Anthony Petrello Achievements

Anthony Petrello has been the CEO of Nabor industries for an extended period. He is also the current chairman and the president of the board of Nabors. Nabor Industry deals with different types of infrastructure which includes, software drilling and technology and also provide rigs to the necessary people. Before he joined Nabor Industries, Petrello was a working at Baker and McKenzie as a legal practitioner for twelve years. It is due to his exemplary performance in Baker Company that made him get recognition in Nabors industry.

He has a fantastic and excellent educational background as he holds multiple degrees from Ivy League Schools. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in Yala University where he majored in science. Tony Petrello also pursued his postgraduate degree in Yala University in the field of science and mathematics. Later, he joined Harvard School of Law.

Through Petrello leadership, Nabor industries emerged as a worldwide power in the oil and also the drilling industry. He has contributed profoundly to the growth of Nabor Industries which has made it be a top company in the whole world and a principal employer to many people in all sectors of the industries.

Tony Petrello serves other board outside Nabor Industries. Example include directorship on Texas Children’s board and also Stewart and Stevenson LLC. He is also responsible for strategic planning apart from overseeing all operations. Petrello has great passion in serving hospital board, and his passion on this is because his daughter was born with a condition known as Periventricular Leukomalacia. He has continuously, together with his wife worked in hospitals and conducting neurological research so as they can come up with solutions which will help people to acquire the healing they need.

Petrello is a man who values hard work, and he believes that for one to be successful, he/she must put a lot of efforts. To get to where he is currently, he struggled, but he never gave up. He upholds work ethic and intelligence. It is through his efforts and ambitions that he has been able to achieve marvelously n his career journey. He is credible and reliable in all his undertakings, and he is also creative and innovative. His interpersonal skills have enabled Nabor Industry to gain the competitive advantage in the industry. Anthony is one of the best paid in geothermal industries and one of the most successful executives who is paid well in the world.

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