How Handy is Making it Easy to Hire Reliable Household Help

Some of the least favorite activities people are required to do are household chores. The repetitive nature of these tasks and their tendency to accumulate quickly when life gets too busy to tend to them properly, can make housekeeping an overwhelming concern. Luckily, there are industrious entrepreneurs who are happy to take on this challenge and help overworked homeowners have the tidy house they want and the free time they need.

Maybe hiring a housekeeper seems like nothing new, but the way it is done today is actually thoroughly modern. Handy, Home Cleaning Services offers a business model that makes getting a reliable and experienced cleaning professional to any home, fast and easy. Their company performs all of the reference checks and background screening for the customers. All the clients need to do is say what they want as well as when and where and Handy does the rest. Customers are able to contact them online or through a mobile app. The cost of the service is provided upfront and, once the customer agrees to the fee, the cleaning appointment is scheduled.

The benefit for the consumer is that they do not have to worry about interviewing multiple candidates to find the right cleaner, they never have to sign a contract with a cleaning company and they are not responsible for the taxes or benefits of the housekeeper on With the simplicity of getting help, they can hire a housekeeper while at the office or on their commute. The service works 24 hours a day and the cleaning services available are also very flexible.

It is not just housekeepers that Handy offers either. They provide carefully vetted handyman services, movers, painters and more. There are even resources for things like assembling furniture or installing window blinds. Never worry about searching the yellow pages again or calling friends and family to see if they have any people they could recommend. Every customer can instantly have access to a list of qualified, reliable individuals or companies who are happy to do whatever task is needed.

The appointment setting process is designed to take a minute or less and all services have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Handy has been in business since 2012, perfecting the process of finding reliable help. They are the perfect candidate for every situation. Whether the need is for a weekly cleaning service, to find someone to fill in for a full-time housekeeper that will be absent for a week or two or just to help out before a special occasion, Handy has the solution.

Finding Home Cleaning Help With The Assistance of Handy

As people age, it can be hard for them to keep their house as clean as possible. They may not be able to reach spaces that they might have reached more easily in the past. Someone may not be able to quite reach down and get into all the corners of the rooms in their house. They simply not have the same strength that they had in the past. Keeping a house clean is still often important to them and may be imperative. Many older folks still want to stay in a house they like in order to live out their days in a place that they like and find familiar and comforting. This can help them feel relaxed and avoid potential injuries as they know where everything in their house is at any given time.

A loved one may also not have the time to devote to helping an adored aunt make sure they have a house that is clean. People are often busy and do not have the time to provide assistance for relatives even when they love them. This is why many people look for help from a cleaning company that can provide them with the kind of help they want when they want it. A cleaning company can come in the house as often as the person wants and clean the house according to the stated instructions of the person who hired the company. This allows the person living there to be reassured that they will get the kind of help they want when they want it. Hiring a cleaning company can also help any distant relative make sure that the person they love is getting the best possible help from any company even when they live in distant place that is nowhere near their loved one’s home.

This process can be greatly simplified by working with a company such as Handy. Handy is an app that allows users to set the terms of the cleaning services that they want and then find a company in any given area that will allow them to find such a company nearly instantly. Users benefit by having a company that is ideal for their needs and can even help a loved one in a distant place get the kind of help they need to stay in their house and be comfortable. The company that is working directly with Handy will also benefit because they have clients that are very specific about the kind of help they need from the company. All parties benefit as they are able to connect via the app and get access to information that allows them to get in touch directly without a problem.