Big Investors Look to Brazil

Big investors are looking to invest in Brazil. In fact, Brazil could be one of the best places to invest in 2015. Several factors contribute to Brazil as an emerging top country for investment. The World Cup was held in Brazil in 2014 and Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympic games in 2016. Forbes world’s billionaire list includes 54 Brazilians. Sao Paulo has one of the best subway systems in the world, affording Brazilians reliable mass public transportation, allowing easy access to jobs and earnings.

Worldwide, Brazil is the 7th largest economy and is the largest in Latin America. According to the World Bank, Brazilians benefited from a solid decade of economic progress from 2003 through 2013, which resulted in 26 million Brazilians being lifted from poverty. Unemployment in Brazil is low and real wage growth has put the power of dollar earnings in the hands of Brazilians.

Brazil boasts abundant natural resources, producing steel, cement, and petroleum. Brazil also produces agricultural products and has significant diversified manufacturing industries (from automobiles to computers).

China recently announced that it is investing $50 billion in Brazilian infrastructure. Improvements include transportation and energy sectors. The infrastructure improvements also will help the 2016 Olympic Games. A railway is planned from Brazil to Peru to help bring Brazilian exports more quickly to China. There is high Chinese demand for Brazilian exports. Infrastructure projects boost Brazil’s economy, making it even more attractive to investors. An international company, Conductix Wampfler is completing a project to expand the monorail system for Sao Paulo. The monorail will serve a crucial need. Driving the 20 miles from the airport to downtown in Sao Paulo can currently take up to five hours. The monorail will help reduce congestion for Brazilians and visitors, whose number is expected to swell during the 2016 Olympic Games.

Of course, all of those visitors will boost the economy with their spending and travel. All of this has led investors to turn their eyes toward Brazil. That’s where BRL Trust comes in to the equation. BRL Trust was founded in 2005 and began by providing private loans. But after only one year, BRL Trust experienced rapid growth and increasing demand. BRL Trust is presently the largest manager of investment funds in Brazil. BRL Trust offers fiduciary services, funds administration, control and custody of funds, asset management and asset underwriting.

BRL Trust is authorized by the Securities Commission to manage investments and has participated in structured and innovative transactions. BRL Trust presently has 120 funds for administration. Capital markets and investments are now global, just as the world economy is global. BRL Trust serves both institutional investors and individuals.

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