Brazilian Investing with Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is helping people that may have never thought that they would be able to diversify a portfolio on an international level. He is giving people some very sound advice when it comes to investing in Brazil. He’s able to do this because he has spent most of his life investing in Brazil even though he lives in Florida now.

Currency Restrictions

One thing that Igor Cornelsen tells people to be mindful of when it comes to investing in Brazil is the currency restrictions. Americans may not have any idea about how strict Brazil is with the restriction of currency when it comes to investing. This is something that they need to become familiar with if they are going to put any amount of time into stock investments.

Red Tape

In the world of international investing there is going to be a trail of red tape. People have to wait when it comes to certain things that they are investing in because certain regulations are going to prevent investing. This is why many people are not going to be able to hop right into foreign investments right away. There has to be a time frame in which people actually get investment advice before they start putting money in certain places.

Know the Natives

What any investor has to do in order to maximize their investment early is become familiar with the natives. Igor Cornelsen cannot stress this enough. He lived in Brazil for decades, and this is how he became familiar with what was going on in the investment world in Brazil. It does not matter how much education a person may have. They can know all of the book theory in the world when it comes to investing and financial matters, but it is worth very little if there is no connection with the natives that are actually buying and consuming the things that investors make money on.

Cornelsen believes that talking to other Brazilians that are contributing to the economic growth will be vital to building a portfolio successfully. Knowing about the culture gives investors more insight.

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