Michael Zomber Is Fascinated With Samurai Swords


Michael Zomber has lived an amazing life that many people are envious of. This is because he has been able to make a living doing something that he truly loves. Unfortunately, not many people can say the same thing. Michael has made a name for himself by becoming synonymous with the collecting of old weaponry. His collection has had many articles written about it. One of the reasons for this is the fact that Zomber owns many rare pieces that are not known to exist in any other collection.


Samurai swords and old guns are the two types of weapons that Michael Zomber has a passion for collecting. He attributes his love for antique guns to the superb craftsmanship than went into making many of the models from more than 100 years ago. He feels that some of the carvings found on the older rifles are true works of art. They were all done by hand with no help from a machine. Michael has some guns that he shoots on a regular basis. He also has many very valuable guns that he keeps in airtight display cases to prevent the old wood from being exposed to the air. Constant air exposure would cause the wood to degrade more rapidly.


The collection of samurai swords put together by Michael Zomber is equally impressive. He takes the time to put together the complete history of each sword in his collection. This includes info about where the sword was made and who has owned it over the centuries. This info is often very hard to come by and is usually incomplete. However, finding out the history of his weapons is a labor of love for him. He wants to know as much as possible about each weapon he buys. He does not understand people who buy antique items and just hang them on the wall without researching their history.


Michael Zomber went to college at the University of Illinois, according to CrunchBase. He earned dual degrees in psychology and English. He then moved on to UCLA and studied English literature. He received a master’s degree in this subject.   View the full list of Michael’s books on Barnes & Noble, or buy them for yourself on Amazon.com.

Antiques Collectibles Around Your House

Antique collectibles are a hot topic online. Certainly, a lot of people are not aware of the antiques that are collecting dust right in their home. Most people think about the usual collectibles like furniture or antique jewelry. However, some things about the house are just as valuable. Many of the items are actually quite valuable and are a great way to put some extra cash in your pocket. Here are a a few items that you might have overlooked.

Antique Collectibles Around Your House

Perhaps, your kids are much older now, but their dolls are still stored away in the house. Often, a relative might leave an old porcelain doll to a younger relative. The fact is that those dolls might have great value. There are antique collectors around the country that would pay a handsome sum of money for a porcelain doll that a grandmother might have left you. Antique pictures catching dust in an attic might have great value too. Some people were surprised to discover that an old, long forgotten picture in the attic was actually worth thousands. Get those antique pictures appraised.

Getting Top Dollar

The best way to get top dollar for your antique furniture, dolls, fine art to guns is to make sure that they are in the best condition possible. Next, work with an appraiser that will give you an idea about the real value of your items. Finally, skip eBay because the people on that auction site are looking for bargains. Place your item up for bid at a traditional auction house or with a reputable antique dealer.

About Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber has been in the antique business for well over forty years. His tremendous experience in antiques makes him something of an authority. In fact, he is a sought after authority on antique arms. Zomber is also an avid collector of antique arms and has written on the subject. Hee is also a leading authority on Japanese Samurai swords.

Currently, Michael Zomber resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The antique expert was born in Washington D.C. Zomber holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree. Zomber is married and has two children