Susan McGalla Offers Three Tips to Help Women Achieve Success in their Workplaces

Susan McGalla is a renowned Pittsburgh-based executive consultant and businesswoman. She has held key executive positions including the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. and the president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Susan is also the brains behind the inception of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. As a role model, she has proven to be an ideal expert on advising women on how to make a step forward in business.

In her endeavors to speak to women, McGalla has spoken to numerous audiences including the Carnegie Mellon University Conference for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. She offers women three top tactics and strategies to help them achieve success as follows:

Susan McGalla believes that the number of university educated women needs to rise for women to succeed in the male-dominated work environment. As such, she highly advises to avoid being intimidated by the increasing cost of higher education. Instead, women opt to focus on smart planning, as well as selecting scholarships and financial aid. McGalla has also noted the considerable increment of women in college enrollment, which plays a critical role in combating the male-dominated workplaces.  Additional article on

  • Continued confidence

According to McGalla, higher education has the potential to promote opportunities for women. However, once they join the workforce the existing environment in the workplace can demoralize their ambitions to pursue their desired careers in a given company. To combat this situation, McGalla suggests that it is important to find and create a support network of influencers.

  • Do Not be a Victim of the Glass Ceiling

McGalla attributes her accomplishments to concentrating on her work ethic instead of the glass ceiling. For Susan, a woman is not entitled to handling only those roles that are selected by society, for more of Susan, follow her on her page. She inspires women to persevere even as gender-designated functions greatly dominate the work areas. In fact, she warns women against reinforcing stereotypes instead of letting their work ethic speak for itself.  Important link here.

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