North American Spine to Expand Dallas Headquarters

North American Spine, exclusive provider of the AccuraScope procedure, has announced plans for expansion of their Dallas-based headquarters. The AccuraScope procedure is offering new hope to people who suffer from back and neck pain. The procedure is a minimally invasive spine procedure, and is performed usually in less than an hour. It is performed by a specially trained doctor, utilizing a tiny laser smaller than a mechanical pencil. Doctors recommend the procedure for tissue-related problems as opposed to bone-related issues.

The expansion project, which will add 4000 square feet to the existing headquarters, will make room for additional patient coordinators, finance advisors, computer programmers and account managers. This will be the third expansion in the history of the company and brings North American Spine a step closer to accomplishing its mission of helping as many people as possible. The board-certified physicians have specialty training in the areas of either orthopedic spine surgery, neurosurgery, or interventional pain management, and have performed 8000 AccuraScope procedures to date.

Jon Sasser, Director of Public Relations at North American Spine attributes the growth to hard work of the staff and to patients having faith in the company’s ability to treat their pain. “It’s a very exciting time here at North American Spine”, said Sasser. With an 82 percent success rate and an average $23,190 out-of-pocket 5-year savings to the patient, AccuraScope is becoming popular nationwide. Patients are traveling to Dallas from across the nation and returning home pain-free. Results are usually immediate and patients can return to work within a week. North American Spine has been in business for 6 years, and success is sure to continue, as news of the seemingly miraculous treatment for chronic pain spreads across the globe.