Alejandro Betancourt Lay Down a Financial Success Path for Hawkers

The idea was built up in a simple way by three college friends who wanted a unique product to sell through their merchandise website. They then opted for sunglasses which they began to source from developed sunglasses brands from Europe. The fast lot made them earn remarkable profits, thus calling for more to continue with the business. After being regarded as the leading supplier of sunglasses in Spain, they decided to produce their brand.

This was when Hawkers was found as a major producer of high-quality sunglasses that are loved by many. After selling a number of the products to its customers in different parts of the world, the company mismanaged its operations, leading to severe losses. Alejandro Betancourt utilized this opportunity and went to rescue the company from the mess. At that time, the company was running in arrears with pending deliveries that were not yet produced.

Note that the company’s founders did not know that the business might grow into a big thing like that. Since Alejandro Betancourt had acquired enough experience in business leadership matters, he understood all the ups and downs when formulating a potential business venture. He sourced funds from his other business investments to reinvent the staggering operations in the company and launch the pending deliveries.

Most things that Alejandro Betancourt considered in the company operations were the core values and the business’s brand. He became the president of Hawkers several months after joining the company. He changed the existing business management system to develop a new working environment for the business. He remained focused on helping the company attain its goals in the business after several years of struggling.

Being an experienced businessman, Alejandro Betancourt understood an excellent platform to channel the products produced by the company. This contributed to the general supply of the business and transformed the brand of Hawkers to international levels.

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