Michael Jackson Lives Thanks To Sergio Cortes

Michael Jackson was considered the King of Pop throughout his long career. The entertainer is responsible for changing the world of pop music to something that just about everyone across the world could listen to and enjoy. Jackson was a singer and an excellent dancer. There were few that could reproduce his smooth moves in his day. However, numerous Jackson impersonators have appeared and attempted to reproduce the King of Pop’s look and smooth moves. Certainly, capturing Michael Jackson’s style is difficult. However, Sergio Cortes is one impersonator that has moon-walked his way to the top by imitating Jackson perfectly.

Michael Jackson Lives Thanks to Sergio Cortes
Certainly, numerous people have tried to mimic Jackson’s moves over the years. However, Sergio Cortes has captured the entertainer’s style completely. Spain native, Sergio Cortes, is considered one of the top Jackson impersonator’s in the world. People have viewed his act and were surprised. Michael Jackson lives thanks to Sergio Cortes striking imitation of the super-star. Sergio relates that he was a Michael Jackson fan during his youth in Barcelona, Spain. He was the first to view any performance on the television by the entertainer or the Jackson 5. A few years later, Cortes was so captivated by the entertainer that he started to dress, dance, and sing like Jackson. Soon, a photographer learned about Sergio Cortes and captured his picture in full Jackson gear. The picture was published and Cortes received numerous requests for him to perform.

Successful Career
Today, the impersonator, Sergio Cortes, is enjoying amazing success. Certainly, this is the type of success that seemed impossible to the small boy growing up in Spain. His amazing success is due to his great impersonation of Jackson. The fact is that Sergio Cortes is a very talented man that has captured the entertainers moves. Jackson fans will be amazed at his cool moves on the dance floor and his very close resemblance to the super-star. Certainly, a younger generation is growing up. Many were unable to watch Jackson perform in concert or on a live stage. However, Sergio Cortes has made it possible for a new league of fans to experience the star’s music, dance moves, and songs in person. There is no stopping Sergio Cortes. His career is going strong and evolving. Clearly, he will remain one of the top Michael Jackson impersonators well into the future. Thus, providing a real life experience for numerous fans for many years.