Waiakea Water – The Safest Bottled Water for the Environment

Ryan Emmons was visiting family in Hawaii when he had the idea for Waiakea Water. He made notice of the natural volcanic rock structures that littered the island and its shores and came up with the idea to use it as a resource for bottled water. He took water from natural springs that were running over and through these structures to offer a new brand of bottled spring water.

Since 2012, the company have expanded at near unimaginable levels. Emmons has lead the company to becoming a brand known all throughout the United States. It only took three years for them to go from a brand new company to moving over 100,000 cases of their water annually.

Due to the filtration process used by Waiakea, the PH value of Waiakea Water is about a point higher than normal water. Calcium, magnesium and potassium are some of the healthy minerals that can be found in the volcanic rock structures, some of those minerals are passed on to the water. This makes Waiakea a natural mineral water. The Waiakea Water PH value is only a side-effect of the healthy volcanic water benefits.

Waiakea owes its success to Ryan Emmons’ innovative ideas. Emmons was able to find the perfect location to extract his water from – a spring just outside of Hilo, Hawaii. As well as his unique filtering process, the product also comes in a bottle that puts the environment first.

Most plastic bottles take multiple generations to decompose to nothing – sometimes taking over 1000 years. Waiakea’s innovative bottle will degrade in under 20 years. This makes Waiakea one of the most environmental friendly bottled water producers in the entire industry. Waiakea was one of the first suppliers of premium bottled water to be certified CarbonNeutral, due to its degradable polyethylene terephthalate bottle. The packaging is excludes the dangerous and controversial chemical BPA.


UKV PLC Explains How Important Region Is To The French Wine Industry

The French wine industry has a number of important traditions that take place each and every day of the year that take place in and around the way fine wines are labelled and marketed to the public. In the majority of nations across the planet wines are marketed and sold by their grape variety, but in France the region a grape is grown in is seen as just as important as the variety of grape used in creating a specific wine.

In a recent article, the experts at UKV PLC explained the reasons why the French wine industry looks to differentiate between different regions, including the fact the country of France is known around the world as the leading wine producer; UKV PLC went on explain the terroir system plays a key role in the labeling of wine that sees the soil conditions and weather conditions of a specific region add to the success of the wine produced regardless of the grape used in each wine.

Buying fine French wines is the main concern of UKV PLC and its customers who can take advantage of the many different options and services provided by one of the world’s leading wine merchants and vintners. Over the course of the life of UKV PLC the company has built a number of important partnerships between itself and vineyards, wine merchants, and wineries across Europe; based in London the partnerships between UKV PLC and many of Europe’s best respected vineyards have been built to such an extent the top wines costing tens of thousands of dollars and upwards are consistently available.

The impressive team created UKV PLC has been created over a number of years to include experts in wines from across the planet. Despite being well known in various parts of the world, UKV PLC has always refused to leave behind its independence that has been guarded so carefully to make sure the needs of customers are always placed front and center by one of the world’s top wine merchants.

French Wines Continue To Be Sought After By UKV PLC Customers

The production level of French wine producers shows no sign of slowing down in the coming years as around eight billion bottles are now produced annually as an average. The wine vintners at UKV PLC are hoping to bring those who either wish to become involved in wine tasting and collecting, or wish to expand on their knowledge to a better understanding of French wine production and labeling.

French wine is produced using a range of grape varieties, but in France each bottle is labeled to highlight the region in which the wine was produced, which is seen as important as each individual regions has its own characteristics that have a major influence on the flavor and texture of each bottle of wine produced. UKV PLC hopes to educate and inform the clients the company has assisted in the past and all future clients who want to better understand the intricacies of French wine collecting. The French labeling system highlights the region where a specific wine was created with UKV PLC explaining the main four regions are Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and Loire; wines from these regions are produced in conditions that have traditionally produced the best possible wines seen around the world.

One of the major benefits of working with UKV PLC for wine collectors is the fact the company is not contractually linked to any major merchant or vineyard, but is instead an independent with links to the top producers across France. UKV PLC has the chance to source the best possible wines being produced from both major merchants and small vineyards who may have an up and coming reputation.

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