed them to make the most accurate conclusions that are depicted in the song Sick Boy which fans notably listen to and adulate today.



Lawrence Bender: The Infamous Producer

Lawrence Bender is a world-renowned producer. Some of his most famous works include Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, and Kill Bill: Vol 1 and Vol 2. He was nominated for 3 Oscars over the years for Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, and Inglourious Basterds. Lawrence Bender has won the Awards Circuit Community Awards for Inglourious Basterds and Pulp Fiction. He also won the Film Independent Spirit Award for Pulp Fiction. Along with these nominations and awards are several other nominations for several different awards over the years. There has been a total of 29 Academy Award nominations even though he has only won 6.

Lawrence Bender is most notably known for producing all of Quentin Tarantino’s films except for Death Proof, Django Unchained, and The Hateful Eight. Along with the previously mentioned movies, Lawrence Bender has been known to produce documentary films, such as An Inconvenient Truth. Not only does Bender produce films, but he is also known to have cameo appearances within many of his films. Producing films and doing his own cameo appearances were only the start since Lawrence Bender is also a blogger for the Huffington Post and has his own production company. The production company is called A Band Apart and is successful in producing commercials and music videos. They have made 75 commercials and music videos with 13 nominations from the MTV Music Video Awards.

Leading up to Bender’s producing years was a college career at The University of Maine where he majored in civil engineering. He also discovered a passion for dance while at school and pursued a career as a dancer for many years after his graduation. Dancing was a great dream of Lawrence Bender’s until an injury kept him from achieving it. He is now a political and environmental activist. Bender is a co-founder of the Detroit project and is targeting SUVs. The other notable endeavors include Yahoo, the Muppets, the EPA, and Wal-Mart.


Redefining the DJ, Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers Explains in an Interview

In an interview with Interview Magazine, Alex Pall answered a number of questions about the genre and what it’s like to find a shared identity with partner Andrew Taggart.

According to Pall, the pair “just immediately started working” after their introduction. Knowing what one another brought to the table helped the conversation morph from what they liked musically and listened to while growing up into a conversation about shared ambition and what was currently going on within the industry and their genre. Together, Pall and Taggart set about creating their identity based on what was working and what was not.

When it was pointed out that it’s unusual for a DJ to sing on their own tracks, Pall observed that the real answer for “why not” is because none of the others are writing the lyrics to their songs. Even when working with other artists and vocalists the pair are creating songs about themselves and their own identity with a desire to release a cohesive album rather than a collection of singles.

The band uses Instagram and other social media to connect with its fans and keep track of who their audience is. Pall observes, “What’s really cool for us is when we see messages from people like, ‘Hey, my daughter’s six years old and she loves your songs,’ … Or even my mom walked int the room humming ‘Roses,’ which is really cool…”

The live show is also changing in response to the band’s still forming identity. With Taggart singing on their tracks, the show is “going to dramatically change”. “We’re really taking it a step further with the production and the shots act,” Pall explains, “We perform our songs live, which we’re really proud of because it transcends the typical DJ now.”

As Alex Pall puts it, “I think when you get complacent somebody takes your spot. It’s very much that type of hustle right now… So for us, it’s all about being on the forefront of pushing new boundaries and giving people new experiences.”


Desiree Perez

Since 2009, Desiree Perez has worked as the CEO of Roc Nation. She is involved in publishing, labeling operations and management at ROC Nation where she is a member. Des took part in the Samsung deal together with Rihanna. She lives in New York. Perez is a manager of the music industry talent as well as a producer. She has helped ROC Nation grow as a large business. Her long experience in the company has made it possible for her to help artists to flourish.

Des, as she is popularly known, has proven that she can thrive in an area that is mostly controlled by men. She is instrumental in the decision making of some big names as Jay-Z. Her role in the music industry has seen her help many to realize profits on what they invest. Her efforts saw Samsung promote Rihanna for $25 million dollars in her Anti tour.

Her role in Jay-Z success story is evident in a $150 million deal he has with Live Nation which is coming to an end. Jay-Z’s music is recorded at Roc Nation. The Deal with Live Nation which was signed in 2008 and which is coming to an end will see the 360 deal coming up next year. This agreement is expected to elicit a situation where sides are likely to sell their stake at Roc Nation to each other or even a buy-out of the company.

Live Nation desires to continue its contract with Jay-Z. however, they wish to pull out of the recorded music. There are rumors that the 360 deal Jay-Z has with Live Nation is not about to be extended. According to those sources, Live Nation no longer buys recorded music. However, Live Nation would be pleased to continue their touring association with Jay-Z for more years.

Speculation is also rife that UMG could be considering buying a stake at Roc Nation. This came after Desiree and Jay-Z met Sir Lucian Grainge, CEO, and chairman of Universal Music Group. It is believed that such a move would provide Jay-Z with more resource that would help him boost his streaming service as well as grow new artists.

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Finance And Entertainment Executive And Philanthropist Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan is the CEO of Brooknol Advisors. But for almost 25 years he has also been one of the most in-demand people in the media and entertainment industry. Mulligan isn’t an entertainer. He is a creative business executive that has helped many media companies to expand their reach, improve their products, and increase their bottom lines. He has worked with some of the largest and best known companies in entertainment and media. The advice he has given as a board member for numerous companies has made him one of the hottest commodities in the industry. When they want their media or entertainment company to succeed, many people call on Brian Mulligan.

The companies with which Mulligan has worked are some of the best known in the finance, media, and entertainment industries. They include Universal, Fox, Seagrams, Deutsche Bank, NewsCorp, Cerberus Capital Management, MCA, Napster, Pacific Media Capital, Ascent Capital Group, and Brooknol Advisors. Mulligan has been Chairman, Board member, CEO, CFO, COO, and Senior Vice President and held senior positions in development, marketing, and finance for several top companies. His work often had him flying over a million miles annually throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

A well-educated man, Brian Mulligan has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from USC, an MBA from UCLA, and is also a CPA and an AICPA Chartered Global Management Accountant. He has also received numerous accolades including being named “One of the 50 Most Powerful People in Hollywood” and “One of the Ten Most Prominent Bankers in Hollywood”. Mulligan is also known for his philanthropic work. He has helped raise in excess of $90 million for charities, social welfare organizations, schools and churches. Some of them are the United Way, YMCA, City of Hope, and St. Jude,

Brian Mulligan is in great demand as a speaker. He’s a member of the International Entertainment and Media Roundtable, the Sports Business Institute, LA’s Digital Roundtable, and speaks often on emerging businesses, entertainment, and sports at industry gatherings. Mulligan is also an excellent write and is a featured columnist at Field of Green where he writes on the economics and business of sports. He’s an avid golfer, an experienced boater, and has been involved in sports his entire life. Brian Mulligan is an example of a life well lived. He has shared his gifts and talents with many both rich and poor and done exciting and meaningful work.

Brian C. Mulligan: The Real Face of Media & Entertainment

Leadership has a face and it belongs to Brian C. Mulligan. The media powerhouse received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Southern California and his MBA from the UCLA School of Management in Los Angeles. Mulligan then secured employment with the world-renowned PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC) in 1983 and achieved the position of Senior Manager after 5 years.

Mulligan’s keen entrepreneurial skills earned him the job of Senior Vice President of Finance and Controller for one of the largest media companies in the world, MCA, Inc., leaving PwC in 1989. He was in charge of the company’s financial reporting, budgeting, and money management and later was promoted to company Executive Vice President in 1995.

During Mulligan’s tenure at MCA, he held board seats of various economic and political entities including: the MCA Political Action Committee, SyFy Channel, Cineplex Entertainment, Port Aventura, Universal Orlando, Universal Cinema, and USA Networks. He joined Universal Entertainment, Inc. in 1997 as Chief Operations Officer, but later held the positions of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Executive Vice President. Company cash flow and distribution dramatically increased to record levels during his employment.

In 2001, Mulligan accepted the position as Executive Advisor for Fox Broadcasting Company, overseeing programming, broadcasting operations, sales and marketing, and sports media. He also held a chair on the board of Roxio (a software company), was Senior Executive Advisor for The Boston Consulting Group (business strategy), and co-founded Universal Partners.

Mulligan joined a private equity firm, Cerberus Capital Management, in 2005 as Senior Executive Advisor of Media and Entertainment Investments. He also sat on the board of Napster, Inc. and was a major investor in Vobile (an anti-piracy company) while working at Cerberus. Because his strong presence in the media industry, Mulligan created Brooknol Advisors LLC in 2006, a media and entertainment advisory and investment company specializing in the digital, video, broadcast, music, and cable sectors.

Now CEO at Brooknol, Brian Mulligan also holds board membership and chairman positions with esteemed companies such as the Ascent Capital Group, Spyglass Partners LLC, and Money Center Bank. His is also a frequent contributor to the USA Today Sports e-zine The Fields of Green (a collaborative venture between USA Today and the USC Sports Business Institute), which focuses on developments in the sports industry. He also has coached youth football and basketball teams and has served as commissioner of youth basketball leagues.