Brian Mulligan: Powerful Hollywood Businessman

It takes a tremendous amount of hard work, dedication and passion to excel in the professional world. Brian Mulligan is a businessman and CEO of Brooknol Adviors. Brooknol Advisors is a media, entertainment and sports advisory company. They cover everything from broadcasting to sporting events. Mulligan holds a very prestigious title in a very prestigious company. Achievements like this don’t happen overnight. Mulligan worked his way up in every company he worked for, contributing fresh ideas and a hardworking mentality. We’ll cover his back story, where he is today and some of his best achievements.

Mulligan always had a passion for entertainment and sports. After high school he decided to turn his passion into a degree and pursue his dreams. Mulligan attended the renowned University of Southern California. Even though he kept busy with his schoolwork, Mulligan managed to incorporate extracurricular activities. Mulligan was a member of Beta Alpha Psi Honor Society and California Society of CPA. In addition to pursing his degree he attended American Institutes of Certified Public Accountants and Financial Executive Institute. It’s safe to say he had a lot on his plate and managed to accomplish multiple tasks at once.

After graduating college, Mulligan dived into the professional world quickly. Mulligan has worked for well-known companies such as SyFy Channel, Cineplex Entertainment and Universal Studies. Each role was different but Mulligan was always in charge of financial decisions and helped each company grow drastically. Today he is continuing his trend of enhancing companies by working for Brooknol Advisors.

Outside of his professional career Brian Mulligan manages to contribute time and money into many charities. He was involved in a well-known charity “A Better LA” that helped raise millions for schools. Mulligan also donates and helps raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, YMCA, United Way, and City of Hope. It is not only his passion to be a successful businessman but also to give back to his community. Mulligan sits on the board for many of UCLA and USC board of leaders to help improved his previous alma maters.

Getting to the point where you’re referred to as one of the most powerfull  people in Hollywood comes from hard work. Mulligan dedicated all his time in energy into shaping his career while helping out the lives of others. His career is still as bright as ever and he is continuing to climb up in every position. It is truly inspiration to see someone accomplish so much as well as give back to the community.

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