Brad Reifler & Forefront Income Trust Aim to Change Investments

When Brad Reifler jumped into the world of investments he had to work his way up to get established. He initially invested in 529 college plans and watched as over years he lost 40% of his investments. This was his first taste of what failure can look like for those not lucky enough to be accredited investors. Now Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital and he has already run the successful Pali Capital back in 1995. During his time as a CEO of Pali Capital, which spanned until 2008, the company topped out at earning $200 million a year with over 200 employees all over the world So, you can safely assume that Reifler knows what he is doing. That is why it is so important to pay attention as Forefront Income Trust is launched.

In the investment world there are accredited investors and then those that don’t meet the cut. An accredited investor typically has access to doors that the poorer investors simply don’t. They can make more money, take bigger risks, and generally have a more advanced look at success. In order to be considered accredited you have to earn more than $200,000 a year alone or $300,000 with a spouse. You can also be considered accredited if you have a net worth over over $1 million, excluding any real estate. These are obviously high thresholds that the vast majority (read: 99%) of people will not and won’t ever meet. So in order to help those investors who are ‘left behind’ in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Reifler implemented Forefront Income Trust.

Forefront Income Trust is a public fund that is available to anyone who can meet the low threshold of $2,5000 as an initial investment. The Trust is not tied to the stock market and as such has a much lower volatility risk. Those who decide to employ the services of Reifler and his brokers will get to see a slow and steady growing fund that will help prepare them for further bigger investments.

Forefront Income Trust was established after Reifler had first hand experience with how hard it is to make sound investments when lacking the accredited tag. Reifler was asked to invest his father in law’s life savings but even that sum would not get him into the doors that he needed in order to maximize profit. So that was the primary factor behind Forefront Income Trust.

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