A romantic tale of Entrepreneurship

In the modern American Business landscape, 2017 has shown its fair share of challenges to the American and international economy. There are very few stories of Mavericks of the entrepreneurial Realm. There have been so many different types of attacks on the North American economy from national disasters to terroristic attacks, or even just a downright lack of creativity in the workforce. Today’s business climate has made many people comfortable with working a nine-to-five without any creative blood. Well, there is definitely a new sheriff in town. His name is Eli Gershkovich. Eli may very well save the dream of the Maverick entrepreneur with an innovative mine for the market (WingsJournal). Eli Gerscovich may well be named among the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of our era.


The founder of Steamworks Brewery has taken an odd path to his success. You see, Eli Gershkovich is a lawyer. That’s right, he has a law degree. For added measure, he’s also a pilot. Gerscovich definitely does not fit the stereotypical stuffed shirt image that CEOs typically share. In fact, Eli me more resemble a factory worker than a CEO. While that is a slight overstatement, his management style rebuilt that of his employees.


The landscape of the North American microbrewery over the last 20 years has also mature. Microbreweries have come much more sophisticated. And much more scientific to their brewing methods. And while America is no stranger to the world, Canada has had its share of accolades as well (https://interview.net/eli-gershkovitch-steamworks-brewery/). Master Brewer Steamworks microbrewery was founded in 1995 in Gastown Vancouver. Steamworks microbrewery and Eli Gerscovich quickly spread in popularity as they opened pubs throughout the Vancouver Province.


Remember earlier when I mentioned Maverick entrepreneurship? Well, Eli Gerscovich completely owns Steamworks microbrewery. 100% privately owned. Typically the point that his Brewery has reached makes it Prime for investment in the public sector or in the Private Market. Eli has opted against that up to now.


Equities First Holdings, LLC Continues Growth; Acquires Sydney-and-Perth-based Meridian Equity Partners Pty. Ltd.

Equities First Holdings is a leader in the issuance of alternative sources of finance. According to the company, the issuance of stock-based loans is one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital during the harsh economic conditions. During these times, you might consider the services of Equities First Holdings because banks have cut down their lending capabilities. As a matter of fact, no one has a better understanding of these solutions in a manner that is unprecedented in this industry. For this reason, you will get better results through the accreditation of beer business management and more information click here.

Equities First Holdings is also pleased to announce that they have acquired offices in Australia. For this reason, the company will enhance their lending capabilities in the country in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. For this reason, people will get better business management through the issuance of stock-based loans, during a harsh economic crisis, banks cut down their lending capabilities. Therefore, most people seeking working capital are left out to find other sources of money. For this reason, they will be required to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry and learn more about Equities First.

When the company was incepted in the United States, it worked to have an experience of more than 14 years. During this period, the company saw that the world was in need of fast working capital. For this reason, they went on to found other companies in the world in a way to expand their services. For this reason, they opened offices in all parts of the world. As a matter of fact, every continent in the world has an office. Equities First Holdings has offices in Perth, Singapore, Indianapolis, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sydney, and London. The issuance of stock-based loans has provided the hedge between business and market study.

Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Goes to Court over Ferry Settlement

Once the General Manager for the Atlanta Hawks, Danny Ferry once again finds himself at the center of new legal challenges over his settlement claims. It isn’t the current team leadership that’s going after Ferry but Bruce Levenson, formerly with Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, that’s introducing this lawsuit.

At Fulton County Supreme Court the New Hampshire Insurance Company (NHIC) is expected to defend their handling of Ferry’s resignation, which took place during Bruce Levenson‘s time with the team. Levenson’s group, representing his interests, claim that the NHIC was in breach of contract and presented insurance bad faith. Under their original policy, Levenson argues that workplace terminations and torts ought to have been covered by the NHIC during Ferry’s resignation but weren’t.

Ferry finalized a termination of his contract in June, 2015. Having signed on with the Atlanta Hawks in 2012, Ferry was expected to stay on until 2018 but finalized his separation just days before Levenson’s company was scheduled to release its ownership of the team.

In the lawsuit filed, Levenson’s representation argues that the NHIC failed to notify him that the company he controlled would be liable for the cost of Ferry’s separation, then refused to cover the costs that resulted upon contract termination. To deny coverage when their policy was still in place, Levenson’s side argues, is a breach in policy and they are entitled to compensation.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson began his career writing for the Washington Star before taking his talents to Observer Publishing. This prompted Levenson for a career in business. Along with his partner Ed Peskowitz, Levenson founded the United Communications Group, where he’s served as Partner for 20 years.

Away from his professional life, Levenson has been active in the world of philanthropy. According to PR News, he’s spent time as President of the I Have a Dream Foundation.

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Equities First Holdings – Alternative Small Business Lending

There is a typical misinterpretation that banks are the sole and safe ways of financing small enterprises. With their intensive paperwork and long application processes combined with high dismissal rates, startup businesses need to seek alternative finance lenders. Equities First Holdings has been offering financial support to small businesses for more than 14 years. With wide experience in stock-based loans, the company has become a spearheading leader in offering such loaning services to businesses and individuals who cannot qualify for traditional loans. Read EFH News Here.

In the event that your investment loan has been denied by the bank, that should not be an indication that your business is not a good project. You need to know that the banks unbending criteria are intended secure the institutions from risks while their burdensome application procedures debilitate asset strapped independent ventures from applying. Greater loans for greater organizations are more productive; henceforth, these are the loans the real banks need. On the off chance that your private company doesn’t fit to apply them, you may feel that securing a customary bank loan is miserable. That is where the stock-based loans provided by Equities First Holdings comes in. With several benefits that include low interests, the applicants have no reasons to worry. Visit http://newsboost.com/newsroom/marketwired/equities-first-holdings-relocates-melbourne-offices

Alternative lending services are not “alternative” as a result of being the last resort. But the services are established since numerous small businesses are turned away by the banks even though they contribute highly into the economies of many countries. They have been established to serve organizations such as yours, as the alternative moneylenders like Equities First Holdings can understand your financing needs considerably in a better way compared with banks. Loaning services for small businesses currently come in different kinds and there are many high quality lenders in addition to small business financing items to select from. By choosing Equities First Holdings today, your venture has the chance to get quick and fast capital loans.

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Swiss Based Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur has had a long and successful career as a businessperson in Switzerland. He is currently the founder of the company Swiss Start up Factory. With this company, Baur is able to help a number of entrepreneurs get the assistance they need in order to make their businesses successful. Along with being the founder of Swiss Start up Factory, Mike has invested in start up companies that was a highly lucrative venture for him. This venture helped give him the inspiration to start up his own company. Before Mike got involved with investing in start ups and founding his own business, he worked in the banking industry for over twenty years. All of his professional experiences have helped provide Mike with a very successful career in business over the years.

Baur is currently running his own company known as Swiss Start up Factory. His company has proven to be instrumental in shaping the Swiss economy. With his company, Mike Baur has helped a number of entrepreneurs start up new businesses which have provided many people with jobs. It has also enabled these entrepreneurs to more easily make their businesses a success. Baur’s company has a very unique business model. The company holds an event where entrepreneurs gather to talk about their ideas for a new business. Mike then evaluates each idea and chooses the ones that are likely to meet current demands in the market. Once chosen, a business will then receive coaching, mentorship and financing form Mike and his company.

Prior to staring up Swiss Start up Factory, Mike invested in a number of start up companies. Since 2004, Mike would use his own funds to help finance new companies. This resulted in a very lucrative activity for him as he made lots of money. With this successful venture, Baur would then come up with the idea of financing start up companies as an independent business. It was this experience that proved to be a vital first step in propelling Mike Baur into entrepreneurship.

At the very beginning of his career, Mike Baur was involved in the banking industry. While working in the banking industry, he would frequently work with small companies that were looking to achieve success. He would often go over their goals as well as what they needed in terms of funding. By helping entrepreneurs receive funding for their new businesses, Mike helped a number of companies get started up. Baur has since used this experience to help develop the business model of his company Swiss Start up Factory.


Fabletics Promotes Easy Shopping

One of the things that the creators of Fabletics set out to do when they first started the business was to promote ease of use. They wanted their clients to have a chance to the convenience that came with online shopping and subscription services. They also wanted to make sure that their clients were able to get the convenience that comes with a subscription service. For this reason, they created Fabletics. It is a company that allows people to have great athleisure wear delivered to them on a monthly basis so that they can get fun new clothes for their workouts.

The first step after someone has signed up with Fabletics is to take a quick and fun quiz. This quiz will tell the shoppers a little about what the client is like and what type of clothes they will like. The client can complete the questionnaire at any time and they are able to come back to it as they do different things. It is a good idea for people to take it all at once so that they will not miss out on the different things that are offered by the company and so that they will remember what they have set out to do.

After doing this, the client can get ready to get their first box. The company will think of a great outfit based on what the client has put into the quiz. The shoppers are experts and they can nearly perfectly match what the clients would like to what they have in stock each time that they try. This is something that is great for people who do not ever know what they want to buy before they make the decision to buy something so that they will be able to get what they want.

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The last thing that the person has to do is sit back and wait. There is now a flagship store that was started by Fabletics. Clients can choose to go to this store to do their shopping if they want to see something in person. At this time, they can also look for several different outfits that they may not be able to do online. They can also add accessories. All of this can be done in the store without having to sign up for the subscription service if that is not what the client wants to be able to do.

Once someone has signed up with a Fabletics online subscription, they will then get their orders on a monthly basis. They will get the order at the same time each month and this is something that they will be able to do when they are in different areas. The box of goodies will be delivered to the people on a monthly basis. Clients can choose to stop their subscription but most do not because of the great clothes that they get for their workouts and the fact that they get great things delivered right to their door without any hassle.

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Bruce Levenson’s Camp Sues Insurance Company over Settlement Claims Related to Hawks Basketball Franchise

Former Atlanta Hawks Basketball franchise holding company, AHBE owned by Bruce Levenson filed a lawsuit against AIG for breach of insurance contract. The contract was meant to cover losses related to employment practices such as wrongful termination and workplace torts.

The lawsuit states that AIG is liable to pay for the claims. It also claims that AIG has not only refused to settle the claims, but they have failed to acknowledge the insurance claims sent to them as well as failing to offer any response towards AHBE.

In light of this situation, the current Hawks Basketball Franchise owners were quick to distance themselves from the ongoing litigation. “We are aware of the lawsuit. However, the two conflicting parties have no ties with the current ownership and therefore no further comment on this matter.” A spokesman said.

Tony Ressler, A Forbes billionaire investment fund manager together with Grant Hill, former NBA star and Co-Founder of Marquis Jet, Jesse Itzler are believed to be the new owners of the basketball franchise. The total fee involved in the acquisition is believed to be around $730 million, the highest bid for the franchise. Bruce had expected the franchise to sell for at least $1 billion after hiring Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to carry out a valuation of the franchise and manage the negotiations.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce is a businessman and a philanthropist. He is the former owner of the Hawks Basketball franchise and a Co-Founder of United Communications Group (UCG). Bruce is also a board member of Tech Target, a publicly traded IT company. As a philanthropist, Bruce has been involved with many nonprofit organizations such as the Community Foundation, the Hoop Dreams Foundation, SEED Foundation, and Seeds of Peace. He has served as president of I Have a Dream Foundation, helping disadvantaged kids pursue Higher Education.

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James Dondero’s Contributions to SMU Continue As He Accepts Executive Board Nomination

Southern Methodist University has just announced the newest addition to the Executive Board of the Cox School of Business. James Dondero, the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, was nominated for the position earlier this year. Upon receiving the honor, Dondero said he is happy to contribute to the growing business talent in the Dallas area. With headquarters in Dallas, Highland Capital Management is a potential recipient of the talent that comes out of the Cox School of Business. This is not the first contribution that Dondero has made to Southern Methodist University. In fact, he has made contributions to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum since its creation. The Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars program also aids those who pursue a career or education in public policy.

James Dondero attended the University of Virginia for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He graduated with highest honors before continuing his education at the McIntire School of Commerce. For his graduate degrees, Dondero received double majors in Accounting and Financing. In 1984, Dondero joined the Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst. During this time, Dondero gained the expertise needed to land him a job as a Corporate Bond Analyst for American Express. Between 1985 and 1989, Dondero worked with American Express in several different positions. Before leaving the company, he was working as a Portfolio Manager with a considerable amount of assets under his management. Dondero’s next career move saw him as the Chief Investment Officer for the GIV subsidiary of Protective Life. He worked with the company for 5 years and helped to grow them from inception to $2 billion in value.

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. As president, Dondero drove the company to become a leading developer in the Collateralized Loan Obligation market. To date, Highland Capital Management is well-known for their pioneering efforts in this field. The company is registered as an SEC financial adviser with an approximate $16 billion worth of assets under their management. They offer customers a large number of award-winning services and products relating to the credit and market industries.

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Why Shared Office Space is Becoming More Popular in Greater Manhattan


Companies large and small are increasingly using coworking and shared space. Coworking spaces are office spaces with shared facilities including telephone lines, internet, conference rooms and even secretaries. These spaces provide a professional environment for businesses who do not have the size and scope to own or lease their own space. Providers of these coworking spaces such as Workville have been expanding and have many locations do to the valuable benefits that they provide to their customers.


Coworking offices are useful for small and mid-sized businesses that are just starting out and don’t want to commit to a long-term lease, and for larger companies that are looking to expand into locations that do not require that they have extensive office presences such as small sales offices. Companies looking to expand into new markets will need to be aware that having a physical presence in a state, even through a shared office space, may trigger Nexus in that state which will require income tax reporting. However, if you are already looking to expand in that state a shared office space may do the trick.

Small businesses can save money by avoiding hiring secretaries, maintenance and other support staff, thereby lowering their overhead and avoiding the administrative hurdles associated with hiring additional employees and entering into a variety of different vendor contracts. Shared spaces like the ones that Workville allow their customers to use greatly simplified business models and allow the company’s staff members the time and ability to concentrate on growing and running their businesses and not their office spaces.


Typically, you want to go with a company that has lots of New York shared office spaces like Workville. A company like Workville also provides a streamlined process of leasing this office space through standard monthly lease agreements and are a well-run and easy option for leasing space for your business. Further their office amenities are top notch in the space and their facilities are safe and neat.

How Raj Fernando Achieved Success in Trading

Raj Fernando serves as the leader and owner of the internet company Scoutahead.com. He has worked in the past as the CEO of Chopper, a Company that deals with trading. He is a renown leader and a professional person in the global financial market industry. He has actively participated in several foreign organizations. Today, Fernando is an active member and one of the directors of American Security Project. He has notably served in several policy leadership committees.

In his early college life, Fernando was able to volunteer and work with Chicago Mercantile Exchange; this helped shape his later career. Upon completion of his studies, with an increased effort, he moved from the lowest position to one of the highest in the company. In 2002, after a successful job at financial trading, he started his own business. He launched Chopper Trading after he had worked for many years at the Chicago Board of Trade.

In the year 2004, he moved from part time trading and made financial trading a full-time activity. He was able to get funds and employees that would later make Chopper Trading the financial trading it is today. As a leader and CEO, he designed, implemented and managed advanced trading, risk management, source code and observing systems within various financial fields.

Fernando has developed Chopper trading for over ten years. He transformed the company to be a leader in the market. The company today participates in the largest international trading exchanges opportunities. It features a massive 250 workers and is composed of several talented traders and engineers in the market. In 2005, a global financial leader DRW purchased Chopper Trading company.

Early in the year 2016, Mr. Fernando successfully started his internet company; he made a platform that can deliver reviews, information, and surveys to enterprises and individuals. Businesses that want a high degree of professionalism will highly benefit with this.

Apart from simply being a trader, a lot can be said about Raj Fernando’s political support. He is an enthusiastic support for the Democratic Party. He was able to fund for Barrack Obama. According to several sources, his company ranked as the third largest contributor for the Barrack Obama presidential campaign in 2011.

More about Raj: https://www.reddit.com/r/hillaryclinton/comments/4nhj9b/debunking_the_bs_who_is_raj_fernando/