Bringing Success to Telereal Trillium, CEO Graham Edwards

Property management and investing can be pretty difficult for anyone who isn’t as savvy as Graham Edwards. He has had a hand in several smart business moves within his field and keeps getting better at what he does. He joined Telereal Trillium since its start in 2001 and has made the company billions. He is definitely someone worth watching for tips on how to generate a lot of money.

Telereal Trillium is a property management and investing company located in England. It made perfect sense for Graham Edwards to join as lead of the company as he has an impressive record for bringing in large sums of money. With a degree in economics from Cambridge University in England, Graham has worked with several investment companies and has made great impact at them all.

2009 marked an important year for the company as Graham Edwards Telereal led the way in acquisition negotiations with Land Securities Group Plc. His smart maneuvering brought Telereal billions of euros and much recognition. His calculated moves soon earned him major attention for being someone who is great with numbers (Relationshipscience).

When he isn’t earning Telereal billions every year, Graham appreciates the education. He recently enrolled in school to earn his master’s degree in economics at King’s College London. His degree is in International Relations with a focus on foreign affairs. Graham is also interested in learning more about water and engineering and real estate.

Graham holds a seat on several boards throughout England and Wales. He is a member of the prestigious Institute for Chartered Accountants and the UK Society of Investment Professionals. Just the mention of Graham Edwards is sure to inspire appreciation in the world of business. Be sure to take a look at the Telereal website for more information about Graham and the company.


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