No Pets Mean No Home For This Savvy Apartment House Owner

Finding an apartment when you have a pet can be a difficult endeavor. In steps Judy Guth of Los Angeles, California with an apartment house that will only accept tenants who have one or more pets. To make it work, she charges $100 more per month to allow for the new carpet which comes with the apartment. This is instead of asking for a security deposit. Beneful reported this payment usually runs about a year and if a tenant moves they can take the carpet with them.

When so many apartment house owners refuse pets she has turned pet ownership into a winning situation. With one of the biggest concerns being carpet damage, she has solved that problem. As reported in the Los Angeles Daily News, her experience has been that she gains tenants who, “have a lot of love in their hearts.” While being accused of discrimination against non-pet owners, there L.A. City Attorney’s Office spokesperson stated that there is nothing that prohibits this practice.

Guth’s tenants tend to stick around in their happy home. One tenant, Mary Rickettshas, has lived there for close to 25 years. Her shepherd mix, Sadie, was a mutt from the shelter. When she started having problems getting up the stairs, Guth noticed this and took it upon herself to make it possible for Rickettshas to be moved to a ground floor apartment. Guth sees it as just being sensible.