Brian Torchin: Healthcare Professional At The Top

Brian Torchin is one of the managing partners of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. For those who are unfamiliar with the company, Healthcare Recruitment Counselors is a healthcare staffing company. They focus on employment in the healthcare industry.

An experience professional, Brian Torchin and his business provides both search services and “career consultation” to qualified professionals seeking employment in the healthcare industry. Thought by many to be both a positive person and a detail-oriented individual, some sources give him most of the credit for the business’ growth. He reportedly believes in establishing and building upon “long-term relationships” with the company’s clientele.

Torchin and company strive to give not only their employees but their clients what they want as well. He has over 200 customers around the world. His client base includes accounts in the U.S., Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe.

Brian Torchin is also a collaborator. He reportedly believes in teamwork. He works with different organizations and enterprises connected to healthcare. This includes physicians with private practices and even urgent care centers.

He also posts various articles on the company’s official Twitter. The various pieces concern a number of different subjects such as employing a nurse practitioner, the top five tips for hiring the best employees or the best interview questions. Brian Torchin has also been known to blog.

In a previous post he spoke of the healthcare industry. He wrote: “As hospitals work to integrate their services, shrink their total cost of care, raise patient satisfaction and drop their re-admissions, employing or aligning with physicians of all specialties are in hospitals’ sights.”

He concluded: “Staying knowledgeable on competitive compensation trends is important for health systems to be able to attract the talent and services they need to grow and improve, while ensuring compensation is appropriate to maximize financial resources.”

Ever since the company was started, Torchin, a noted team player, has utilized specific types of supervision, consultation and of course expedience. The bottom line has always been to provide his customers quick, efficient, workable solutions. Regardless of his schedule, Brian Torchin is always available to his clientele to provide solutions, fulfill requests or just to answer their questions.

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