Dr. Kamil Idris: Global Copyright Management

Dr. Kamil Idris is part of the World Intellectual Property Organization, an organization that is based in Geneva. Dr. Kamil Idris is an expert on intellectual property rights and the manners in which companies can protect their intellectual properties.

Dr. Kamil Idris has recently given an interview on the way that globalization has influenced how companies do business across borders. Globalization has increased the rate at which companies outsource contract manufacturing on their products and the management of their supply chains. He believes that intellectual property is an important tool that is relevant to all countries. Intellectual property has a strong relation to the overall economic context in which knowledge and ideas are an important power behind economic growth for nations.

The national objectives of a country can differ and depending on the public policies that the nation has implemented it can change the manner in which intellectual property is managed. Whenever a nation displays a commitment to intellectual property development and intellectual property rights, it generally encourages innovation and creativity within the nation.

Globalization has caused some issues with intellectual properties primarily in the form of piracy and counterfeiting. This has caused an increased need to devote resources and time to the training on intellectual property and the capacity for intellectual property management. The increased level of communication around the world had significantly escalated the rate of piracy. Due to the increased connectivity in many cases, intellectual properties can be distributed very easily with or without the authorization of the copyright holder.

The recent WIPO Copyright Treaty As Well as the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty have been one of the most significant steps forward in creating an international framework for the management of copyrights. What these have aimed to do is provide protection for the copyright holders at a minimum level internationally in the new digital era. The Advisory Committee on Enforcement of the WIPO will be one of the more important pieces of this new enforcement policy. Not only does it provide legislative advice but it also provides enforcement issues training as well as seminars for individuals to learn about international copyright protection.


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Larkin and Lacey Campaign Against Immigrants Mistreatment and Their Achievements

Many people who live in the USA happens to have different rights and are often treated differently. They happen to have faced a lot of challenges in their journey as human rights defendants. This is mostly when it comes to fighting for the rights of the immigrants. These people often do various things and oftently are treated differently.

They face a lot of discrimination in their life as the immigrants. They face a lot of discrimination for who they are and many times things become very challenging when trying to fight for their space.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two great journalists who happen to have faced a lot of challenges. They have always been able to stand for the rights of others and their desire in life is nothing but success.

They have always committed their lives for the help of others and have never given up in whatever they do. They have also been oppressed because of their stand in the fight for these people. The defense for the immigrants became so tricky when the new presidents could not defend them. They kept on facing lots of discrimination in their entire life. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Larkin and Lacey have always been at the frontline fighting and defending other people. In fact, they have sacrificed their lives for the benefit of others. Before they started their mission, they worked as journalists and they were the founders and the owners of Village Voice Media which they had established in the year 1970.

They served as an alternative weekly newspaper that served the people of Phoenix with the reliable news. They had been trusted by many people for their efforts in defending their rights. The journalism gave them a platform to start their fight and they were able to establish themselves very well.

In their mission of supplying reliable news to the outside world, they decided to write about the illnesses happening in the Maricopa county offices under the leadership of Joe Arpaio. They were arrested for what was termed as having violated the grand jury secrecy. Later they went back to court after their cases had been dropped.

Their case took more than 10 years and in 2012, it was true to say that their rights had been violated. They were compensated $3.75 million and decided to use it towards the established of the famous fund known as Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. They have been working with the foundation since then.

Impact of Groups that Fight for Civil Liberty, Human and Migrant Rights in the society

There are a number of companies that make the effort to establish positive reforms in the society. Their main aim is to create change and to ensure the smooth operations both in the political and the social aspects. In particular, these groups tend to fight for the human rights.

They aim at liberating certain groups that have been undermined and oppressed by various individuals or organizations. Many of these groups that fight for the rights of human beings tend to fight for the civil rights, migrant rights and the human rights. There are a number of them all over the country and include:

The Advocates for Human rights

They are among the leading groups that fight for the rights of human beings in the world. They aim at making changes at the local, regional and global level. Usually, they get their support from the volunteers, staff and partners. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://about.me/michael-lacey and http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427427/Jim_Larkin

It is with these that they are able to achieve the international standards of human rights while at the same time; they make an effort to reinforce the rules of law. This group has been involved in such activities for the last 30 years and has managed to change the lives of immigrants, children and women.

Amazon watch

This group has its headquarters in Sans Francisco. It partners with the Amazon basin and the other environmental organizations as well as indigenous groups to advance the rights of the indigenous people. As a result, it has managed to have an increase in growth of the large scale developments of the projects that deal with oil and gas petroleum.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Through its co-founders; Micey Lacey and Jim Larking of the Phoenix new times, this group has been able to fund organizations that fight for the rights of the immigrants. They do this through Arizona.

The source of the funds is settled once the offenders have been arrested by the Sheriffs. One of the key contributions was the ability to bail out two journalists who had been arrested for making an effort to implement the first amendment rights. They helped them out and made it possible for them to get a settlement award of $3.7 million. More information can be found from http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

This is one of the great groups that are located in California to fight for immigrant families and individuals. Their main purpose is to help others fight for their freedom of mobility and the active human participation in democratic societies.

This is an important agenda that is considered necessary to include the immigrants in a number of activities. Lacey and Larkin have made an attempt to change the public opinion and to implement the change in policies.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


The Greyhound Diaries Is A Portrait Of America

Doug Levitt is the author of the Greyhound Diaries. It is an autobiographical and historical work that spans over a decade in the recent era. The Greyhound Diaries is about Doug Levitt’s journey by Greyhound buses across America. The name Greyhound in the title of his book refers to the Greyhound bus company.So what inspired Mr. Levitt to take a trip around the USA by bus? He could have easily whisked across the country by airplane. Doug Levitt explains in an interview, that he wanted to see and feel what the common and forgotten men and women of America were experiencing. He wanted to essentially get inside their shoes. Doug also wanted to experience and see what it was like to lack a vehicle and be unable to afford to travel by airplane when they needed to go somewhere.

What also motivated Doug Levitt was the fact that the economy was slowly declining and more and more people were put out of work and getting into poverty. Doug Levitt saw a parallel between artists, writers and historians who recorded the situation of people in hard times such as the Great Depression and himself. He thinks of the Greyhound Diaries book as being similar to an art project or book that was undertaken by Works Progress Administration artists and authors who were hired to record and show the situation of people living in the United States during the Great Depression.

In addition to publishing a book on his journey though America by bus, Doug Levitt has also created a music album based on his Greyhound bus journey. The album is also called the Greyhound Diaries. It has a total of six songs and touches upon the feelings and sights Doug experienced while traveling.Mr. Levitt says that his travel by bus changed him and his perspective of life. Doug Levitt says that he is now much more humble and understanding of other people. He has also said that most of the stereotypes portrayed in the media and in Hollywood are fake. You really have to get to know a person to really understand who they are and what they believe in.


Thor Halvorssen the Human Rights Advocate

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights supporter and movie producer. Delineated by the New York Times as “a champion of the frail and underdog, he began pushing for human rights as a youngster in 1989 in London by organizing for restriction to South African politically-endorsed racial isolation. Thor Halvorssen’s experience is Norwegian & Venezuelan. He got the chance to be unmistakably included full-time in the progression of due process including individual rights after his father turned into a political prisoner in Venezuela.

Along these lines, he built up the New York-based Human Rights Foundation after his mother was shot in the midst of a political challenge in 2004. HRF is given to liberating political prisoners and to advancing vote based system and resistance in Latin America. Since its building up, HRF has secured the opportunity of seven inner voice prisoners, offered Truth Commissions with evidences, gave amicus briefs in key worldwide human rights cases, and moreover distributed two books on state obligations and human rights.

Mr. Halvorssen is the CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum founder, which is a yearly overall get-together. He was born & grew in Venezuelan in 1976 and he is a history & political science graduate from the University of Pennsylvania where he was additionally honored with an award for securing the student speech. Besides being the leader of the Oslo Freedom Forum, Mr. Halvorssen furthermore head of FIRE – Foundation of Individual Rights in Education, which is a US, based freedoms association as the coordinator & CEO for human rights foundation, a global group formed in 2004 to champion the significance of Human Rights.

He set up the team resulting to venturing down as the pioneer for Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Halvorssen is an inside and out prestigious Human rights advocate with his essential duty focused in supporting the general society rights & interests, pushing for people’s rights and advocating for ordinary freedoms.