Can I Choose My Anesthesiologist?

When we are in a medical situation that requires anesthesia, many times we have no choice in the doctor or group that administers anesthesia. In the case of other medical situations, such as elective surgery, patients have the opportunity to investigate their best medical care choices, including anesthesia.


Making the choice to place trust in Capital Anesthesia is an investment in the positive outcome of elective surgery. Highly credentialed and dedicated to continuing education, these physicians are at the forward edge of the latest techniques in anesthesiology. The caring and qualified support staff is also highly trained in making certain you understand your options, insurance, and billing. This is another reason the choice of Capital Anesthesia always makes your medical procedure more stress-free.


The next time you or your family has the opportunity to participate in the choice of your anesthesiologist, take the time to learn more about the Capital Anesthesiology group. Your medical care will be handled with expert technical competency as well as the warmth you deserve.