Graham Edwards Guides Commercial Property Giant Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium takes care of 8,000 properties all around the United Kingdom, bringing in 1 billion pounds in annual revenue. The guiding hand behind this incredible company, and one of the visionaries responsible for its success, is Graham Edwards.

Edwards was there at the beginning of Telereal. This firm was originally organized as a joint venture with Williams Pears Ltd to buy 6,700 properties from British Telecom. Telereal paid 2.1 billion pounds for them. Edwards organized this feat, and continued to lead Telereal as its Chief Executive Officer. Telereal expanded by buying a portfolio of properties from the BBC. And it went on to manage properties as well. William Pears, seeing the companies success, invested in its future by buying out the remaining 50% ownership interest, so it continues to own Telereal Trillium to this day. They began to manage properties.

Meanwhile, another property company, Land Securities Trillium, had bought a large numbers of properties from the Department for Work and Pensions and from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Also, it managed properties for Barclays Bank, Norwich Union, the Royal Mail and the Birmingham City Council. It went on to buy properties from Amec Foster Wheeler Plc, the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Prudential Plc.

In 2009, these two companies realized they would benefit from joining forces. With Graham Edwards handling negotiations, Telereal bought Land Securities Trillium from its owner, Land Securities, for 750 million pounds. They renamed the combined entities Telereal Trillium. By November 2010, the government revealed Telereal Trillium was one of the largest private companies in the country receiving payments from the government for the properrty management services it rendered.


Key to Business Success

Edwards began preparing for business success by reading Economics at the University of Cambridge. He got his practical education as a fund manager for Merrill Lynch and as the head of finance for the BT Group’s property department. Before forming Telereal, Edwards established Talisman Global Asset Management as an asset management arm of Pears FSA, registered. Then he served as Chief Investment Officer.

He is an active support of such charities as the Portland Trust, Pennies, One Voice Europe, World ORT and British Friends of Hebrew University.


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