Graham Edwards, Head of Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards has been in the property management and investing field for years, making a name for himself and the companies he’s worked for. As the chief executive officer at Telereal Trillium Ltd, since 2001, Graham has been the front runner to the company’s success. Telereal Trillium is a commercial property management and investment company located in England. Thanks to Graham’s involvement, the company has gained much recognition in the business world (Zoominfos).


Graham Edwards received his degree in economics from the well know Cambridge University in England. He studied well and went on to work for some big names in the management and investing circles. He had a previous position as an asset management company and utilized these same skills when he switched over to Telereal. He has earned many contracts for managing buildings such as the Department for Work and Pensions.


Graham has been in charge of many business negotiations throughout his career including the acquisition with Land Securities Group Plc. His involvement ensured a great outcome for Telereal and earned the company billions. It was this very move that earned Graham the title of a leader in the outsourcing and investments field. If all else fails, Graham is who you want in charge of your money.


Graham Edwards Telereal showed a knack for business from early on in his career. He is a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers and is apart of the UK Society of Investment Professionals. Graham is also a very important member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Wales and England.


Graham is also interested in studying more about the fields of water and engineering , as well as real estate. He also believes in continuing his education and recently went on to obtain his Master’s degree from King’s College London. His degree will concern foreign affairs and international relations.


In addition to all of his professional success, Graham is also a philanthropist working hard to make the world a better place. Be sure to take a look at the company website for more information on Graham and Telereal.


Presidential Pardon Of Joe Arpaio Causes Stir Around The Country, Lacey and Larkin Weigh In

The recent presidential pardon of Joe Arpaio caused a great amount of stir in the country. People all over the country have come forward to express their concerns about the release, solely because of the amount of injustice that Arpaio had inflicted on people living in the state of Arizona. Arpaio was initially the sheriff in Arizona, and was known to be the ‘toughest sheriff in America.’

During the tenure, he was known for committing a number of violations, especially with reference to the latin American community. He was known for inflicting various kinds of injustices on people of this community and was involved with numerous acts of wrongful doings with relation to the judicial proceedings of the people who belonged to this community.

Lacey and Larkin were two people who were able to witness this kind of injustice first hand. They were two newsmen who decided to cover an article about Joe and the wrongdoings that he had been engaged in. A day after the article was published, both the newsmen were taken from their homes against their will and falsely imprisoned. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

This carried on for forty-eight hours before they were released. The arrest was called on by Joe himself, who wanted to teach them a lesson for writing about him in their newspaper. Since there was no proper legal standing for the arrest, Lacey and Larkin both decided to sue Joe Arpaio.

This led to a suit that lasted for a total of five years before Lacey and Larkin got compensation, which they then decided to channel into a foundation that would help other people belonging to the Latin community who had to face acts of racism, not just by Arpaio, but in society in general.

Getting Arpaio to pay for the wrongdoings that he had done to the people of this community was one of the biggest reasons why Lacey and Larkin wanted to file a suit in the first place. The pardon that is being given to Arpaio turns over the effort that people all over have put into ensuring that the country is a better place for everyone to live in. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

With the pardon, it gives way to others who are against people of individual races, making them falsely believe that they can inflict wrongful acts on people and get away with them, just as Arpaio did, even if they are illegal and morally wrong. It also makes them believe that sometimes, this kind of racial activity is justified, which it shouldn’t be.

In a recent interview, Lacey outlined why this shouldn’t be the course of action that the President takes. When a person is granted presidential pardon, the convicted person is considered to be let go of all liability of the act.

Arpaio should not be made not liable for the heinous hate crimes that he has committed. It sets prescient for future cases to come, giving criminals hope that maybe one day, they can also get a pardon, even if they have committed a number of grievous wrongdoings.

Vijay Eswaran Offers His Views On Entrepreneurship

As an advocate for entrepreneurship, Vijay Eswaran has said that colleges and universities need to teach their students to be job creators instead of the current practice of making them into job seekers. As the executive chairman of QI Group, Vijay Eswaran has spent his professional career as an entrepreneur and has gone on speaking tours explaining the benefits of doing so to others. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Higher learning institutions teach an overly conservative worldview where you graduate from college and then seek employment at companies. The thinking is that you get work experience by doing so and maybe later in life you can think about starting your own company. This is true today even though artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation are drastically altering entire industries wiping out old forms of work and sometimes creating new ones.

Vijay Eswaran has said that people in Asia want to be their own boss far more often than people in Western countries. They build up companies and then hire people to work for them rather than the other way around. Read more: Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies and Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

If you are going to work for someone else he says that you need to decide whether to join the startup industry or an established company. There are benefits and drawbacks to each that need to be considered on an individual basis.

Working for an established company means more security, Eswaran says. However, there is usually more delineation between job titles and much more red tape and bureaucracy to deal with. On the other hand, startups don’t offer as much when it comes to financial security. However, they’re also more free-form and allow people to not need to deal with the delegation. He also says that working for a startup is much more fast-paced and innovative in their environment.

Vijay Eswaran says that if you need a structured environment in order to operate best you should pick an established company to work for.

If you want to think “outside the box” and engage in a lot of different tasks during the workday than a startup may be right for you. Either way, you should be thinking about becoming an entrepreneur yourself.

National Steel Car: Building the Perfect Company

Understanding any industry that works in engineering isn’t easy. Engineering, in itself, is an easy topic to understand, but all the technical terms and images usually confuse people. Briefly, engineering is one of the most dynamic fields. New discoveries and inventions change the field every day.


It’s not the kind of field that anyone can come in and conquer overnight. Most people don’t like change; being an engineer requires that people embrace change. The easiest way to do this is to use technology. Technology is an engineer’s best friend when it comes to accepting the inevitable change that will impact their current project.


That simple concept is something that National Steel Car understands. Founded in 1912, National Steel Car quickly took the lead as the number one steel car manufacturing company in the North American industry. For over 100 years, National Steel’s maintained its high standards, relying on technology, innovation, and the passion and commitment of its employees. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.



Another key factor that National Steel’s master is the customer relation. It’s important for every company in every industry to understand how to interact with customers, and that’s one of the most important necessities at National Steel Car.


Now, National Steel Car is run by a man named Gregory James Aziz. Gregory J. Aziz is the CEO of National Steel and has been since 1994. Unlike other CEOs who love crediting the company’s success to their efforts, James Aziz is a humble man. He never credits himself before the workforce.


Some of the workers have been there since before he was named CEO. The company already had a corporate family bond. Coming in, Aziz wanted to expand upon that concept and focus on the greater good of the company. Arguably, James Aziz is one of the greatest CEOs of today.

The greater good of the company can be a confusing path for most. For Aziz, it means embracing change and embracing the local community. Obviously, the community comes first for Aziz. As mentioned before, National Steel already had a good company culture before Aziz’s appointment as CEO. Now, he gives back by sponsoring food drives and local landmarks. Greg Aziz and his wife are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


As for the future of the company, he preserves the original determination by never letting any employee get too comfortable with past achievements.  Visit This Page for related information.

Greg Aziz: Taking National Steel Car Forward Into Bigger Markets


National Steel Car is a Canadian company that has been around since the 1900s. The company is a part of its bigger parent company, National Industries. NSC is currently one of the top producers of train carriages and cars in the entire country and has been in this position for a considerable amount of time. National Steel Car is a leader in its field and has managed to stay in this position by constantly developing and improving themselves. Being in the business of producing train cars, the company has had to constantly upgrade its manufacturing units and techniques as well as the technology that is being used. With all these developments, the company has still managed to stay afloat. NSC operates out of Ontario, Canada, and currently also offers their services to companies in the United States in addition to their home country.

A lot of the progress that NSC is making today in the industry is owing to their CEO, Greg Aziz. Greg has been a vital part of the improvements that the company has been seeing over the past few years, and has brought along several amendments to the way that the company’s business policies work. By implementing some of the best strategies, Aziz has managed to take the company forward into a new era and has established themselves as a company that can change with the times. Greg was also instrumental in bringing National Industries to America and acquired numerous clients for NSC there. Since there is a significant market for rolling stock in the United States, Aziz thought that it was time for the company to transfer over to a new boundary and broaden their markets. He handed the transition to new markets exceedingly well and brought on the much-needed development that NSC needed. Visit This Page for more information.

Greg Aziz has always been incredibly business minded and understands different aspects of a company better than anyone else. Aziz had his first professional experience working for his family’s company that imported food from around the world to sell it in stores in Canada and also in a few in America. After working at this for a few years, he decided to go to New York and make a name for himself in the field of finance. He started working for a banking and financial advisory company that had National Industries as their client at the time. NSC had come to them to handle a few financial matters which Aziz assisted them on. ISO have recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification.



Mexico Opens the Door for Energy Reform and Talos Steps in

Back in 2015 the Mexican government announced that there would be a reconsideration of regulations concerning the country’s energy markets. The tepid move into a larger world of oil companies bidding for rights to drill invited many in what’s shaping up to be the energy story of the year.

One of the first companies to respond to this policy shift was a Talos Energy, a Houston-based oil and gas company that entered into a venture with UK energy company Premier Oil and Sierra Oil & Gas of Mexico. This partnership aggressively pushed for first rights to drill in Mexican waters. After more than a year of lobbying, Talos and company were able to secure a $16 million deal and became the first venture of private companies to use foreign money to explore in Mexican waters. It’s the first time any entity other than the government-owned Petroleos Mexicanos has drilled there in nearly 80 years.

Talos is confined to the Sureste Basin, located near Tabasc. There, the Zama-1 well is estimated to produce some 500 million barrels of crude oil. They have a total of 90 days to extract it all before their permit ends.

While Talos expects this to be a fruitful business venture, the energy company has also attracted the interest of speculators for even more reasons. According to London analysts with the Edison Investment Research, there’s increased interest in the changes to Mexico’s energy industry. A successful venture for Talos doesn’t just mean good business for the energy company, it signals a new environment that makes things more competitive for Petroleos Mexicanos in territory that still as much to be uncovered.

About Talos Energy:

Talos Energy is a oil and gas company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Talos is a leader in offshore exploration and the development of deep-water assets in and around the Gulf of Mexico. With experience working in a challenging region, Talos has been foremost in testing innovative technologies and developing new approaches to discovering energy.

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With over a decade of operations, Talos Energy has cemented its position as a leader in North American energy while also doing their part to maintain the integrity of the environment. With a stellar reputation and a growing resume of success, Talos Energy has consistently grown as a company by expanding their partnerships and business worldwide

Lori Senecal Bids Farewell To CP&B

Business executive Lori Senecal is saying goodbye to Crispin, Porter & Bogusky (CP&B). Crispin, Porter & Bogusky is an advertising agency that specializes in designing specific advertising campaigns that promote numerous companies. The business’ hierarchy was left the otherwise solid company with some weak spots following the resignation of some major players.

The business recently was faced with the realities associated with the loss of the majority of its important business leaders taking their leave. Last summer, Lori Senecal, the then global CEO of CP&B, stated in a press release that she would be resigning from her position with the agency before the start of 2018.

Richard Pinder

Several weeks before the announcement, Senecal witnessed the impact of Richard Pinder, the CEO of the UK branch, leaving the company CEO. Pinder, co-founder of the House Worldwide organization, had led the company to success via deals with such world-famous brands such as Levis, Lenovo, Laurent Perrier, and Argos. Pinder is presently seeking to fulfill new entrepreneurial dreams.

Arjun Singh & Buonaguidi

That same branch is also recovering from losing Arjun Singh and Buonaguidi. The duo left the company to launch their own consulting company which they named Unltd. You can visit Ideamensch for more.

Lori Senecal

In accordance with a mutual agreement she signed in 2015 when was first employed with the company, Lori Senecal will now be leaving the firm. Before signing on with CP&B, Senecal spent seven months working for MDC Partners. She served as the business’ global executive chairman.

Prior to that, she worked as the CEO of the MDC Partners Network shop KBS. She had that job for six years. Additionally, she has also worked as the global chief innovation officer of McCann Worldgroup. Check out GCReport to see more.

Additional Accomplishments

Senecal’s accomplishments with CP&B include scoring an advertising contract with American Airlines. It was a significant accomplishment because AA had previously only signed with one ad agency in the past 25 years. According to statistics from the Ad Age Data Centre, CP&B’s revenue grew by 21 percent in 2016 because of Senecal’s specific leadership skills. Lastly, Senecal is also one of the people who started TAG ideation.

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How George Soros has Used his Fortune to Push for Civil Liberties

George Soros is one of the most influential billionaires the world has been able to see. He is a Hungarian-born American investor identified as a long-time liberal causes supporter. Soros fled his home country which was then under the Nazi regime to England. While in England, he saw himself through the London School of Economics by working as a waiter and railway porter. Upon completion of education, Soros started his finance career with a merchant bank and read full article.

Later on, George Soros relocated to New York where he got his first Wall Street gig. In 1969, he set up his own hedge fund with $12 million. The hedge fund was then later renamed the Quantum Fund. In 1992, Soros saw himself branded as the man who broke the bank, the Bank of England. He got this title upon shorting the Pound and huge amercing profits. Soros has since maintained himself as an investment genius boasting over $30 billion in assets and what George Soros knows.

In 2017, Soros got one of the most prominent Wall Street women, Dawn Fitzpatrick to manage his investment portfolio. She became the seventh Soros Fund Management Chief Investment Officer since the turn of the millennium. His open support for liberal causes has seen him become one of the fiercest President Trump critics. Besides being an investor, George Soros has also dedicated his life to philanthropy. He has been able to give away large sums of money amounting to over $12 million according to the Open Society Foundation and Follow his Twitter.

George Soros philanthropy always has and still is seeking to support groups and organizations around the world. Especially those advocating for democratic rights, government accountability and societies promoting equality and justice. His giving also focuses on marginalized groups such as sex workers, drug users and LGBTQ persons. Soros’ first-hand experience of discrimination during the Nazi regime in his home country is what drove him to do this. Alongside his family, he was able to fight and survive the atrocities they faced and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

They forged documents identification papers, hiding their backgrounds and helped many other people do the same. Soros is proud because they not only survived the Nazi occupation but also gave many others a lifeline. He left Hungary shortly after the Nazis had been pushed out of control for London in 1947. Soros left for America nine years later where he went ahead to make his breakthrough with his hedge fund and learn more about George Soros.

It is the fortune that he made from the hedge fund that he used to make the Open Society Foundations. This was a web of foundations, projects, and partners in more than 100 countries across the globe. The Open Society Foundations sought to empower people and organizations fighting for democracy and other civil liberties. It is still active to date is credited with some success stories as far as those mentioned above are concerned and more information click here.

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Knowing More About Greg Aziz

Greg Aziz is the Chairman of National Steel Car. This is a leading company in North America that manufactures railroad freight as well as tank cars. It has more than 100 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing. Gregory James Aziz has maintained that the company continues its commitment to quality.

Gregory J Aziz is well aware that a company becomes great only because of its people. He is immensely proud of all that the company has achieved today. This is why National Steel Car is much more dynamic and diverse today than it was ever before.

He talks about constantly challenging oneself. Greg Aziz talks about raising the bar always for his people. This is achieved by focusing their strengths with an unmatched efficiency that has made them the leader in the railroad industry. Basically, they are focused on their core values and believe in them. Hence they are trusted by their customers. This is because they continue building highest quality railcars along with providing timely delivery. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It has been awarded the annual TTX SECO award on a consistent basis for more than a decade now.

National Steel Car is not a company to sit on its laurels. It believes in the relentless pursuit of excellence. This is why it focuses a lot on the voice of its customer. This is why it continues to be a leader in manufacturing railcars in North America. See This Page

The company is blessed with the loyalty and support that it supports from its customers. It values its relationships with its suppliers. The company employs over 2000 people. These employees are known for their commitment as well as integrity as they continue to build their best. This is why National Steel Car continues to build quality railcars. This is why this company is trusted by all.

People at National Steel Car are committed to honoring their traditions. They are determined to move forward. They are focused on providing excellence along with quality. They are always aiming to lead. This is why National Steel Car is also known as the builder of rail transport that is durable, reliable and innovative too.

The job of Greg Aziz is to ensure that the company continues on this path of success. This is possible only through the continued commitment and hard work of its employees. Hence he is keeping his people motivated all the time.



Stories About Anthony Petrello’s Salary

There are not a lot of people who know that Anthony Petrello is one of the most earning CEO in the United States today. Mr. Anthony Petrello brought over 60 million dollars in the year 2013, and this is one of the main reasons behind him being one of the highest paid CEOs. This figure was more than twice of the money he made in the year before. This made him end up on the list of highest paid CEOs in the country. However, this will not be happening in the year 2014.

Mr. Anthony Petrello currently serves as the Chairman of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is basically an oil business company. The company’s main focus is in contract drilling. There have been a lot of news regarding the company’s acquisitions in the following: click here.

This company has 500 rigs in more than 20 countries that are active as of now. Nabors Industries has the biggest fleet of rigs on land. As the business of Shale fracking is on the rise, these particular drilling rigs are in high demand.

Mr. Anthony Petrello used to work for Baker & McKenzie, a law firm before he joined Nabors. He was involved in corporate taxes field in that company. It was Mr. Petrello’s abilities in this field that helped Nabors’ ex-chairman, Eugene Isenberg, to expand the company. This all happened back in the year 2002. The company went offshore in order to reduce its taxes. The headquarters of the company kept on going in Houston.

This was considered to be controversial decision. A lawsuit was filed against the company, but it was ruled out by the federal judge in the state.

Mr. Anthony Petrello became the CEO of the company in 2011 and then chairman of the board, the next year. The value of the company increased rapidly when Mr. Petrello became the Chief Executive Officer.