The Benefits of Spine Clinics

A spinal cord injury is a highly destructive condition that affects over 11,000 patients each year in the United States alone. Science and technology have both come a very long way in the treatment and healing of spinal injuries, however, there is still much that can be improved with the research. A significant amount of research has been conducted over the years to simplify the pathophysiology of spinal cord injuries.

As earlier reported, spinal cord injury is devastating to the 11,000 to 12,000 individuals that it affects each year in the United States. These injuries can be sustained from car accidents, sport related injuries, and even direct trauma. Statistically speaking these injuries are more likely to be suffered by men, but women are not immune. Currently, there have been no proven treatments that protect against the effects of a spinal cord injury, although methylprednisolone has been used with some success for certain instances in the past.

That’s where North American Spine comes in. They pride themselves as being ‘the leader in minimally invasive spine care’. Located in the heart of Dallas, Texas, North American Spine has helped thousands of patients get their lives back by introducing their AccuraScope Procedure. The state-of-the-art technology boasts an 82% success rate and has been known to save patients thousands of dollars by drastically reducing medical costs as well as medications and repeated visits to the doctor. The AccuraScope Procedure is minimally invasive and has, to date, helped heal spinal injuries in over 8,000 patients. The procedure lasts less than an hour to treat chronic back pain of all stages.

No one wants to suffer with back pain, no matter the severity. North American Spine has changed the lives of so many. The wait time to even be seen by someone qualified can take up to 37 weeks, too long for someone who desperately needs help with their pain. North American Spine, ironically, is popular among Canadians. They travel down from all over Canada just to take advantage of the wonderful work the specialists do. They’re truly amazing and fantastic at what they do, reviews and testimonials from past patients can attest to that. Just ask Joe Berry, a former EMT who was in constant pain due to his job. As an EMT, your job requires you to do heavy lifting all the time, therefore, it’s no place for a spinal injury. Berry sought out multiple and costly treatments, including minor spinal surgery, but it was to no avail. After visiting the doctors at NAS, he said he was finally back to his old self and even headed back to work.

If you or someone you know is currently suffering from a spinal injury, don’t wait. You deserve your best chance at changing your life with no pain. Call the specialists at North American Spine today for a consultation. You won’t regret it, and you’ll be on your way to being pain free in no time.

Olympic Valley incorporation questioned amid fiscal concerns


Incorporating a region into a town is always going to lead to opposing views between those involved in the local community, but the proposed incorporation of Olympic Valley has seen the people of the local area pitted against each other in a difficult choice for their popular tourist area. The Incorporate Olympic Valley group is pushing forward with its plans to incorporate the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics into a town despite the economic concerns reported in a fiscal study. The report into the potential financial issues facing an incorporated Olympic Valley resulted in the consultancy group responsible seeing a dim future if the incorporation proposal is allowed to continue.

The Sierra Sun explains one of the most prominent people opposed to the incorporation of Olympic valley is Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO and President Andy Wirth. The popular philanthropist and campaigner for environmental and cultural programs within Olympic Valley and the greater Lake Tahoe region feels the fiscal study completed backs up the opinions of those opposed to incorporation. Wirth is also committed to working diligently to increase the level of tourism entering the area by working to improve the local Reno Airport as the President of the board of directors for the site.

The hope of those involved in the move to incorporate the area is that the fiscal report will be recalculated to include lower levels of employees to complete basic services, such as law enforcement. In doing so those wishing for the area to be incorporated feel the chances of success for the application process will be increased. However, the opposition to the process headed by Andy Wirth feel the fiscal report is accurate and shows the reality facing the area should incorporation proceed.