The Strategic Position : Mike Bagguley

When examining the financial powerhouses of investment banking, financial institutions such as Barclays Plc. provide an exceptional track record and standing credibility for all forms of potential monetary investment. Taking a closer look, the meticulous diligence of the Board members, in this particular case, Mike Bagguley the Managing Director and Global Head of U.S. Dollar Derivatives Trading, shines through as a crucial key player in providing the intellectual support needed to move Barclays Profit margin forward . Mike Bagguley was entrusted with the job of completely restructuring and accelerating Barclays Business plan in regard to a trim and reshaping of the interest rates, foreign exchange and commodities products.He was also asked to help project and deliver projects prior to the appointment.


Mike Bagguley had been tasked with the reduction and reshaping of the macro business, which included interest rates, foreign exchange and commodities products, as trading had proven to hit a new low profit margin due to active regulation. Barclays appointment of Mike Bagguley as chief operating officer was tasked with accelerating delivery of the strategy that was already taking place as previously mentioned – to effectively cut costs and improve profitability. Mike Bagguleys’ appointment came after the abrupt leave of former COO Justin Bull, but Mr Bailey has held previous senior roles within the company since 2001.


With a BS in mathematics from the University Of Warwick, Mike Bagguley possess the correct assets to improve overall revenue and moral in a business where profit margins grow marginally smaller everyday. A quick Crunch base search provided additional details regarding current projects he is involved with and shareable marketplace data. Despite the high risk and natural volatility of the given work place, Mike Bagguley possesses an admirable role in society’s underbelly. After a close look at his track record and former marginal turn around, its rather simple to deduce his immediate promotion to COO of Barclays Plc. was a business savvy plan.

Southridge Capital: New Opportunities from Business Partners

Southridge Capital is a company that knows the importance of having business partners. The company was established in 1996 by a man named Stephen M. Hicks, who thought that a business focusing on investment and financial provision could become a great hit, especially with the rising number of small-sized and middle-sized startups operating in the United States today. He stated that before he established the Southridge Capital, he was an employee for a principal who is working on a hedge fund. The principal decided to return to Australia, and the hedge fund was left to him. He used his skills and abilities to be able to manage the hedge fund, and Stephen M. Hicks ended up becoming successful. He later used the knowledge he learned from managing a hedge fund to establish the Southridge Capital, which would also operate the same way as a hedge fund would be. For more details visit Crunchbase.



After establishing the company, he started looking for the possible business partners who would be investing a lot in the company. Stephen M. Hicks stated that businesses in the IT sector would provide more advantages, because of the digital revolution happening across the world. They tapped the assistance from a Dallas-based tech firm called the Elite Data Services Inc., and the company gave them the signal to manufacture technologies that would help the Southridge dominate the business they are in. Experts saw the partnership as a successful attempt by the two companies to deter information theft and other crimes related to hacking. The company data saved within the units of computers owned by Southridge Capital would now be safe from harm as their new business partner would do anything to prevent it.




The Dallas-based tech firm stated that it is a pleasure for them to be chosen as a partner for one of the leading companies in the country. The Elite Data Services Inc. promised that they would be developing software and application exclusively for Southridge Capital that would help them grow further. The Elite Data Services Inc. is one of the largest tech companies in Texas, and their products are being used by companies to market their products. Check out their Facebook page for more.


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Aloha Construction: Recipient of the 2017 BBB Torch Award

Aloha Construction is a repair and replacement company that is located in Lake Zurich Illinois. They also have another location in Bloomington, IL. Since being founded in 2008, by Dave Farbaky, Aloha Construction specializes in replacing or repairing siding, fascia, soffits, gutters, and roofs. They are insured, bonded, and licensed to complete roofing repair and replacement projects among other issues that can arise from storm damages. In total, Aloha Construction has completed over twenty thousand projects and that number will continue to grow.

In 2017, not even ten years after Aloha Construction was founded, they were presented with the BBB Torch Award. The Better Business Bureau only selects a company who demonstrates extraordinary ethical practices. The BBB Torch Award has been given out annually since 1996 and will continue to acknowledge businesses who have been in business over three years, earned a “B” or better, and have met all financial obligations.

There are extremely high standards when candidates for the BBB Torch Award are considered and the candidates must meet certain criteria. These criteria include being organizationally committed to ethical practice, unifying leadership practices, performance practices, ethnical resource practices, among a commitment to their community. Aloha Construction not only met the criteria, but they went above the mark with helping their community thrive by allowing a portion of their proceeds to be donated to help childhood cancer survivors, sponsoring a community Hockey team, sponsoring softball and baseball organizations, and partnering with Bloomington’s Boys and Girls Club of America.

The Dave Farbaky Foundation is their charitable branch that has reached out to families in need and children with conditions that are life threatening to give a little more back to their community and brighten the days of young people. The love for their community helped this company succeed in winning the BBB Torch Award.

HCR Wealth Advisors Expects Volatility to Rise in 2018

HCR Wealth Advisors’ Jordan L. Kahn expects that the stock market will see greater volatility in 2018 as compared to 2017. He believes that this will be the case after a year that witnessed one of the lowest levels of stock market volatility on record. And as chief investment officer of a wealth management firm dedicated to providing financial and investment strategies noting the key fundamentals of the economy is front and center of his communication.

In 2017, the largest pullback in the stock market was merely -3%. Typically, a double-digit pullback is typical in historical trends, therefore it is reasonable to project a bigger pullback for 2018. As a registered investment advisory firm with a goal to empower its clients through education, HCR Wealth Advisors identifies several other factors to consider that will likely affect the market’s performance.

One factor is a combination of solid economic performance in the US—seen on decade high consumer confidence, ISM Manufacturing index, ISM Services, and new home sales—paired with a global recovery in markets around the world.

The Federal Reserve has implicitly acknowledged that solid economic performance by announcing three rate hikes in 2017, and three more projected for 2018.

Even though the economic trends are instrumental in a market analysis, HCR Wealth Advisors also acknowledges in its article that the market trends reinforce these policies. Long-term rates also saw an increase from 2016 to 2017, reaching and sustaining levels slightly below those seen on 2014.

With regards to the stock market, an increase in P/E ratios is seen from 17x to 18x. However, the gains seen in 2017 are influenced by an increase in earnings of + 18% in the case of the S&P 500. Earnings are forecasted to reach similar levels for 2018 at around +17%. A market correction might be a healthy sign to help the economy avoid overheating. But it´s noteworthy that where equity funds saw an increase in market capitalization of +123 billion in two years, bond funds outpaced at +570 billion.

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The anti-Semitic curtain unveiled by Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an individual who has seen the world through many perspectives. Along with his success as a property investor and philanthropist, Adam Milstein does his due diligence by discussing and writing about topics that are relevant to the social, religious, and politic turmoil that plagues the Middle East. These articles can be read on the Jewish News Syndicate website, or JNS for short. He recently published an article speaking of a growing sentiment of anti-Semitic around the world.

The sentiment of anti-Semitism still holds strong today in the modern world. It is a common thread shared among radical right groups, and radical Muslim movements. Recently, anti-Semitic feelings are now being harbored by some radical left groups as well. Adam Milstein finds a common thread among these groups to include the restriction of freedom of speech, an almost non-existent stance on tolerance of lifestyles, and ill feelings on Western political philosophies permeating throughout the world.

Adam Milstein goes into detail about the anti-Semitism sentiments in West with examples including some radical groups campaigning in marches and movements that share the opposite message or ideology. He cites about how two marches in Chicago, the Chicago Dyke March and The Slutwalk Chicago, the organizers of the march reviled Zionist who were in support of the march’s message of lifestyle equality, and even promoted a speaker who is considered a Palestinian terrorist.

Adam’s concerns expressed in his article seem to gain further merit with providing instances from prestigious Western Universities such as Tufts and NYU providing literature that paints Israel as a state that oppresses people. They liken Israel to a “white supremacist” regime that parallels it to the likes of a right alt group. Adam connects the roots of this concern to a prominent leader in Linda Sarsour, who is avid supporter of archaic misogynistic laws. He also notes others view her as a feminist leader, despite this very fact.

Adam Milstein’s concerns are not just a single voice in the scope of this concerns. The only way for him to get his message out to others is to write these articles that put a spotlight on issues disguised as movements.

What to watch out for when investing in blockchain companies

Is no secret that blockchain technologies have completely changed computing and finance as we know it. There are a myriad of applications and potential companies all looking to break into this new frontier of business. While many successful Ventures have come about, others leave much to be desired. It’s important to differentiate between genuine opportunities and companies that are crypto in name only.

Recently, Eastman Kodak of photo and image fame announced new partnereships and ventures into blockchain and crypto technologies. After the company reported KODAKOne and KodakCoin, the company’s stock price shot up more than 180% in a very short period of time, indicating a very healthy amount of optimism for the company and these new ventures.

Unfortunately there are many warning signs that indicate this is too good to be true. Sahm Adrangi, it’s on manager of over 150 million dollars in investments warns investors against the company, insisting that there is very little value added, and even more suspicious circumstances surrounding both Kodak as well as the new partner companies.

Sahm Adrangi was quick to point out the dubious partner companies that were involved in this process. While people recognize Kodak as a brand name that they trust and remember, it’s important to note these technologies are not being developed by them. WENN Digital Inc. is the outside developer of KodakOne, and has little history as a company or as a partner. In addition, Sahm Adrangi highlights the fact that KodakCoin is not an in-house Kodak developed technology but instead is created by AppCoin Innovations Inc, a recent company with no real history.

In addition, the board of directors at Kodak work right to give themselves restricted stock just one day before this was announced. This has very suspicious implications and can put the company at risk of SEC investigation regarding just how valid the claims and actions of the board have been.

Altogether, Sahm Adrangi it’s a clear picture of what seems to be going on. The are startup companies with potential technologies but no clout in the marketplace. There is no strategic value to this partnership, and Kodak is simply being used for its good name. Anyone investing in Eastman Kodak for because of KodakCoin may as well invest in any other unaffiliated high-risk startup in order to reap a greater potential benefit.

Omar Boraie Makes New Brunswick a Hotbed for the Economy

With the world as hostile as it is to the rich people, I fear that we will soon have an uprising on our hands that is equivalent to the French revolution of the 17th century. The rich elite are categorized as greedy, self-serving people who step on all in their way as they move forward to achieve wealth. While this must be true for some of them, it is not true for Omar Boraie. When you look at the wonderful things he has done for the city of New Brunswick, you can’t help but question your presuppositions to the 1%.

Omar Boraie has made it his personal mission to resurrect the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey so that it could be remodeled like one of the great European economic centers. He decided that the best way to achieve this would be to work on a four-step plan. The first step was to make New Brunswick more enticing for the families. The second step was to keep current jobs from leaving the area. The third step was to bring more professionals to New Brunswick. The last step was to bring back and grow the middle class.

Sam Boraie began making New Brunswick more acceptable to families by organizing and funding several nonprofits. One of these nonprofits created an alliance with State Theater to provide a summer of free movies. This idea began as one movie for only one night. However, over time, it grew to encompass a two-month time span where seven movies were shown.

His second step was to keep the current jobs in the area. To make this happen, he created a valuable coalition of power players in the area. On the coalition were the current New Brunswick Mayor, the President of Rutgers University, and the chief executive officer of Johnson and Johnson. Together, they were able to create an economic plan to keep corporations there. For more details visit Bloomberg.

His third step was about bringing back more professionals. In order for New Brunswick to compete, they would have to give office space for competitive prices. Omar Boraie solved that problem by building higher tier office space but renting it out for middle-class price. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

His last step was to secure residential space so that the professionals could live in New Brunswick and pay their share of taxes. This was accomplished by building residential condos for the price of a two-bedroom house.

Roberto Santiago: Mangabeira Project To Improve Local Economy

Roberto Santiago has contributed greatly to the economic development and opportunities available throughout his years as an entrepreneur. His incredible career as an architect and businessman have been responsible for some of the most astounding developments throughout the state of Paraiba. The establishment of the Manaira shopping plaza was one of his claims to fame. It was one of the largest ventures of its kind and has the most square footage of any similar establishment in the state. Not only are there clear advantages to the way that he has addressed incumbent needs in society, but Roberto Santiago has spurred opportunities for international growth and development that are unparalleled.


There are significant opportunities for establishing growth as well as advantages to the real estate investments and opportunities that Roberto Santiago has been responsible rfor. His latest project, Mangabeira Shopping has been an incredible hot issue because of the possible benefits it provides to local economies and businesses alike. More than thre hundred and fifty thousand customers have been attending the establishment since its inauguration. This speaks to the volume of opportunities that the shopping plaza presents in addition to the standards of business that will improve due to the existence of this new facility.


Consumption of the products and services that Roberto Santiago has introduced to the local economies makes a big difference throughout the state. Mangaberia is just one of the amazing ways this entreprenuer has lifted up the people and businesses of a region while attracting more opportunities for development and growth. Constructed over the course of a two year period, Mangabeira Shopping help;ed more than three thousand workers gain employment in order to complete the project. It has also been established in a new location, so that it will not interfere with existing businesses and economic resources.


It is estimated that there may be some conversion of the client base who presently visits and utilizes services from the existing Manaira Shopping plaza. Despite its opening in 1989 there are clear themes that this shopping establishment has differences when compared to the Mangabeira Shopping facility. Five expansions have taken place at this location and contributed to its giant presence as well as lasting economic impact.


Mangabeira was initiated in 2007 and has a different target audience when compared to Manaira Shopping Plazas. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that five percent or less of the customer base from Manaira may consider working with the Mangabeira institutions. The transition of customers from other business service centers continues and is anticipated to rise from ten to fifteen percent each year going forward. These changes speak to the volume of opportunities that each facility offers the public. Roberto Santiago has made an incredible difference in the lives of locals as well as business at large.


Susan McGalla Proves That Women can Lead

Susan McGalla is among the many women who have struggled to rise in power within organizations. She has contributed in paving the way for women leaders. She is very comfortable while working with both men and women all thanks to her raising. While growing up, Susan was not given any breaks because she was a girl. She grew up with a football coach as a dad and two brothers. McGalla learned to work for what she wanted, and she carried this forward even in her adulthood, which has proved to be successful.

Raising to Success

Susan struggled her way to the top position at American Eagle Outfitters. When joining the company, all the executives were males. Before exiting American Eagles Outfitters, McGalla became the president of the company. She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and presently works at Pittsburgh Steelers as the v.p of Business Strategy and Creative Development. It is no surprise that this industry is dominated by males. Sarah took part in the “wear what we wear” campaign. The campaign was meant to encourage clients to buy Steeler gear. Susan took along her confidence into a company that was ready to allow her rise into greater ranks for she earned the position.

Creating Opportunities for Women

Susan’ success story is encouraging, but these opportunities are not available to every woman. Lack of opportunities for women has been there since time in memorial, and they have been finding ways to curb it for years. There are plenty of initiatives and networks for women. These groups offer support to women leaders and let them share ideas in unison. The networks offer a platform to plan and maneuver within their businesses and make connections with other women in their industry. They also get to learn the latest style in business.

Background of Susan McGalla

Susan hails from East Liverpool, Ohio. She gained her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College. Susan serves on the college’s board of advisors.

Susan is an executive consultant and an American businesswoman who hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the former chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. and the former president of American Eagles Outfitters Inc. She currently serves at the board of HFF Inc. and the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Sarah has previously served as a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh and as a director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.