The Many Positives of Community Banking

When you think of banking institutions, what are some of the first names that come to mind? Maybe it’s TD Bank, Wells Fargo, SunTrust Bank, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, or Capital One. These are all wonderful institutions, but they’re all national chain centers of commerce. On the other hand, community banking serves more of a specific region rather than being located nation wide. Community Banking has exploded with growth over the past decade thanks to the copious amounts of innovative technology. These smaller styled banks are now competing with the large national banks and in many cases, they are outperforming them on a consistent basis.


Dallas, Texas is the home for one of the nation’s top community banks. NexBank Capital is it’s name and getting things done, is the game. NexBank, formerly known as Heritage Bank, has become an industry leader as it uses some of the best advanced technology. President and CEO John Holt, has laid out a brilliant plan for the institution and with this plan, NexBank has become a major player in the business world. With $4.0 Billion in assets, this financial center has more than enough capital to issue for specific business purposes. Whatever financial services needed can most likely be found here. Business Acquisitions, loan support, treasury management, investments, commercial lending, warehouse lending, credit services, certificate of deposits, public funds, and many more.


Living in the “Digital Age” means that you have to evolve with the times and if you don’t, you’ll surely get left behind. Unlike before, community banking can offer mobile and online banking for those who are on the go. NexBank has set a solid blueprint of success that all banks should follow. Who knows what the next big thing will be, but for right now, the industry is in good hands.