ClassDojo Seeks to Boost Quality of Education and Improve Students’ Performance

ClassDojo is an innovative app that streamlines communication in schools. It creates an effective communication among teachers, parents/guardians, and student who utilize it as a platform for sharing pictures, video clips, and messages throughout the school day. They rely on ClassDojo to work in close cooperation, enjoy the classroom experience, and actualize great ideas in both their homes and classrooms.

ClassDojo’s mission

The main agenda of ClassDojo is to improve the quality standards of education that children across the globe receive. It plans to achieve its mission by connecting parents, students, and teachers in each class and partner with them on a daily basis to come up with big ideas. ClassDojo believes that all the users of the app should concentrate on creating a fantastic classroom environment that is ideal for them. It believes that the best way to improve the quality of education is to provide stakeholders with the best strategies for doing the right things.

Features and tools

ClassDojo helps the main stakeholders in schools to communicate, offer support, and promote development of student schools. Teachers who want to use this unique classroom communication tool should sign up for a free account, and finally form “classes,” which consist of their students. For students, they should have access codes before accessing the program. However, after creating their accounts they can choose their favorite avatars, view class, and keep track on individual progress.

ClassDojo is accessible to parents who have received invitation from educators. They can monitor the child’s progress and visualize any information that teachers share. ClassDojo allows teachers to award points in real time to students who demonstrate exemplariness in an activity or a task in class. The program allows teachers to have real-time conversations with parents. Since ClassDojo exists as a web application, it is compatible with all type of devices that have a web browser and native apps for Android and iPhone.

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