Brazil’s Privatization Strategy Enhances Business

In the 20th century, Brazil accentuated its state inputting it with a sophisticated market presence. The National Confederation of Industry’s research indicates that the participation of Brazil’s privately-owned organization is a primary necessity for the modernization of the business sector. CNI postulates that the nation is capable of meeting the rising demands of Brazilians through the utilization of the industry. In Felipe Montoro Jens’ opinion, Brazil’s sole-proprietorship program proposed by the Brazil’s government was the key to the country’s economic reform. This program permitted the privatization of various organizations including the petrochemical, aeronautical and steel industries. Later in 1995, the Law of Concession went ahead and legalized privatization of state banks, Telecommunications, and electric sector.

After a decade, Brazil approved the Public Private Partnership Act. This law allowed the telecommunications industry particularly in the infrastructure segment to be controlled and operated by private agents. According to Felipe Montoro, the Brazil state was responsible for the regulation rather than the provision of various services. Later, Brazil inputted another rule in the sector known as the National Telecommunications Agency which played a significant regulatory role. Anatel is responsible for setting telecommunications tariffs, which earlier was conducted by the Telecommunications Ministry. Brazil’s quality in the privatization program is an important aspect in the centralization of the country’s business operations.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jen attended the Fundao Getlio School where he earned his business administration degree. Later, Felipe joined the Institution of International Management at Thunderbird and graduated with his masters. After school, Felipe Montoro Jens worked in different companies where he stabilized his expertise. Earlier, Mr. Jens served at Terna in the finance department. He played significant roles in Price waterhouse Coopers in the consulting and auditing divisions. Additionally, Montoro Jen has board memberships in different organizations including the Foz Do Brasil and Fonte Nova Negocios. Felipe Montoro is among the Brazil’s iconic individuals propelling the business industries to its optimum.

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