Arthur Becker: Rising

Arthur Becker began his vocational pursuits like most men in position and rank do, starting from the very bottom and moving up the ladder with both unequaled hard work and dedicated perseverance. A touch of skill is usually required, which is also what Mr. Becker naturally possesses from birth He was born to be a leader and to do it exceptionally. Where did this unique man of great potential rise from?

It all began, as mentioned on his crunchbase bio, from the very bottom. He began his education in 1969 at Bennington College and further obtained his initial Bachelor of Arts degree from there in 1972. He then continued to excel in his studies and eventually graduated from Dartmouth University with another degree in business. He now leads the way to bigger and better things as previous Chairman and CEO for Zinio, LLC and as current Managing Member for Madison Partners, LLC.

He was recently interviewed by Bloomberg and highly sought after as a business partner and professional for his ideas and experiences gained after many years in the business of success. When it comes to success and innovation, he has much to share, which he did in the recent sit-down interview. He defines it as involving a unique connection of talent and guided vision, and it all begins with a clear strategy that will reflect all levels of the business in a positive and beneficial manner.

He also speaks of the birth and rise of Madison Partners, LLC and of his time there thus far. He has both learned and taught much, and given and received much from his company as a whole, which is always a genuinely healthy sign of positive growth and future mutual benefit for any leader and company. Many leaders from within the company are grateful to have his knowledge and expertise while working there. When asked about his typical day’s routine and how it affects the company’s overall productivity, he mentions a great amount of flexibility in his daily work schedule, which allows him to do more in turn. Scheduled conference meetings are no more.


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