Capital Group Flourishes Under New CEO

The role of an investment manager is difficult, for the reason that the welfare of a large company’s finances relies on a single person’s shoulders. However, Tim Armour performs his tasks in a fluid motion that a regular individual may think as if he has been doing it every day.

At the Capital Group

Tim Armour serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Capital Group, a corporation that makes funding available for various businesses in the country. In addition to that, he is the top executive and the chairman of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., as well as a Chairman at the Capital Group Communities. Since both companies are subsidiaries for different occasions, there is no wonder that they will want the leader of the main corporation at the helm of the other offices.

Tim Armour was appointed chairman in June 2015, along with other key people who have shown their significance and dedication to the company, after the passing of their respected former CEO, Jim Rothenberg. Despite the new position allotted to him, however, Timothy remains down to earth and has mentioned in one of the interviews he has given that the Capital Group succeeds because of the combined work that each employee devotes to the corporation, and not because of the never-ending determination of the people at the top.

This type of mindset draws more clients towards the Capital Group. Based on one article published by Janet Yang in 2015 after the promotion of the brand-new CEO of their company, the other executives like her believe in the ability of Tim Armour to fill the position suddenly vacated by Jim Rothenberg and continue to assist the growth of the business with the similar work ethics in mind.

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Important Corporation Endeavor Under His Leadership

One of the largest transactions that Capital Group has become a part of is the joint project that they will do with Samsung Asset Management, a South Korean company that assists people in organizing mutual funds and investment trusts. For this venture, the latter will adopt the financial, business, and consumer management strategy of the former so as to expand the services they offer.

Furthermore, both of them will come up with various asset allocation merchandise and retirement plans that will allow their Korean clients to save more money and obtain the right insurances for the future.

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