Graham Edwards – CEO, Learner, and Philanthropist

Graham Edwards is CEO of Telereal Trilium since in 2001. He has initiated transactions to acquire 6,700 properties in a £2.4bn deal involving major outsourcing of properties.

Telereal Trilium is participates with the UK Department of Work and Pensions as a service provider. They also hold properties leased to the government. Edwards’ vast interests include in property real estate, engineering, waterworks, among others.

Graham has successfully negotiated to acquire Trillium. The deal with Land Securities Group Plc has secured their position as a property investment leader. Under Edwards’ leadership, the combined assets between outsourcing and investments have produced revenues of £1 billion.


Additional Experience and Affiliations

Edwards studied Economics at Cambridge. He is currently seeking another MA at King’s College in London. He wishes to study war studies and concentrate his attention on international relations. Edwards is adjusting his direction further to study the Middle East. He believes in the value of education and shows it in his actions.

He uses his education to the benefit of Telereal Trilium in management, outsourcing, and investments in properties in the UK. His responsibilities include implementing strategies and growth direction within Telereal. He also has responsibilities as CIO for Talisman Global Asset Management.

Graham Edwards has held many posts in the financial sector, including fund manager at Merrill Lynch Investment Management and as head of finance for BT Group Plc in their property management departement. He is an integral member of many boards of directors, holding posts as member, management, or leadership.



Graham Edwards’ memberships include the Institute of Chartered Accountants in both England and Wales. He also holds membership with the Association of Corporate Treasurers. He is enrolled as an associate with the UK Society of Investment Professionals and is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.



Graham Edwards is a very busy executive but does not leave others behind. He is always working with committees that help those who are in need. Some of the organizations he works with are Pennies, Friends of the Hebrew University, and Portland Trust. The listed groups are only a fraction of those he is involved in.