José Henrique Borghi and Fini, transforming your day

The “Fini” brand is the brainchild of advertising agency Mullen Lowe Brazil, headed up by renowned Brazilian publicist, José Henrique Borghi, who holds the dual positions of joint CEO and CCO within the firm.

A subsidiary of the Spanish group “Sánchez Cano”, the new candy franchise comes with the tagline “Abriu, Sorriu” or “I opened, I smiled”, with the philosiphy that every product should brighten up the day of the consumer with it’s delicious contents and colorful presentation.

Fini is in fact one of the largest candy manufacturers in the world, present in over 80 countries with a range of Jelly Candies, chewing gum, licorice, marshmallows and various other sweet treats. Fini is the leader of it’s market segment in Brazil and consistently bets on strategies to surprise and please it’s customers. Coming from boutique origins, Fini’s market share is increasing year on year in Brazil. Learn more about José Henrique Borghi:

According to Luiz Henrique Ferreira, the Digital Marketing coordinator at Fini, the intention of the new company is that people have surprising and joyful moments when consuming one of their products. “Fini wants to be able to turn any bad moment into good, or a good moment into an even better one. When you open a Fini package, or a Fini Store box, you instantly smile. There’s nothing more true than that”, said Luiz Henrique.

In partnership with the Metro newspaper, Fini recently distributed 60000 copies of the newspaper, with the caveat that the edition contained only “good news”. Distributed in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro at peak commuter times, the edition had the aim of brightening up the days of tired and stressed city workers.

This was intended to give a “good surprise” to people receiving the paper, as well as a tasty pack of Fini jelly candy. The happy reactions of the people receiving the treat were filmed and broadcast in a video available online.

Mullen Lowe Brazil developed the “transformations” advertising campaign, which include seven films to be aired on Pay-TV, theaters and Out of Home. José Henrique Borghi’s company created all seven films, which portray everyday situations, inviting people to smile with Fini, and illustrating how Fini’s candy products can positively “transform” the day of consumers.

In reference to the campaign, José Henrique Borghi said that “Creating for Fini is fun every day.” and, in reference to Mullen Lowe Brazil’s relationship with Fini, “Communicating on behalf of this customer is a great pleasure”.


José Henrique Borghi: Hire The Right Ad Agency

José Henrique Borghi runs a prominent ad agency in Brazil, Mullen Lowe. This highly regarded advertising firm has been around for years and is considered as one of the most reputable in the industry. The qualified advertising specialists at Mullen Lowe have many years of experience in the field and come highly recommended.

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Using Beautiful Shots To Enhance Ads With Jose Borghi

When people think about advertising, they think about commercials among many other things. They also think about the banners that they see online. There is one thing that commercials on television, print, online and any other media have in common. It is that they use imagery. Therefore, it is important to not just present images to the audience. One must also take the time to make sure that the images are aesthetically pleasing and inspiring. In order for an ad to be effective, one has to show a bit of creativity in the presentation so that people will be more curious about what is being offered to them.

Very few advertisers are really exceptional at that. Among the few exceptional advertisers is Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe. He has a passion for ad creation and an eye for good visuals. Therefore, he is able to take the time bring in something that is going to be memorable to audiences. Even though commercials are not film, it is possible for commercials to win awards like motion pictures. However, Jose Borghi makes sure that he knows the difference between advertisements and big screen epics. The main point of advertising is to sell a product or a service for a company.

There are many different messages that advertising can use in order to sell something. Using beautiful shots can enhance it. However, the shots have to be representative of the company and the product as well as the commercial. Otherwise, it could have the opposite of the intended effect. As a result, the success and the sales of the advertising can be limited. Jose Borghi has shown that he knows how to create the ad that will connect with audiences and bring in customers. There is always that one person that is looking for something. The right ad will point him to the right company. for more.

The Impact of Jose Borghi in the Growth of Mullen Lowe


Jose Borghi is among the 20 best advertisers in Brazil. Borghi was ranked among these 20 best advertisers by GQ; a company that concentrates on fashion, style and culture. GQ has a team of 30 executives from the greatest agencies in Brazil to come up with the list of the best advertisers in the industry. The team has helped the company to be more accurate in the process of coming up with the list of the best advertisers.

About Borghi

Borghi Lowe attended the Catholic University of Campinas and graduated with a degree in Advertising. After school Borghi worked with various advertisement companies and that was until 2002 when they formed a company together with his partner Erh Ray; BorgiEhr Agency. The agency was successful in all of its operations. After four years, Ehr decided quit the company after Lowe bought it. Borghi was appointed the president of the company, and they renamed it to Borghi Lowe. Later the company changed its name to Mullen Lowe.


While he served as the president of the company, Borghi was assigned duties in innovation and creativity. He had a good reputation of coming up with greatest advertisement ideas since the beginning of his career. Borghi performance had a great impact on the Mullen Lowe performance. He concentrated on online marketing, and he has been able to revolutionize the advertisement industry in Brazil. It seems that Borghi has a deep understanding of the advertising and marketing industry, most of the rising advertisers are following his marketing tactics in advertising.


Advertising is what makes a name or brand of a company. Without marketing and advertising, building a brand can be quite hard. It is one of the reasons that companies use a lot of money to market their products. For one to be a great advertiser, he/she has to be creative and innovative. These are two factors that have helped Jose Borghi to earn his success in the industry. Today, Mullen Lowe is one of the biggest advertising company in Brazil. It is headed by Jose Borghi who serves as the CEO.

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