Boraie Development: The Answer for Newcomers in the Real Estate Market

If you are interested in entering the real estate market but have no prior knowledge of the industry and all of the tips and tricks, you don’t need to give up. The real estate industry is one of the most profitable and intuitive types of businesses out there, especially in the United States.

Sometimes though, having a third-party company to help you is a better move than trying to do everything on your own. When money is involved, learning with the best professionals in the area is a wiser decision.

Boraie Development is one of the most recommended companies by many professionals in the area. Whatever you need whether it is marketing and sales or if you want to buy a new property with means of profit, Boraie Development has experience of decades.

Many of Omar Boraie’s clients come seeking aid with property management. Many citizens in the United States want to enter the real estate industry and they already have a property to start earning profits from, but they do not know where to begin.

Boraie Development does not only take these issues to themselves to solve, but they also have a group of advisors to teach their clients on how to proceed when entering the realty market and how to manage your property for commercial use.

Who is Boraie Development though, asks the Central Jersey Working Moms? The team comprises a very influential and present property developer. Boraie Development has already built many properties, commercialized buildings, as well as helped many Americans in entering the field.

With Properties built in Jew Jersey, Boston, and many other places across the United States, Boraie Development is one of the most experienced corporations in this department who also provides guidelines and teachings to those who are interested.

The commercial centers and metropolitan areas of cities in the United States have a growing demand of companies developing properties that accompanies the growth of the city itself. Real Estate developers do exactly that: The best entrepreneurs and building developers are always exploring the necessities of the big cities and they earn high profits for having a keen understanding of what is happening around the world.

If you would like to enter the real estate market and start buying, selling, marketing and developing buildings while also making a living out of it, Boraie Development is one of the best third-party advisory companies that you can learn from. Contact the team via for further support.

Robert Ivy: Making A Lasting Mark In The Field Of Architecture

Robert Ivy Bio
Robert Ivy works for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) where he holds two positions namely the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President. He acquired his Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee: The University of the South. He later on went ahead to attain his Masters in Architecture from Tulane University.

Prior to his position in AIA, Robert Ivy worked with several other companies. He was once the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record. As the Editor in Chief, Robert did tremendous work and the journal became the most read architectural journal in the world. Mr. Ivy also worked with the McGraw-Hill Construction media. In this company, he held the position as the company’s Vice President and Editorial Director.

Owing to his excellence in matters to do with architecture, Robert was chosen as a juror in the panel that made the selection of having Frank Gehry as the designer of the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Ivy has had a successful career hence making him a much sought after professional in his field. He was appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of AIA in 2011. His position had previously been held by Christine McEntee who stepped down from the position and is now the Executive Director of American Geophysical Union.

AIA Overview
AIA has a total of 90,000 architects and design professionals. This organization seeks to better the architectural profession and also make a difference in the society. Robert Ivy has streamlined the company’s governance, and has also been able to start an award-winning public awareness campaign.

Robert has been a recipient of several awards in his field. One of such awards is the Crain Award which he received in 2009. In 1998, he was also awarded the McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. In 2010, he was named ‘Master Architect’ by Alpha Rho Chi, which is a national architecture fraternity. This made him the only architect given that honor by the fraternity in the 21st century. Through his leadership, Architectural Record was also able to earn several honors in the industry.

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Knowing More About Greg Aziz

Greg Aziz is the Chairman of National Steel Car. This is a leading company in North America that manufactures railroad freight as well as tank cars. It has more than 100 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing. Gregory James Aziz has maintained that the company continues its commitment to quality.

Gregory J Aziz is well aware that a company becomes great only because of its people. He is immensely proud of all that the company has achieved today. This is why National Steel Car is much more dynamic and diverse today than it was ever before.

He talks about constantly challenging oneself. Greg Aziz talks about raising the bar always for his people. This is achieved by focusing their strengths with an unmatched efficiency that has made them the leader in the railroad industry. Basically, they are focused on their core values and believe in them. Hence they are trusted by their customers. This is because they continue building highest quality railcars along with providing timely delivery. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It has been awarded the annual TTX SECO award on a consistent basis for more than a decade now.

National Steel Car is not a company to sit on its laurels. It believes in the relentless pursuit of excellence. This is why it focuses a lot on the voice of its customer. This is why it continues to be a leader in manufacturing railcars in North America. See This Page

The company is blessed with the loyalty and support that it supports from its customers. It values its relationships with its suppliers. The company employs over 2000 people. These employees are known for their commitment as well as integrity as they continue to build their best. This is why National Steel Car continues to build quality railcars. This is why this company is trusted by all.

People at National Steel Car are committed to honoring their traditions. They are determined to move forward. They are focused on providing excellence along with quality. They are always aiming to lead. This is why National Steel Car is also known as the builder of rail transport that is durable, reliable and innovative too.

The job of Greg Aziz is to ensure that the company continues on this path of success. This is possible only through the continued commitment and hard work of its employees. Hence he is keeping his people motivated all the time.



Investment Maestro Timothy Armour Gives His Thoughts On The S&P 500 Passive Index Fund Versus Hedge Fund Debate

Warren Buffett recently provoked a debate within the financial industry by claiming that by putting his money in an S&P 500 fund, he would fetch more than a group of hedge fund managers. Warren was so confident in his claim that he placed a bet of $1 million that would go to charity if he failed to validate the claim.

Financial expert and CEO of Capital Group, Timothy Armour was among the notable contributors to the debate.

Timothy’s Take

Timothy first acknowledged that several lackluster funds give investors raw deals. He also praised Buffet’s investment approach of making passive index investments in a slow but sure long-term plan that would eventually give the investor better investment returns. Timothy, however, pointed out that risks and opportunity costs involved in these types of investments were often overlooked. He cautioned that passive investors were at a risk of losing everything during market downturns, something these investors were ignoring. According to Tim, the best form of investment is the one that can overcome market declines and have the upper hand over other investments.


About actively managed hedge funds, Timothy submitted that this is the best investment plan to undertake. He pointed out that Buffet had chosen to compare S&P 500 index fund with average actively managed funds, which were struggling in the market for a reasonable duration. By this comparison, Buffet claims were substantial. However, Tim noted that if S&P 500 index fund was pitted against the best five active funds from American Funds, it would perform dismally.

About Tim Armour

Timothy Armour career in Capital Group spans over the last 34 years. His entry level was as an equity investment manager, before being earning an inclusion to the Rothenberg- led equity portfolio management committee. Following the unfortunate demise of Rothenberg in 2015, Tim assumed the group’s chairmanship.

In his position, Tim led Capital Group into a partnership deal with Samsung Asset Management Company. The two companies will be strategizing jointly and come up with retirement and investment plans for Koreans.

Eric Lefkofsky: A Serial Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Eric Lefkofsky, an American entrepreneur, was born in 1969. He was raised in Michigan. Eric went to Southfield-Lathrup High School where he graduated in 1987. He then attended the University of Michigan. In 1991, Lefkofsky graduated with honors. He finished his higher learning with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in 1993 at the University of Michigan Law School.



Erick Lefkofsky started his entrepreneurial career by selling carpets when he was a freshman at the University of Michigan. After completing law school, Eric and his long-time friend Bradley Keywell borrowed some funds and bought Brandon Apparel in 1994. The company did not grow as expected and after five years the two friends started Starbelly. Starbelly was an Internet company that focused on promotional products. They sold Starbelly later for about a quarter of a million dollars. Subsequent creation, selling and buying of one firm after another led to Eric cofounding Groupon. It is from Groupon that Eric made most of his wealth.


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Recently Eric formed health-tech startup known as The primary purpose of this company is to help doctors and other medical professionals make real-time and data-driven decisions based on analysis of a patient’s genetic code. In short, Tempus makes it easier for healthcare professionals develop better plans and treatment procedures for patients. At the moment Tempus is working with people affected by pancreatic, lung and breast cancer. However, it expects to add more types of cancer in the future.


According to, Eric and his wife Elizabeth have frequently donated to different cancer causes through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Through this charitable trust, they have helped over 50 organizations. The areas where they have focused on includes education, health, arts and culture, human rights and technology. Most of the education initiatives that they support are based in Chicago and its environs. Their health donations have not been confined to Chicago only but everywhere across the country. Eric Lefkofsky has at one point given about 1.2 million dollars to the University of Michigan’s health system. As with education, Eric and Elizabeth have focused giving money for arts and culture in their hometown with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company receiving the largest amount of seven million dollars.


David Osio: The Leader Who Speaks The Language Of His Clients

Most of us want to own a house, properties both commercial and residential one day. Before one decides to make the huge investment, there is no guarantee that the location in which the property are will depreciate or appreciate. For so many years, it has been a gamble to invest in real estate. Companies and experts in real estate investment haven’t given us so much to work for. Having been in the market for years, David Osio, has interacted with real estate investors and has a wide knowledge of their fears and the reason why they have a hard time investing in the industry.

Quite recently, David Osio announced the launch of the Davos CAP Calculator, a mobile app that has been deemed necessary and useful to the real estate investors. David worked tirelessly with his team to come up with an app that would bring confidence to investors in real estate. With the app, investors can get information and data regarding a certain property. They can also contact the company through the app and get their questions answered.

More importantly, investors can use the app to identify the properties that are in the market without necessarily having to travel or look for agents to find them. Through the app they can get all the property that is up for grabs. Moreover, they can use the app to calculate the return on investment after having deducted the interest rates that the banks may seek. This application not only assures efficiency but also gives the investors a leap of faith when making these decisions.

David Osio has been in the real estate industry and banking for more than thirty year. His expansive knowledge and experience makes him one of the best in the industry. For years he has worked alongside investors and understands their language. He therefore uses the information to provide answers to their questions and ways to give them confident in investing in real estate.

Before launching Davos Financial Group, David worked for companies’ such as OPED Enterprise, LETCO Commercial Companies and Banco Latino International. He worked in executive positions of these companies where he learned a great deal on supervising and motivating employees to work towards achieving the companies’ missions and goals. Besides entrepreneurship, David also has a keen interest in philanthropy and helping those who need help. He works and supports charity organizations such as the Miami Symphony Orchestra.