Duda Melzer Looks To Develop RBS Into A Global Brand

There are many reasons why a major media company would seek to change its management structure, which happened at Brazil’s RBS Group in 2016 when the third generation of the Sirotsky family took control of the media business in the shape of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. Better known as Duda Melzer, the experienced businessperson has not limited his career to that of a media executive, but has instead looked to work in a variety of industries as an executive that has allowed him the chance to bring different business practices to the media industry.

Alongside the many different companies Duda Melzer works with he has also been willing to open himself to the opportuities offered at major events organized by some of the best known technology companies in the world. Melzer has appeared at events organized by the like of Google in a bid to pass on his own knowledge and take in new information and experiences to improve the RBS brand.

As the third generation of the Sirotsky family to take control of the RBS Group Duda Melzer has always understood the imprtance of his family to the business he has recently taken control of. In order to make the most of his role as a businessperson Duda Melzer has used the American Harvard professor John Davis a mentor because of his skills in understanding the imprtance of family businesses. The use of Davis as a mentor shows how Duda Melzer is open to the many different opprtunities afford to improve the RBS brand with knowledge from any quarter available.