Autism Rocks; a Foundation that Creates Awareness for Autism across the world

Sanjay Shah is a known British Millionaire, who hit the headlines by pocketing GBP 19 Million from brokerage hedge fund that raised eyebrows in news. He later founded his own firm Solo Shah Capital that specializes in property trading, consulting services due to wealth pf professional expertise who can walk the talk, and also deals in professional Sports investments. Shah is the President and the CEO of Solo Capital and also the owner of Aesa S.a.r.l.., that is responsible for regulating Solo Group Holdings.
Apart from being President of Solo Capital, Shah owns many companies across London that include British Virgin Island, Malta and The Cayman Islands, Dubai, and Luxemburg. As an expansion plan, he bought Old Park Lane Capital in 2014, a stockbroker that deals with natural resources. Old Park Lane Capital brought into Solo Group Holding a net-worth of $280Million with offices in London, and the firm is also regulated in Dubai. In early 2016, Mr. Shah dropped everyday management and considered himself retired to further his dreams in a charitable organization. The Solo Capital Markets has a net value of assets amounting to GBP 67.45 million
Sanjay Shah started his philanthropic work when his Son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism at Portland Hospital in Dubai after developing mischievous behavior while under care of his parents, Shah and his Wife Usha. Shah had to devote his time to family and had a passion for establishing a Foundation Autism Rocks in 2014. Shah had a passion for Music that he combined with the love of his family to hold concerts across the world in raising funds to support children with Autism. Shah made an affiliation with music industry that has seen the awareness of neurodevelopment disorder reach many ears. Besides creating awareness, Shah has also funded autism research. Autism Rocks funds partner organization that assist in carryout out research on Autism.
Autism Rocks is regulated in London, and it was founded in the year 2014 by Shah. Mr. Shah does the awareness with Music celebrities like Prince, Lenny, Drake, Snoop Dogg, and Kravitz. All the funds from Autism Rocks are directed into research through the umbrella of the organization under Autism Rocks.
Sanjay Shah was born and grew up in Marylebone, Central London. He found his roots from Kenya where his Parents migrated from Kenya in early ages before settling in London. He started his Profession by studying medicine at King’s College before switching to the world of business where he graduated with a Degree in Accounting due to his Passion in Business. Shah was able to maintain their child healthy by hiring a Doctor to offer therapy services for a period of five years.


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