New Opportunities for Non-Accredited Investors

According to Brad Reifler, CEO of Forefront Capital, there’s an opportunity in servicing non-accredited investors when it comes to investment opportunities that are, so far, only available to wealthy individuals. And he’s betting his company’s future on it.

Forefront Capital, an investment banking and wealth management boutique, is now offering an investment program known as Forefront Income Trust. The investment style will seek to diversify holdings into alternative assets classes that are typically open to accredited investors who have incomes over $200,000 per year, or net worth exceeding $1 million.

Now, middle income individuals will be able to enter this form of investing without having to pass the same requirements as the accredited investors. When it comes to Forefront Income Trust, investors will be able to enter the program with as little as $2,500.

The company will not charge any fees until 8% return is generated for the investors. This is in sharp contrast to industry standards where fees are charged no matter the return. “We want to be a firm for the people,” stated Mr. Reifler on his Twitter.

Brad Reifler has long industry experience. In 1982, he founded Reifler Trading Corporation, a company that specialized in the execution of global derivatives, and which was sold to Refco in 2000.

Back in 1995, Mr. Reifler founded Pali Capital and ran it as a CEO until 2008. Under his leadership, the company increased its revenues to over $200 million, while opening offices in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, and hiring over 200 employees. Now, this serial entrepreneur seeks to change the industry norms while heading Forefront Capital.

Brad Reifler & Forefront Income Trust Aim to Change Investments

When Brad Reifler jumped into the world of investments he had to work his way up to get established. He initially invested in 529 college plans and watched as over years he lost 40% of his investments. This was his first taste of what failure can look like for those not lucky enough to be accredited investors. Now Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital and he has already run the successful Pali Capital back in 1995. During his time as a CEO of Pali Capital, which spanned until 2008, the company topped out at earning $200 million a year with over 200 employees all over the world So, you can safely assume that Reifler knows what he is doing. That is why it is so important to pay attention as Forefront Income Trust is launched.

In the investment world there are accredited investors and then those that don’t meet the cut. An accredited investor typically has access to doors that the poorer investors simply don’t. They can make more money, take bigger risks, and generally have a more advanced look at success. In order to be considered accredited you have to earn more than $200,000 a year alone or $300,000 with a spouse. You can also be considered accredited if you have a net worth over over $1 million, excluding any real estate. These are obviously high thresholds that the vast majority (read: 99%) of people will not and won’t ever meet. So in order to help those investors who are ‘left behind’ in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Reifler implemented Forefront Income Trust.

Forefront Income Trust is a public fund that is available to anyone who can meet the low threshold of $2,5000 as an initial investment. The Trust is not tied to the stock market and as such has a much lower volatility risk. Those who decide to employ the services of Reifler and his brokers will get to see a slow and steady growing fund that will help prepare them for further bigger investments.

Forefront Income Trust was established after Reifler had first hand experience with how hard it is to make sound investments when lacking the accredited tag. Reifler was asked to invest his father in law’s life savings but even that sum would not get him into the doors that he needed in order to maximize profit. So that was the primary factor behind Forefront Income Trust.


When it comes to being ambitious Jared Haftel on wikipedia is one person, who really walks the walk, having made a name for himself in the world of business, and invest banking.

Jared has had numerous interests such as mathematics, and music, but in the business world, he has compiled an impressive resume having started as an analyst for Credit Suisse while finishing up his career at Duke University. After completing his studies, Jared took a job with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, working once again as an analyst focusing on Investment Banking and working with corporations, institutions, and governments. His areas of expertise were investments in regards to chemicals, metals, mining, and aerospace and defense. He worked with clients such as GeoEye, EMS Technologies, CONSOL Energy and Huntsman Corporation. In 2011 Jared moved on to take an associate position with Vector Capital where he provided investment services; during this time he was also writing articles, and providing assistance to graduates. He would focus not just on Investment Banking, but also on topics such as “Dressing for an Internship”, “Writing a business Resume.” In regards to resume writing he places much emphasis on how your resume should show your work accomplishments. When seeing this, this really seems basic, but what Jared is really stating is that work you did in high school, or in college are not relevant, unless the job is relevant to the career you want to pursue. It is rare if you’re trying to pursue a career in investment that your jobs in the service business will help. There may be an exception if you were a model employee, since Jared states that employers will judge you on how you were with previous employers, and how compatible you will be in the workplace. Jared also points out that it is best not to exaggerate, and to avoid fluff; and finally have someone who has inside experience with the company review you resume; this is very important for a number of reasons since it helps to have connections, but more importantly you will be able to find out what a particular employer will want, and get an idea of the culture of the workplace. It is important to remember that even if you have the skills, some places of work may not be for you, so having an inside connection will not just help with your resume, but give you a solid idea if this is the place for you. When dressing for an internship, of course you want to dress for success but even focusing on small but relevant details such as having your tie correctly tied, and having a solid handshake, as well as having the right attitude, but really trying to make an impact, and get the jobs you want based on merit.

As mentioned earlier besides having an interest in Investment Banking, Jared is quite a critic of music having written articles in regards to bands such as Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, and Elvis Perkins. While at Duke he also wrote a review on the band Bombadil, and alumni from Duke University.

When it comes to his resume and all of his accomplishments, the future looks bright for Jared. He is someone that stays on the cutting edge, while setting an example for a future generation of investors.

Jason Halpern Comes to Florida

It is a challenge to incorporate local architecture into a modern design, but JMH Development and Jason Halpern have done just that in South Beach, Florida. They have recently announced their second development property, Three Hundred Collins, with a projected opening of 2017. Jason Halpern, developer and conservationist, is putting the finishing touches on Aloft South Beach. Aloft is due to open in May of this year and features a 24 hour fitness center, outdoor pool, and 2,349 square feet of conference rooms and meeting space. The project is a renovation of Motel Ankara, an original mid-century landmark in South Beach. With careful attention to detail and respect for the history of the building, JMH Development has also added an eight-story tower to the property.

Creating a luxurious atmosphere is at the forefront of JMH Development’s mission. Following closely behind that belief is the nature of preservation. They have created beautiful properties in Brooklyn and Queens and have expanded their design savvy to include South Beach, Florida. Their second property in that area, Three Hundred Collins, will be a 19-residence luxury condominium building in the South of Fifth neighborhood of Miami Beach. With thoughtful attention to the culture and history of the area, the luxury condos will have a concierge, 75 foot pool, beautiful 18 foot ceilings in some units, and expansive terraces.

According to this Biz Journal article, rumor has it that JMH Development is in the process of finalizing a third property in Florida as well. A recent purchase of 2901 Indian Creek Boulevard, and plans for a 30,000-square-foot residential development, will be proposed to the city in the very near future.

Jason Halpern learned to love construction and architecture at a young age from his father and continues that tradition by spending as much time as he can with his son who loves to accompany his dad to work. Halpern believes in preserving the style, culture, and architecture of the properties that he has developed, and Halpern wants to add to the communities around the buildings. He volunteers his time building houses for Habitat for Humanity, and will continue to give back to the neighborhoods where his developments are completed.

Jonathan Veitch And His Real Estate Progression At Occidental College

Occidental College in Los Angeles now has a native Angelino for its president. Jonathan Veitch began his occupancy as the head of the college in July 2009. He has worked to improve the relationship between the college and the neighborhoods surrounding it. Veitch has modernized all of the college’s facilities. He has been responsible for upgrading the diversity of the student body.

Neighborhood Relationships

When Jonathan Veitch took over the presidency of the college, there was tension with the neighborhoods surrounding it. The college had been expanding its physical area. This alarmed residents who feared the party atmosphere of students would affect their lives. Veitch halted this expansion, took the fears of the community seriously and began working to solve the issues. Relations with the community have greatly improved with his tenure.

Modern Upgrades

One of the ways Veitch has helped with community relations is to upgrade older, unused buildings on campus. The master plan is to rehabilitate these buildings for student housing on campus. His plan is to keep students out of local neighborhoods and give them more reasons to stay on campus. The upgrade plan has already begun.

In 2013, the college installed a 1 megawatt solar array. This will keep electrical costs for the campus in check and defines standards for the college’s environmental footprint on the local community. Reuse of existing buildings is also an environmentally important issue.

Student Diversity

This has helped enormously to diversify the student population. Veitch has taken advantage of this information and used it to help recruit students from different areas of the country as well as international students. This diversity makes Occidental College a more attractive liberal arts college for those seeking to share knowledge the world over.

Since he assumed the leadership of the college, Jonathan Veitch has been busy. He has updated the facilities and the outlook for the college. Modernization of existing buildings, a new solar array and diversification all contribute to a new outlook on the campus. This has revitalized the students and faculty and helped enrollment to soar. Working with the local communities has helped ease the tensions caused by students in residential neighborhoods. Overall, Veitch’s tenancy as head of the college has had a positive impact for the college and the surrounding community.