Changing Amenities in NYC Real Estate


Fashions change, in both clothing and real estate, and the popular features that were once a driver of interest now often take a backseat to other emerging trends. Town Residential makes the case that the luxury real estate market, in both NYC and around the world, is often a harbinger of future trends in the lower echelon of the real estate market. New amenities, in other words, often filter downward from the luxury market to the remainder of the market.


Some of the new amenities that are being offered in the NYC real estate market are unique and go way beyond the basic amenities of gym rooms and doormen that were prevalent in the past. Instead of simply having a gym, a building in Brooklyn has cardio room as well as a golf simulator and putting green which is designed to allow players to practice an improve on their golf game. For pet owners, one building has a private dog spa that is only accessible by building residents. Another building has an NBA regulation sized basketball court.


In fact, there almost seems to be a building that has an amenity designed for any interest that you have. A building on 57th street in Manhattan has a library room that is artfully decorated and conducive to reading. A building in Brooklyn has an art studio and music rehearsal room in the building. Regardless of your tastes and interests, there is a building for you.


If you can find it of course. The buildings that have these amenities go fast as NYC real estate market is after all a competitive market. A high quality real estate broker can help you to traverse the NYC real estate landscape and a firm like Town Residential can help. Town Residential, after all, specializes in the luxury NYC real estate market and often has forewarning of the dates that these new buildings are available to both buyers and rental tenants.


For buyers, the most challenging part of buildings with amenities (other than finding them of course), is understanding what these amenities are worth and how they are priced by the building. A real estate broker like Town Residential can better help you to maneuver through these amenities and understand whether the amenities are a good value for the building and what resale value they are likely to have in future years.

Investors Finding Bargains in Brazil’s Real Estate Market

In the wake of a recession and a financial scandal in the giant energy company Petrobras, Brazil’s real estate markets are going through hard time. Its two largest real estate companies, Cyrela Brazil Realty SA and Rossi Residencial SA, have seen declining revenues. This is true of both commercial buildings and residential housing. But Brazil is the world’s 8th largest economy. With over 200 million people, many of them rising to middle class status, and a large amount of natural resources, Brazil has a strong long-term potential.

Blackstone Group LP is buying up bargains in Brazilian real estate. One example is the 18-story office building Visconde de Inhauma Corporate. JP Morgan Chase and Brookfield Asset Management are also bargain hunting in the country. Overbuilding in anticipation of the Summer Olympics has contributed to the current oversupply of real estate.

As one of the ten largest construction firms in Brazil, Construcap is active in the home housing real estate industry. The company’s headquarters are in Sao Paulo. It is active in many areas: commercial construction, airports, streets and highways, industrial buildings, railways and infrastructure for sea and river ports. This covers projects in such industries as oil and gas, mining, metal, manufacturing, automotive and power infrastructure. It employs over 12,000 people, and is privately held. It has had revenues of over $1 billion. Its full official name is Construcap-CCPS Engenharia e Comércio SA.

Construcap began business in 1944. It attributes its continued growth and success to how it continues to develop and to adopt technological improvements. Plus it is concerned over social responsibility and the environment. It even hires social workers to help develop its employees. In Brazil, construction standards are controlled by SIG (Integrated Management System). Construcap strictly complies with the standards set by ISO 9001/2000, OHSAS 18001/1999 and ISO 14001/2004.

In 2012, Construcap announced a joint venture with Fluor Corporation to pursue construction projects in Brazil. The new partnership is CFPS Engenharia e Projetos. It pursues projects in chemicals, life sciences, the generation of new power and manufacturing.

Brazil also has its version of Real Estate Investment Trusts, known as Fundo de Investimento Imobiliario, or FII. They can be listed on the Bovespa, the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange, though many are privately held. They are required by law to distribute at least 95% of both profits and capital gains to their investors on a semiannual basis. Their profits must come from the operation of real estate, from rents and from capital gains from selling appreciated real estate.

Your Next New York City Apartment Can Be Found By Town Real Estate

You’ve finally done it. You finally made up your mind to move to another apartment, and it was a long time coming. You got sick and tired of the neighbors, you’re tired of constantly having to call the maintenance man to fix one problem or another, and you’re tired of the same view outside the window. Since you’ve already made up your mind to move to another apartment, you started looking for your next place. The only problem is, as much as you hate where you’re living, you can’t seem to find another apartment that’s suitable for your taste or needs. What do you do in a case like this?

The wise decision is the hire a real estate agent to start looking for your new apartment for you. Yes, you’re sick and tired of your surroundings, but if you want to get out of your old apartment much quicker, then your real estate agent can help you do this. Give your real estate agent a list of all the things that you want in your new apartment, and let them know which things are more important than others. Once you establish a budget as well as where you’d like to live, then your agent can start searching for your next apartment.

If you’re looking for a great agency to find you an amazing apartment in New York City, then you’ll want to work directly with Town Real Estate. Town Real Estate has all the knowledge necessary to find some of the greatest apartments for rent in New York City real estate, and you might be able to find some apartments you didn’t even know were in existence. New York City is big enough to where most people can say that they don’t know every part of the city, but real estate agents are trained to know as much of the city as possible. You can use your agent’s knowledge to find a great new apartment, and you can finally move into your new place.

Once you start working with a real estate agent, you no longer have to worry about finding your new apartment, you only have to pick and choose from the list of apartments they give to you. Town Real Estate has some great apartments available, and many of them have some fabulous amenities that anyone would love to have. You can work directly with your agent to determine which apartments you would rather, and you can check out the apartments in your own time. Once you finally determine the apartment you want to move to, you can deal with the paperwork, make a payment, and finally move into your new place. When you’re ready to move into another apartment, call Town Real Estate for some help.

Breaking News On The Aspire New Brunswick from Boraie Development LLC

This article includes breaking news on The Aspire New Brunswick by Boraie Development.

A recent article that appeared in NJ Spotlight talked about the downfall and rise of New Brunswick. Certainly, New Brunswick was noted for housing the main Rutgers University campus. However, the city was in a state of steady decline for decades. This steady decline was due to a rising shift in the immigrant population and the decline of property values. Certainly, financial investments in the city dropped because of this decline. The city was spiraling downward until Johnson & Johnson decided the city was worth their investment. Their confidence led to other investors exploring their options. 

Slow Steady Progress
The renewed confidence in the city has led to new investors taking a second look at New Brunswick, New Jersey. Many suggest that the progress is too slow. However, the mayor’s office and the New Brunswick Development Corporation are excited about the changes coming to their city. They are in the process of redesigning the urban city and bringing new energy and vitality to the entire area. Head of Boraie Development LLC Omar Boraie has seen the impending upswing coming for years now, which is why he spearheaded the construction of The Aspire.

The Aspire
The Aspire has landed in New Brunswick. The high end luxury apartment complex has energized the area and added plenty of vitality to declining interest. The Aspire is in a great location that is central to transportation. Certainly, the cost to live in the luxury apartments is rather high. However, the luxury complex is equipped with a number of very impressive features that are sure to attract high end clientele. For example, the residents will enjoy a shared lounge, roof top patio and garden, around the clock doorman, and on-site parking. 

The Aspire New Brunswick  by Boraie Development Opening
Here is breaking news that is sure to delight those that are looking for high end luxury apartments that are close to New York. The Aspire New Brunswick Boraie Development LLC. recently announced that they are open for business. The luxury high rise is leasing apartment to the public. Enjoy luxury high rise living at a fraction of the cost that a luxury apartment in Manhattan would cost.

The high rise is centrally located. Near the New Brunswick Train Station. Thus, providing quick transportation to Philadelphia and Manhattan. Enjoy living in a luxurious surrounding with numerous amenities that are commonly found in lavish apartment complexes in New York. The Boraie Development Manager has been overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response that he has received to the grand opening of The Aspire.