Andrew Heiberger: A Look at TOWN Residential as a Luxury Brand

TOWN Residential is among the most notable and respected real estate firms serving Manhattan and other areas in New York City, but a few short years ago, this company was not even in existence. Founded in 2010, the company quickly grew in size and reputation. Within just two years of its founding, the real estate firm had grown to expand into nine office spaces in the Big Apple, and it had more than 520 of the best real estate agents in the area employed. It continues to be a top-ranked real estate firm today, and uniquely, it focuses on the luxury real estate market in New York City.

The Reason for Focusing on the Luxury Market
Before Andrew Heiberger founded TOWN Residential, he was the CEO for another top real estate firm in the area, Citi Habitats, and Andrew has spoken about the company many times. The focus of Citi Habitats was not centered on the luxury market. Certainly, Manhattan and most of the New York City area has some of the highest real estate values in the country and throughout the world, but luxury real estate in the area has an even higher price. When Heiberger founded his new real estate firm, he wanted to focus on the luxury market due to the potential for more lucrative rewards from the efforts of himself and his team.  After all, he founded the firm at a time when residential lending requirements were tight and the real estate market was recovering from turmoil.

Leading a Top Firm
When a young real estate firm undergoes such significant growth and development in a very short period of time, you may wonder if the growth is too much too fast. However, Heiberger and his team have hand-picked the agents, and he has spread his unique vision for the real estate firm to each agent. The firm has a solid reputation in the industry, and it actively works to satisfy the needs of its clients.

TOWN Residential is widely known as one of the top real estate firms specializing in this niche area of the market in Manhattan.

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