Capitol Group Chairman Defends Actively Traded Funds

Timothy Armour has worked as an equities manager for the 86-year-old Capital Group of mutual funds for 33 years, and is now CEO.

In a recently article published by CNBC, he argues with Warren Buffett that passive index fund investing is not necessarily the best strategy for individual investors to build wealth with. He points out that although many investors have put their money into passive index funds, studies show many of them don’t understand that they are fully exposed to the risk of market crashes.

He also points out that the funds of his own company, Capitol Group, have a total combined life of 653 years. And yet on average they have returned 1.47% more than the relevant benchmark indexes.

He could also point out that success at actively investing for Berkshire Hathaway is what made Warren Buffett the most famous investor in history. He is known for practicing value investing, not index investing and what Armour knows.

Armour graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Economics. He started out at Capitol Group in their Associate Program. As a novice analyst, he covered international telecommunicati and service companies in the United States. Armour ‘s worked his way up the ladder, and in 2015 he took over as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. They manage $1.5 trillion.

The Financial Times recently said in an article on Armour that he has decided to challenge the growing popularity of passive index funds. Until recently, the Capitol Group and its American funds were little known. Unlike many other mutual fund families, they did not spend money on advertising and promotion and more information click here.

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Troy McQuagge: An Exemplary Executive

In appreciation of his excellent entrepreneurial and business management skills and an unnerving commitment to his career, Troy McQuagge of USHEALTH has been honored with the One Planet Awards’ CEO of the Year. One Planet Awards are prestigious honors that are vouchsafed upon the brilliant individuals for their extraordinary leadership in and strategic professionalism in the areas of business and management from all over the world. The yearly awards are applied for by organizations, both private and public sector. The selection of the CEO of the year is preceded by a vigorous competition and out of numerous applications, an individual from one of the applicant companies is granted the award.

McQuagge’s association with USHEALTH started in 2010 when he formally joined the company. Shortly, after entering the firm, McQuagge heavily invested his energies in reforming USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s locked up distribution agency. In this effort, he achieved swift success which brought numerous benefits to the firm. Given his successful overseeing of the rebuilding of the company’s crucial arm, in 2004 McQuagge quickly ascended the hierarchical ladder and went on to become the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group. During his illustrious career so far at USHEALTH, McQuagge has been a perfect embodiment of success and has geared growth rate of the company that is unparalleled in the history of USHEALTH. With his remarkable skills, he has added to the prowess and strength of the company.

The recently won award by McQuagge not only reflects his excellent leadership skills but also acknowledge the USHEALTH Group’s enviable and exceptional success over the years. That was why Troy McQuagge himself dedicated the award to the entire USHEALTH and its staff, for without whose support, he could not have implemented his innovative ideas to transform the company. The award is the proof of both Troy McQuagge’s abilities as an entrepreneur and the company’s tremendous history of providing outstanding healthcare services.

McQuagge is an expert and a widely respected figure in the insurance industry. He is the current President and CEO of the USHEALTH Group, Inc. He has rich career in the healthcare sector as a marketer. Before joining USHEALTH, McQuagge had remained the president and CEO of Health Markets Agency Marketing Group. During his time at this company, he has been able to enhance the magnitude of the sales of the company dramatically, and he helped the company exceed the annual sales of $1 billion.

Since his association with the USHEALTH Group, Inc., McQuagge has been pivotal in altering the company’s trajectory in terms of the healthcare services it provides. He has successfully led the company as its president and CEO to the new heights of popularity and revenue. USHEALTH Group is a US-based company that specializes in providing health insurance strategies and services to a wide range of people and what Troy knows.

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Tammy Mazzocco Makes Real Estate Her Gold MIne

Tammy Mazzocco is not afraid of working hard, and the real estate business is just the place for her to be. She is a very successful residential real estate professional in central Ohio who covers four counties of territory.

She got her start in the real estate business as a secretary to a group of commercial real estate agents and worked in that capacity for the first ten years or so. Then seeing how profitable the sales end of real estate could be, she made the switch to sales in 1999. She joined the RE/MAX group of realtors in Pickerington, Ohio and she has not slowed down since.

Tammy Mazzocco likes to start her day as early as she can to get paperwork, emails and other office duties out of the way so she can get out and start showing properties to families. She knows the showing houses is where the rubber meets the road and it is where people make their decisions as to making a commitment. People have to walk through, ponder, and imagine they living there before they can realistically buy a house.

People are in a vulnerable state when they are in the house buying mode because first of all, they are operating out of their comfort zone for the most part. They are in a new geographic territory, and they are about to make one of the largest financial decisions of their lives. They usually do a lot of talking, and Tammy listens.

Tammy has great respect for people’s time and their financial conditions, and she tries to be as helpful as she can. When people can be reassured, and they know that you are sincere and caring, then they open up and trust you. Tammy will spend as much time with buyer prospects as is needed. This tactic certainly pays off as Tammy has the track record in sales to verify it.

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Rona Borre Gets Through Problems By Eliminating Them

Rona Borre had reached the pinnacle of her job description when she worked for a large international recruiting and staffing firm where she led the company in sales and had broken every production record the company had. She also was in charge of a $30 million book of business. However she had reached the limit of what could be accomplished, so she quit her job.

Rona Borre formed Instant Alliance in the spare bedroom of her Chicago condo with only her bulldog, Henry at her side. She dressed up every day in a business suit to spur her on with her quest to form a successful staffing company. That was in 2001 when she started Instate Alliance which today is one of the fastest-growing staffing and recruiting companies in the United States.

Borre is also active in the Chicago Business community as she has leadership roles in such organizations as the Chicago Network, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Economic Club of Chicago. She accepts speaking engagements in the community and is proud to do so. Borre is a welcome voice because she exudes a positive influence for entrepreneurship.  More about Borre and her works on

Borre likes to stress that she is the owner of a “woman owned” business. This is important because Instant Alliance is outperforming dozens of “male-owned” businesses in the sector. This fact is certainly encouraging to younger women and young girls who can see the results that Borre has been able to achieve.  More related articles here.

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